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7 Toxic People to Avoid When Starting a Business

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Starting a business is probably one of the easiest hard things that you can do. It is the easiest because everyone seems to be doing it, but hard because it’s a long way ahead before you start making some good money.

Realize that you have to put a lot of dedication, passion, and patience into this project if you want it to be successful.

Moreover, you can’t do all of it by yourself. Running solo may work in the early stages but later on, you will need others by your side to help and support you and your ideas.

However, you can’t just pick up anyone who’s interested; not everyone will be as helpful as you think. Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll showcase seven of the toxic people to avoid when starting your own business.

The ‘Only One Choice’ Person

The person that will give you two things to choose from and state that you can only pick one.

In life, there are always more than two options. The person stating otherwise is close-minded and doesn’t see beyond the facts. Focus on your business before agreeing with another person.

The ‘You Need Me’ Person

This is the person that makes you believe you need them to be successful. Obviously, this is a blatant lie. If you put enough dedication into your business, you can make it work by yourself.

Moreover, the notion that to be successful you need other people is unhealthy, as you will always think that you can’t achieve much on your own. Then, even before you realize it, you will rely on them when it comes to making decisions and moving on with your business.

The ‘Take Care of Me’ Person

No one should make you feel like you have to make them happy or take care of them. Because, in the end, you sacrifice your own happiness for their sake. Naturally, you have more than two choices here as well – you can work toward your happiness to make them happy.

Nevertheless, if they still claim that it is your duty to make them happy and take care of them, then you should avoid this person. Your business is not the base of happiness for anyone else but you, at least in the beginning.

The ‘You’ve Failed in the Past and Now You Fail Again’ Person

Obviously, you don’t need anyone who reminds you of your previous mistakes and emphasizes your current failures. Moreover, if that person decides to showcase your mistakes, then that’s a red flag and you have to avoid them.

The key here is to forgive yourself and remove any guilt that can be used against you by mischievous people. If you listen to those who keep bringing up your mistakes, you will be afraid to take risks – and remember, some of the risks you will take will be ones to make your business successful.

The ‘Your Accomplishment is Not Enough’ Person

An immature person will always slight your accomplishments and blame your success on everything else but you and your hard work. Even though you may feel jealous of what someone else has achieved, you should be glad for them and have a positive mindset – namely, if they succeeded, I can too.

Avoid individuals who find silly excuses for your accomplishments and surround yourself with ones who are happy for you.

The Person that Brings the Worst Out of You

You most likely have someone who is capable of changing your personality entirely when they’re around. They may be a possessive family member, a controlling partner, or even a passive-aggressive colleague.

If you find yourself with a changed personality in the presence of someone – and, thus, changing the decisions related to your business -, then that’s a sign that you have to avoid that person.


Surprisingly, you may be halting your goals and keeping yourself from fulfilling your wishes. When it comes to starting a business, you can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Take a look at your bad habits and tendencies that involve self-sabotage and work toward fixing them – or else, you may be just the one to avoid if you want your business to be successful.

The Bottom Line

Now, it’s time for you to  determine who you really need around on your path to success and who’s there just to slow you down. Doing so is of extreme importance to your business, as one of these toxic people can bring it to ruins without you realizing it.

When you register a company with, you need to ensure that you surround  yourself with the right people – and take out all the toxic ones. This way, you will ensure that the business you have started will not go on a difficult path.

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