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Marketing Strategy: How to Use Memes

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Meme culture is incredibly popular.  Everyone tries their hand at creating a meme, but few become viral.  You may not have thought about it but, using a meme in your marketing strategy is a great idea.  Not only is it unique, but you can create the next share worthy meme, and rocket your business to the stars!

Did You Know…?

The word “Meme” was coined in 1976 with author Richard Dawkins.  It’s a lot older than we thought!  “Meme” is short for “mimesis”, which means “an imitated thing” in Greek.

How Can I Use a Meme?

Memes are usually funny, interesting, or entertaining.  Memes are so easily shareable that it makes sense for it to be in your marketing strategy.  Customers love funny, entertaining, and interesting content.  It is actually the best content to get Millenials and Gen-Zer’s engaged and talking about your company.  If you want your meme to be shared and engage your audience, make sure to add humor and your own unique twist to a current trend in the meme culture.

Memes also help customers remember more information about your ad.  Text based marketing and content guarantees only 10% retention of information for readers.  Text with a striking visual image allows visitors to retain the information roughly 6 times better.

Almost all social media platforms have a meme culture.  Depending on your target audience’s preferred platform, you will be posting your wildly funny creations there.  Make sure your meme is sized appropriately for your social media platform.  You can use websites like Canva to make the perfectly sized meme for your social media.

How to Market Using Memes

There are a few ways you can utilize memes for marketing purposes.

If you are starting out creating memes for the first time, try “meme jacking”.  We’re sure you have seen a photo that has the creator’s own take on what the image is conveying.  Take the Drake meme.  You’ve probably seen many versions of this photo with different wording.  See if you can take a meme that already exists and put your own words on it to fit your company.

Once you get used to making memes, try creating your own.  Take your own funny and interesting photos for your meme content.  Do you have a pet?  Use them!  See a funny sign on your commute?  Snap a picture!  Make sure the image is clear, professional looking, and visually striking.

If you feel like you want to put your skills to the test, and are looking for a trend to follow, check out a meme challenge.  You can find these on various platforms like Reddit or Twitter.  You must try a challenge that is currently trending, otherwise it won’t work out in the end.  Pixar tried out the mannequin challenge and rounded in 38,000 views for it.  It’s a great way to get your brand and company name out there for all to see!

As you can see, creating a meme is not only a fun detour in your content creation routine, but can get your business noticed more easily.  Let your inner comedian and artist shine through with your next amazing marketing content!

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