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Central Carolina Provides Personal and Business Coverage

Central Carolina Insurance Agency is a company that provides insurance coverages for both personal and business needs.


Salisbury, NC, September 24, 2021– When life’s accidents happen, it is important that we are covered financially. Central Carolina Insurance Agency is here to ensure that you have the coverages you need in the event of something unexpected.

The Central Carolina team specializes in insurance for medical and professionals services. This team of experts can provide you with a great business insurance policy.

The team can cover your business in many ways. Central Carolina Agency covers your business for the property itself, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your place of business is in good hands.

They also cover crimes committed against your company as well as general liability. Employment practices liability, contractors professional liability, and cyber and professional liability are also covered by the team.

Directors and officers can enjoy coverage as well along with business automobiles, workers compensation, and umbrella policies.

The North Carolina insurance agency also works with personal coverages. Protect your home with the team’s homeowners and renters policies. The Central Carolina Insurance Agency also provides auto coverage for your vehicles. If those are not enough, they even have umbrella policies!

“We try to help cover as many people as possible,” said Clarence “Rock” Picard Jr., the president of Central Carolina Insurance Agency.

The Central Carolina Insurance Agency team consists of a large number of experts who have a varied skillset, so every base is covered when it comes to insurance.

The team not only prides themselves on their unbeatable rates, but also their ‘client first’ mentality.

“I have been in the insurance industry for many years, and I have never seen a team that cares as much as our team right now. I am really proud of our work here,” said Jason G. Meadows, one of the vice presidents for Central Carolina Insurance Agency.

There are also a large number of specialty areas that the team covers. These areas include churches, craft beverages, contractors, employee benefits, fire departments, towing services, and professional offices. You will not find these specialty areas everywhere, and Central Carolina Agency has made an emphasis to cover these areas with the utmost care.

For more information on the Central Carolina team, you can visit their website at

It is here you can read up more on the specific coverages offered. You can also read testimonials and see just how many people the team has helped. The team’s contact information is also listed so you can get in contact with them.

Let Central Carolina Insurance Agency take care of you today!

About Central Carolina Insurance Agency: Central Carolina Insurance Agency is an insurance agency that provides personal and business insurance. They specialize in insurance policies for medical and professional services. The Central Carolina Team has offices in Salisbury, Mooresville, and Concord, North Carolina. The company has been in business since the 1930s.

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John Drye
Central Carolina Insurance Agency
317 Jake Alexander Blvd S, Salisbury, NC 28147

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