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10 Legitimate Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

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Job seekers are asking, are there part-time work from home jobs near me?

The answer is yes, and this guide will show you a few.

Because of various limitations prompted by global health concerns, many companies have established a partly remote workforce.

Professions such as data entry, typing, and data analysis are among many jobs offered to part-time workers.

If you are searching for online jobs, there are many legit professions to consider.

Although there are plenty of vacancies, many people are searching for those jobs.

Because of economic hardships during these difficult times, many people have shown interest in part-time work from home jobs.

Studies show that many people are learning how to work part-time from home.

If you are at home and you got some skills such as typing, writing, or transcribing, you can work at home.

The wonderful news is that there are various types and professions to consider.

Also, with or without skills and experience, there are many legitimate online jobs for you.

TABLE OF CONTENTS1. What are Legitimate Part-Time Work from Home Jobs?
2. How to Work From Home Remotely
3. What are the Benefits of Working at Home?
4. Are Part-Time Work from Home Jobs Legitimate?
5. Which are the Best Part-Time Work from Home Jobs?
6. How are you Paid for These Jobs?
7. Can Anyone Apply for these Jobs?
8. Can People Pay the Bills Working on the Internet?
9. Who Pays for Online Work?
10. Do you Need a Degree to Work Online?
11. How do You Find Online Careers?
1. Freelance Writer
2. Data Entry
3. Data Analyst
3. Online Teacher/Tutor
3. Graphic Designer
3. Customer Service Representative
3. Travel Agent
3. Translator/Interpreter
3. Website Tester
3. Social Media Specialist
3. Final Word

10 Legitimate Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

Start by learning how to work from home part time, and then you can start applying for these jobs.

From writing jobs to travel jobs to data entry, there are unbelievable jobs that yield a good income.

All you need is to understand your strengths and search for the right jobs.

Both companies and workers benefit from remote work.

As a worker, for example, you need not commute or mind your dress code.

Also, you can work during the day or at night at your convenience.

For these companies, it helps reduce managerial costs and in case of a disaster, the operations can continue running.

They can hire workers part time instead of full time.

You need to understand a few things before you get started.

For instance, you need to know more about these careers, and legit part time work from home jobs.

If you are not sure about applying for these jobs, here are some common questions and answers.

Common Questions

1. What are Legitimate Part-Time Work from Home Jobs?

Today, almost every organization is offering online work.

These are occupations that you can work from anywhere and anytime.

You need not be at the office physically to begin work.

For instance, some people search for these jobs to gain experience, while others want to earn money.

Hence, part-time jobs are very beneficial.

Known genuine part-time jobs to work from home are data entry jobs, translations, virtual assistants, social media assistants, web testers, and many others.

2. How to Work From Home Remotely

If you have a computer, a working desk, and a reliable internet connection, you can search for an internet job.

But before you engage in these professions, you need to consider your selections, your financial priorities, and your skills.

3. What are the Benefits of Working at Home?

a. You have extra time to pursue other things–working part time, especially from home gives you extra time to do other things.

Whether you are a student or stay at home mom, part-time jobs from home are appropriate for all.

It is possible to work for certain hours, do other tasks, and then continue working.

b. You can work for many clients–working full time means you can only work for one company or client.

But with part-time employment, you may work for many clients.

You can work for one client during the day and another client at night.

c. You improve your skills–part-time jobs allow you to advance your skills.

For instance, if you want to be a professional writer, you can work for various clients to improve your writing skills.

Part-time professions also give you room to learn fresh things.

d. You develop new skills–working part time means searching for more opportunities.

It also gives you a chance to develop many new skills in different niches.

Happily, many clients will hire young and entry-level people.

Working part time has many advantages.

From developing new skills to managing your time properly, hence, you need to search for the right job to reap the benefits.

4. Are Part-Time Online Jobs Legitimate?

Though there are many genuine jobs, there are many scams.

Studies show that in every legitimate part-time work from home job, there is a scam job to match it.

Therefore, you need to be very careful when applying for home work.

Luckily, there are common RED FLAGS to help you identify the scams.

All you need is to be cautious when searching for anything on the internet.

For example, do not apply for jobs that ask for a registration fee or money upfront.

Red Flags to Consider:

Jobs asking for no skills, talents, or experience.

If it is a simple job, expect to earn less; Do not apply for occupations promising high pay for simple tasks.

Jobs asking you to pay to get hired or for training.

Although, there are jobs that ask for upfront money, avoid them completely.

When asked to send your bank account details; This is a big red flag.

Also, do not apply for work that does not pay well, or the client needs you to write a lengthy free sample.

Generally, most remote jobs are legitimate.

If you follow the right procedure, you might never run into a scam.

Nevertheless, be very watchful and ensure you do not provide your bank details to an unknown client.

5. Which are the Best Stay at Home Jobs?

There are many online jobs to pursue.

This is delightful news for people searching for the best work from home jobs.

Some popular and preferred professions include:

  • Data entry
  • Website tester
  • Graphic designer
  • Freelance writing
  • Transcribing
  • Virtual assistant
  • Call center representatives
  • Travel agent
  • Blogging
  • Web design and developers
  • Social media manager
  • Translation

6. How are you Paid for These Jobs?

Since you will work from home, it means the client must wire you the money.

Happily, there are many ways you can receive your earnings.

In most cases, clients use PayPal to send freelancers money.

This is because PayPal is reliable, trustworthy, and fast.

In addition, you can receive money from anyone all over the world.

Besides, there are many other genuine and reliable ways you can receive your payments such as,, and Web Pay among others.

But you need to consult your client before you start work.

7. Can Anyone Apply for these Jobs?

Anyone can apply; However, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, if you cannot type fast, do not search for work from home part-time data entry jobs or typing jobs.

Applicants must have certain skills such as communication skills for call center representative jobs or excellent typing skills for freelance writing jobs.

But mostly, these careers are legit and applies to anyone.

Most of them require less experience or a few special skills.

8. Can People Pay the Bills Working on the Internet?

Yes, if you get good clients and the best work from home jobs part time, you can make good money.

But remember, you are the person in charge of your job; Hence, you need to work extra hours and search for jobs to earn more.

Also, you may need to advance your skills or get more training to help you apply for these jobs.

9. Who Pays for Online Work?

There are many people and organizations hiring part-time workers.

However, it depends on the profession you are searching for.

For instance, if you are searching for part-time data entry work from home jobs, big organizations such as schools, hospitals, and research companies can hire you.

Hence, it depends on the job type and the client.

But because of the global health crisis, small organizations and individuals are offering these jobs.

10. Do you Need a Degree to Work Online?

Nope. You need not have a degree to do most duties over the internet.

In fact, many college students are doing work from home data entry part-time jobs.

Companies and organizations will hire people who can deliver and not because they have degrees.

So, as long as you deliver, you can apply for online jobs.

And remember, being an expert in any profession does not mean you must have a degree.

With much part-time jobs being advertised daily, you do not need a certain college certificate or a degree to work.

However, there are some professions or companies that may ask for a specific certificate or degree to complete the job.

But a good number of these jobs do not need a degree.

11. How do You Find Online Careers?

As a beginner, the biggest challenge is knowing where to start.

This is because stay home jobs can be hard to find.

Even though several companies are searching for part-time workers, it might be a hurdle for you if you are a novice.

Remember, there are many cons who are pretending to offer legit part time work from home jobs.

Also, it might take weeks, or months before you get a client.

However, do not get discouraged.

By following the right strategy, you can land significant projects and avoid being cheated.

To help you get started, here are several ways to find online careers.

a. Use Social Media

Most people are not aware that social media is a goldmine for employment opportunities.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are brilliant places to look for part-time work.

Additionally, it is a superb place to connect with potential clients.

To get started, follow the job market place on social media sites.

By following or liking their pages, they will notify you of professions being posted on their social media pages.

b. Create a Blog

One of the best ways to land an outstanding job is to have a website.

Although it may be difficult for starters, having a personal blog is very beneficial.

With a personal blog, you can enhance your skills and advertise your services.

Also, clients can visit the site to learn about you.

Happily, creating a blog nowadays is simple and does not cost much.

You can start with a self-hosted site and later build a professional website.

And with a website, you can easily promote your services to reach more people.

Remember, having an excellent website is vital to any prosperous business.

c. Network

Networking is another prominent thing to do if you are searching for home work.

Since many people are searching online, networking can help land new gigs.

From blogging to following other freelancers, this is a brilliant strategy that will ensure you have a flow of steady jobs.

For instance, if you are a writer looking for part-time writing jobs, reach out to other freelance writers.

It might shock you when a writer introduces you to a client or two.

d. The Pitch

One of the best strategies to land a job is learning how to pitch properly.

You can do cold pitching or warm pitching.

Fortunately, there is less competition, and you contact clients directly.

Cold pitching is getting in touch with companies, entrepreneurs, small and big organizations, and startups directly.

You advertise your services to them directly; Although it seems like a laborious task, it is one of the simplest jobs to do.

First, you need to research the company before you pitch.

Once you notice the company may need your services, draft a pitch, and send it to them.

To maximize possibilities of finding work, you need to cold pitch and warm pitch.

While cold pitching is a direct way of contacting potential clients, warm pitching is an indirect method.

It involves creating relationships with organizations and companies before contacting them.

You can start by following or liking their pages on social media.

Also, you need to visit their sites more often before you pitch.

If they post something on those sites, make sure you read, like, and comment.

This will help to develop a relationship, and then you can formally introduce yourself.

It might take some time but it is a magnificent way to search for remote jobs.

e. Advertise Yourself

If you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you need to advertise your services.

Even though it is a simple strategy, most people searching for work do not advertise themselves.

Keep in mind that today everyone is on social media.

So, if you tell people you are searching, someone may consider you.

Besides, you need to inform other freelancers that you are available to start at any time.

Remember, it does not hurt to advertise your services.

Potential clients are not aware of job boards or want to go through various cover letters when hiring a part-time worker.

f. Join Facebook Groups

There are thousands of potential clients on Facebook.

Hence, you need to know the best Facebook groups to join for online work.

However, this is a strategy that takes time.

You will need to build relationships before you can start bidding for jobs.

If you are looking for part-time work from home data entry jobs, for instance, make sure you belong to several groups offering information on data entry.

Also, try your best to join in the conversations.

g. Ask for Referrals

Asking for referrals means you already have a client or several clients.

Although it might look frightening, the worst thing that can happen is for the client to say no.

So, if you already have a few clients, email them or use social media to ask for referrals.

Happily, getting a client through referral is the best way to get a good client.

Since you have already done an outstanding job, you are likely to get more jobs with better pay.

h. Visit real work from home part-time jobs market place

If you are new to the online world, and are searching for real work from home part-time jobs, visit the freelance market place.

The freelance market place has popular sites that offer jobs.

Some well-known sites are:

Fortunately, they have thousands of genuine jobs posted daily on these sites.

From writing jobs to travel agents to data entry work from home part-time jobs, there are many professions.

However, you need to bid for these jobs; This means you must be good at writing proposals and cover letters.

Otherwise, the sites might not be good for you.

Also, keep in mind that there are thousands of people looking for these jobs.

i. Visit Job Boards

If you are not good at writing proposals, then your best option is visiting job boards.

Unlike the freelance market sites where you need to bid for jobs, there is no bidding at job boards.

In most cases, they ask you to provide your rates or your working hours.

Happily, many organizations and small companies are posting legitimate part-time work from home professions at the job boards.

Also, there are free job boards and paid job boards.

Since you are a beginner, it is wise to use the free job boards before you move to the paid ones.

j. Ask Relatives and Friends

The last strategy is engaging with friends and relatives.

Ask those who are close to you to help in searching for work.

It is a superb idea to let your relatives and friends know you need a part-time job before you search for legitimate work from home part-time jobs.

Your friends might know somebody or company offering part-time analyst work from home job or looking for a freelance writer.

Which ones are legitimate work from home jobs?

The number of people searching for work has increased because of the crisis.

Moreover, the number of scams concerning work from home has increased.

Therefore, when searching for these jobs, you need to differentiate between scams and actual jobs.

Also, you need to know genuine work from home part-time jobs and the low-paying jobs.

Before you search, ensure you have researched and understood part time employment.

Also, learn the basic skills and gain the tools and equipment needed to work from home.

If you are searching for typing jobs, for instance, learn how to type fast.

You do not want to spend 8 hours typing a one-page document.

Also, have a good computer and a reliable internet connection.

Once you are prepared to find a job, start searching for the best work from home part-time jobs.

You do not want to waste your time searching for low-paying jobs.

So what is the best work from home part-time jobs to consider?

To help you begin your career, here are our favorite picks.

10 Legitimate Part Time Work from Home Jobs

1. Freelance Writer

The most common career is freelance writing.

It is a noble profession but is challenging at the beginning.

But with the right attitude and approach, you can make good money as a writer.

Being a writer means you can be a blogger, a news writer, a freelance writer, a content provider, and many others.

You can write your own blog posts or write for other people.

To be a freelance writer, you need to have a passion for writing and be proactive.

Writing is not a job for lazy people or idlers.

If you are pro-active and zealous, you can gain experience and start earning good money as a freelance writer.

Luckily, many clients are looking for freelance writers.

To get started as a writer – a freelance writer works for individuals or companies on a project basis or a contract.

This means you may not have a formal contract when working for someone.

Freelance writing comes with several benefits; You can work from anywhere and for anyone.

Moreover, you get hired by one or several clients and you can work at night or during the day.

However, you need to work hard to get lots of projects.

Since there are many freelance writers, clients may not hustle to look for writers; You must work hard to get clients.

Happily, as there are various sections, there are sub-sections too.

You can write about business, tech, news, product reviews, or write lifestyle content.

And once you are into writing, you will recognize your niche and enhance your skills as you move along.

Tools and Equipment needed – to be a freelance writer; you need a laptop or a computer, a desk or a working space, and an internet connection.

You also need to be on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

This will ensure they connect you with other writers and potential clients.

Since there are many types of freelance writing jobs and different categories, you can search for writing jobs, become a blogger, editor, or translator.

Happily, you can make good money as a freelance writer; Remember, the more you write, the more you earn.

You also need to have samples of your writing work.

When applying for writing jobs, some clients may request a few samples.

Hence, be sure to have your best samples or articles ready.

Where to find Freelance Writing Jobs – luckily, there are many sites offering writing jobs.

Some sites where you need to bid for jobs include:


The above companies require you to write proposals.

If you dislike writing proposals, you can consider checking writing job boards.

Some of the best job boards include:

Payment for Writing Jobs – payment depends on topics you write, the clients you write for, and the number of projects.

However, since they make most payments through PayPal, you need to be prepared by opening payment accounts such as PayPal and Skrill.

Happily, opening most of these payment accounts are free.

2. Data Entry

Are you a good typist and searching for online work?

Then you can consider data entry jobs.

Happily, there are plenty work from home data entry part-time jobs that pay well.

Though some people claim data entry jobs are discouraging, it is crucial to understand the requirements for this profession.

Data entry is a term that describes several occupations.

People who carry out data entry tasks include coders, transcribers, clerks, typists, electronic data processors, and word processors.

And with many outsourcing their administrative duties, part-time job work from home data entry tasks have become popular.

Big and small companies are offering data entry work from home jobs part time.

Get Started – if you are looking for internet work, then you need to get started with work from home jobs part-time data entry.

These are jobs that do not have a high hurdle to entry.

With a high school certificate, typing skills, and being computer literate, you qualify for these jobs.

However, there are some clients or organizations that may request users to read or write an English test to be qualified for the jobs.

However, if you have excellent typing skills, you can apply for part-time work from home data entry jobs.

Part-time jobs work from home data entry tasks include editing data, verifying data, or keying data into the computer.

You may receive data in the form of audio or written files.

This shows they need fewer skills to execute data entry jobs.

It is one of the easiest jobs; It is among the best careers online.

Tools and Equipment Needed – before you learn how to work part time from home, there are some tools and equipment you need.

For work from home part-time data entry jobs, you need a decent computer, a desk, and reliable internet connection.

It is also wise to have headphones for tasks such as transcription.

Unlike other remote work from home part-time jobs, most data entry jobs do not need special programs.

However, your clients will always advise you on the best software to use.

Hence, you need not have specific software for data entry jobs.

Where to find Data Entry Jobs – thanks to technology, work part time from home data entry jobs are now easy to find.

They easily manage great programs that ensure people working from home are using the best software possible.

Since there are many organizations offering data entry work from home jobs, there are plenty of scams too.

Hence, when applying for remote work from home jobs part time, do not give your bank account information.

Best sites to search for data entry jobs:


Payment: Just like other work from home part-time jobs, you need to have online payment accounts such as Payoneer or PayPal.

This is because they make payments through online accounts; They pay home data entry jobs per piece.

Hence, if you are good at typing, you can earn good money working from home.

3. Data Analyst

If you are looking for remote work, then data analyst is another skilled profession to consider.

With this job, they require you to collect, process, and perform analysis on large datasets.

Unlike data entry work, part-time data analyst work from home is an occupation where you need to be skilled and qualified.

In most cases, they require you to have a degree in math or computer science, and some data analysis skills.

Happily, with the development of technology, you can work as a data analyst from home.

With the right tools of the trade, it is possible to offer your services remotely.

The excellent news is that companies, organizations, and institutions are hiring part-time data analysts work from home.

So, if you have the qualifications needed, you can apply for these jobs.

The data analyst job depends on the company or institution offering the job.

Hence, data analyst tasks differ from one company to another.

Get Started as a Data Analyst – When looking for data analyst jobs, you need to understand the job properly.

For instance, without experience and qualifications, you cannot execute these tasks.

Remember, you need to simplify data in simple terms so that your clients can understand when making a critical decision.

Hence, critical thinking and accuracy are some crucial skills you need as a data analyst.

As a data analyst, you create, design, and maintain databases; You can work for over one client.

However, you need to be familiar with programming, business intelligence software, and other related programs.

Happily, remote data analysts come with many benefits.

From flexibility to increased productivity, the data analyst is a profession that will help to sharpen your mind and eyes.

You will also make excellent decisions and work at your own pace.

The payment is also attractive, especially if you are experienced.

Tools and Equipment needed–Data analyst is not a simple job.

You need more than a desk and a simple computer to complete tasks.

First, you need a powerful computer.

Thus, purchasing an outstanding PC with a good processor to handle various programs is an intelligent idea.

Also, look for a quiet working space; This will ensure you deliver quality work when working remotely.

There are many programs needed to execute data analyst jobs.

Some known software tools include Google Analytics, Microsoft Office and Excel among others.

Although some clients may recommend a special tool to use, you need to be familiar and have some available.

Where to Find Data Analyst Jobs–both small and large companies are searching for data analysts.

And the best way to reduce administrative costs is by hiring someone who can work remotely.

Data analysts can fit in many industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, and professional services.

Hence, there is an increase in analyst positions.

Because of the increase of individuals and companies searching for data analysts, various sites are posting these openings.

Some of the best websites to search for legitimate data analyst jobs are:

  • Monster Jobs

Payment: They pay most remote jobs hourly or per project.

This is the same case with data analyst jobs.

However, the remuneration of analyst jobs is higher than most other jobs.

Due to job abilities, a data analyst job can require high pay.

In most cases, they can do payment through online methods.

Hence, ensure you have various online payment accounts.

4. Online Teacher/Tutor

Even though there are millions of people who are now jobless, some jobs such as part-time teachers are in outrageous demand.

Also, the rise of technology has given teachers and students a reason to work together from far away.

And with various states allowing online schooling in public schools, there is a demand for online teachers.

Being an online teacher, you can teach, design, or prepare a curriculum.

Universities, colleges, or individuals can hire you; Happily, the number of subjects to teach is limitless.

Although it is possible to be a cyber online teacher, there are several qualifications needed.

You need a high school diploma, a college degree, and a teaching license.

But it all depends on your employer or job.

But in most cases, you need to establish yourself as an expert in topics you will be tutoring.

For instance, with a high school diploma, you can be an online tutor.

But you need to show that you are qualified to teach the subject in question.

Many parents are searching for teachers to teach children English and other foreign languages.

Also, the demand for tutors to teach students at university and college level is on the rise.

Get Started: to be a cyber teacher, you need to have skills of the topics you will be teaching.

And with experience, you can become a great online tutor.

Some teaching duties include, answering student questions, grading student test and assignments.

Since they require you to be an expert on subjects you teach, you need to have all the related materials.

Fortunately, many online training programs can help you advance your expertise.

Tool and Equipment needed – you need a good computer and internet connection to communicate with your students and clients.

Also, you need to identify the best programs to help you perform your duties.

Some basic programs you need as an online tutor are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and others.

Besides, you need to have excellent communication skills and ensure you are familiar with online resources.

Where to Find Online Teaching Jobs–studies show that online teaching jobs are in outrageous demand in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Schools, universities, colleges, and private students are searching for cyber tutors.

If you believe you have the skills to be a part-time work from the home tutor, here are some of the best sites to search for teaching jobs.

Payment – Part time work from home teaching jobs are some of the best-paying jobs.

However, you need to work hard to get more clients.

The payment depends on the subjects you teach, your client, and your skills and experience.

Happily, because of online payment methods, you can receive money from Asia, Europe, and any other part of the world.

So, if you feel you have the skills to be a part-time work from the home teacher, apply for the vacancies.

5. Graphic Designer

Another fantastic online career is being a graphic designer.

If you have skills and experience in designing t-shirts, logos or using programs to create brochures, then you can earn good money from the comfort of your home.

Luckily, many companies and individuals are searching for part time graphic designers.

However, this career is not for everyone.

You need skills and experience to execute the duties of a graphic designer.

Favorably, if you are a beginner, there is a lot of information on how to advance your graphic design skills.

And since many people are searching for graphic designers, this is a marvellous job for you.

To get more clients as a cyber graphic designer, you need to be very creative.

Clients are searching for someone who can create inspiring visual concepts.

The logos and designs you create need to inspire, influence, and enlighten viewers.

Hence, you need outstanding communication skills and artistic abilities to execute tasks properly.

Get Started–since you will work from your house, you need to have abilities for this job.

Keep in mind that you do not have a team to help you through.

But with expertise, you can find graphic design jobs.

Companies and individuals are offering part time graphic designer jobs daily.

Although there are some skills that you need to learn at school, they need personal qualities for this profession.

Some prime duties of graphic design include:

  • Gathering material and information
  • Designing layouts
  • Submitting images to the client for approval.
  • Preparing finished art copy
  • Coordinating with various departments

Being a freelancer means you will work on the computer for several hours.

However, you may need to take a few trips to meet clients.

Tools and Equipment needed – Working from home part time as a graphic designer differs from other professions such as data entry or freelance writing.

Here, you are on another level; They need unique individuals.

Apart from basic tools and equipment needed such as a computer and a desk, you need software programs and a powerful computer.

A simple computer may not handle intense graphic design duties effectively.

Therefore, do more research to ensure you have the best workstation for the job, the required programs, and other machines such as printers.

Thus, you may need to set a budget for tools and equipment before you search for part work from home graphic design jobs.

Where to Find Graphic Design Jobs–if you are skilled, there are thousands of clients posting design jobs every day.

But to avoid confusion, you need to use the right sites to get legitimate work from home graphic design part-time jobs.

Some of the best websites to find graphic design jobs are:

These are some of the best sites that offer graphic design jobs every day.

You can log in today and get in touch with several clients.

Payment – studies show that we expect graphic designer jobs to rise.

There are many small and big companies opening everyday.

So, if you believe you can do it, be prepared for any task.

The graphic designer job salary is among the best.

Although they pay you per project, you can earn good money.

Plus, the more clients you have the more you earn.

6. Customer Service Representative

Did you know when you call to order a product, the customer representative might work from home?

So, if you are good at customer service, this is one of the best internet jobs you should consider.

Luckily, a good number of companies are hiring customer care representatives to handle customers’ orders and complaints from home.

You can work for retail stores, banks, schools, and credit agencies among others.

Hence, you need to have abilities such as excellent communication skills to work as a customer care representative.

Working as a customer service representative part time means you will answer phones from home.

Therefore, you need to be equipped with the right tools and equipment.

To get Started as a Customer Service Representative – there are various skills needed to be part-time work from the home customer service representative.

You must have excellent computer skills, the ability to work long hours, powerful communication skills, and have problem-solving skills.

Hence, it is a skilled profession that comes with good pay.

However, you might not work for several clients.

Since you will answer calls all the time, you can only work for one client for a specific amount of time.

Nevertheless, customer service representative is an occupation that can help you advance skills such as communication skills and problem-solving skills.

Tools and Equipment needed–being an online customer service representative means you will work from a remote location.

They will provide you with the company’s database and other essential information needed for the job.

Therefore, there are several tools and equipment you need to execute your duties properly.

Some basic tools and equipment you need are a powerful computer, a reliable internet connection, a microphone, and a headset.

Also, there are various programs you may need to handle your tasks.

Happily, some companies may provide some of these tools and equipment.

However, you need to be prepared in case they do not offer you the machines or the programs.

Where to Find Customer Service Representative Jobs – if you have the required skills, experience, and you have a pleasant voice, then you can work as a customer service representative from your home.

Companies, institutions, and retail stores need remote customer service representatives.

The best websites to search for the jobs are:

Visit the above sites to get started.

However, ensure you use the correct keywords when searching for customer service representative online jobs.

Payment–working part time from home means they will not pay you a salary.

However, it means you can earn more money from the comfort of your house.

In most cases, they make payments through online methods such as PayPal.

However, your clients may ask for your bank details to wire the payment directly to your account.

Remember; do not give bank account details to unknown clients.

7. Travel Agent

Are you experienced in the travel industry? Then you will make good money as a travel agent.

Many wealthy clients want to know about exotic destinations.

The internet has improved the traveling industry.

Many people are looking for travel agents to help them choose holiday destinations, book their airline tickets or hotel rooms.

Hence, as a travel agent, you need to help people arrange their travels.

It might be a challenging job for starters but it is an excellent paying job.

It is also a great stay at home job.

There are individuals, companies, and organizations searching for someone to direct or advise them when traveling.

Also, they want someone who can handle traveling stress for them.

With this profession, you can work at your pace, or work independently.

It is an extensive field that comes with good pay.

Nevertheless, you need to play your cards properly to earn more in the traveling industry.

Keep in mind there are slow seasons and prime seasons.

To Get Started – there are several things you need to get started as a travel agent.

First, you need to understand the field.

For instance, if you are planning to work independently, you need a website and an attractive agent name.

But if you work for an agency, they already have a website established.

Nevertheless, you might need some training and a few skills.

You can work for many agencies to earn more money.

Some of your tasks include booking hotels for clients, offering info to traveling clients, planning accommodation and transport for tourists, and handling travel complaints.

Tools and Equipment needed–part time work from home travel agent jobs is not as complicated as graphic design jobs.

With the basic tools and equipment, you can execute your duties as a part-time work from a home travel agent.

Some things you need include a computer, internet connection, a working space, several phone lines, and a printer.

Also, excellent communication skills are required.

Candidates need to be familiar with various tourist destinations all over the world.

Learning more about uncommon weather patterns for various countries is an added advantage to your profession.

Where to Find Travel Agent Jobs–there are fewer travel agent part-time jobs than data entry or transcription jobs.

However, there are several travel agencies, hotels, and companies searching for work from home travel agents.

Some of the skills you need are marketing skills, domestic and international travel statistics, and reservation experience.

Some of the best sites to search for these jobs include:

Also, as you search for travel agent jobs, ensure you use the right keywords.

Some professions to consider in the traveling industry include travel writer, travel blogger, and social media marketer.

8. Translator/Interpreter

If you are fluent in English and any other language, you can work part time from home as an interpreter or translator.

Schools, companies, courts, hospitals, and many public institutions are looking for translators.

You can work in sign language, spoken language, writing language, and many others.

However, this is a profession that needs skills and a bit of experience.

It might not be possible to work as an interpreter without excellent communication skills and typing skills.

Most clients are looking for someone great in keying and fluent with at least 2 known languages.

Moreover, some clients may ask for diploma certificates or a college degree for you to work as a translator.

Luckily, translation jobs have become popular because of the development of institutions and companies all over the world.

Also, people such as tourists and foreign businesses may need your services.

To Get Started–if you are searching for translation jobs, it means you can work from any location.

It is not a busy field but many clients are seeking your services.

Happily, there is so much to gain as an interpreter.

If you are a beginner, you can advance your typing skills.

This is because there is a lot of work for people who want French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese tasks translated.

If you have additional skills, you can earn more.

Apart from being a translator, there are companies looking for computer programmers fluent in over one language.

Hence, it is a profession that has many translation jobs.

Tools and equipment needed–if you want to work from home as an interpreter part time, you do not need a lot of tools and equipment.

With a computer, reliable internet, a working desk, and headphones, you can start searching for simple translation jobs.

However, some tasks require you to have high-quality headphones and a printer.

If you are a beginner, it might be a superb idea to do some training before applying.

Since there are plenty of translation training available, consider taking a few.

This will ensure you familiarize yourself with tasks to understand what they need.

Where to Find Translation Jobs–with skills and the basic requirements, you can start searching for translation jobs.

Institutions, schools, hospitals and traveling companies are posting translations jobs every day online.

To ensure you get legitimate translation jobs, here are a few good sites to consider:

These are magnificent sites for both experts and beginners.

Additionally, you can contact large institutions for translation jobs.

Payment–just like most part-time employment, they pay translation jobs per project.

Therefore, you need to be proactive.

You need to hustle for clients; Remember, the more projects you have, the more you earn.

Most clients pay through PayPal and other known online payment methods.

9. Website Tester

Did you know that individuals and companies are looking to test their websites and mobile apps?

Companies, individuals, and institutions will pay people to make sure their sites and mobile apps are user friendly.

If you are looking to become a website tester, this might be a suitable profession.

Most of these companies look for common people.

This means you do not have to be an app expert or be a tech to get a website tester job.

All you need is to understand how websites work and be fluent in English.

Web testing is a process where an ordinary person uses a mobile app or website to confirm that it’s user friendly.

As a tester, you need to examine whether the app, website, or software is user-friendly, and simple to use.

Testing helps companies fix various bugs or errors before launching their apps, websites, or programs to the public.

Hence, you can work from home testing websites and programs.

Happily, you can earn good money for doing simple testing.

Get Started–website testing is one of the simplest and legitimate ways for earning easy money from home.

This means many people are searching for website tester jobs.

To get started, you need to go through an interview.

For you to land jobs, make sure you take interviews seriously.

This is the only chance for you to qualify for website testing jobs.

Also, make sure you sign up for multiple testing sites.

Remember, many people are applying for these jobs.

Hence, signing up for several sites increases your chances of success; You will also be able to earn more money.

Since it is a simple job, don’t expect to earn good money at the beginning.

However, if you are focused and determined, you can make more money as you move along.

Clients will offer more tasks is you can deliver excellent results.

However, do not rush the testing; Always provide a quality test.

Keep in mind that the more quality tests you provide the more chances you get.

Tools and Equipment needed–website testing jobs are straightforward careers.

Hence, you do not need complex machines or programs to execute these tasks.

All you need is a working desk, a computer, and a reliable internet connection.

Since there are many testers on the market, having a reliable internet connection will help you stay ahead of others.

Where to find customer service representative online jobs–due to advancements in technology, institutions and individuals are creating apps, programs, and websites every day.

Hence, there are many sites offering website testing careers.

To ensure you only apply for the best and legitimate jobs, here are the top sites offering website testing jobs.

Payment:Payment regarding website and apps testing varies from one client to another.

And since most projects take 20 to 40 minutes to finish, do not expect a lot of money.

They pay most clients through PayPal and weekly or monthly.

10. Social Media Specialist

Social media specialist is a new profession being advertised by popular companies.

This is because every business wants to have a presence in social media.

Hence, if you have the skills needed to be a social media specialist, this is a suitable occupation you can do from home.

Happily, there are many social media specialist jobs.

There are various duties for a social media specialist or manager.

You can offer training, consult or create and offer views of the business on social media.

Therefore, you need to be familiar with leading social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn among others.

You need to know how to create an account, update, like, create content, and be social with others.

Get Started–to work from home as a social media specialist, you need to know where to start.

You need to know how to execute duties without supervision.

For instance, you need to identify the target audience, create relevant accounts, manage them, and update them regularly.

Also, new marketing strategies are being implemented every day.

Hence, you need to be up to date with all the changes in the industry.

Remember, companies and businesses hire social media specialists to help them reach out to customers, engage customers, promote products, and handle customer complaints.

Thus, you need to be online most of the time.

Tools and Equipment needed–there are some tools and equipment you need to perform your tasks properly.

Having a computer and reliable internet, for instance, is required for a social media specialist.

However, there are various skills that you may need to achieve excellent results.

With our without a degree, you need to be very creative, imaginative, and interactive.

Besides, having sales and marketing knowledge is important.

This will ensure that you apply the best marketing strategies to use for specific tasks.

Where to find social media specialist jobs–if you have skills, there are many companies offering social media specialist jobs.

In most cases, companies are looking for someone with knowledge of digital marketing.

Hence, if you can promote products or the company’s agenda on social media, you can apply for the position.

Some of the best sites to search for social media specialist jobs are:

The above sites have many freelance opportunities including social media specialist jobs.

With or without a degree, you can work part time from home as a social media specialist.

Payment: being a part-time job means no salary at the end of the month.

However, you can work for various companies or individuals.

Most clients pay through online payment methods such as PayPal.

Final Word

Couldn’t find a job? Read these articles Home Office Jobs (A Cyber Guide for 2020) and Work from Home Jobs: A Beginner’s Guide for 2020.

When searching for jobs on any website, check for their careers page at the bottom.

The advancement in technology has given birth to many opportunities.

And some of the best opportunities that did not exist before are cyber jobs.

Today, there is an outrageous demand for remote workers from all corners of the world.

From the tech industry to the health sector, every company is looking for online representatives.

For instance, social media assistants are some recent occupations brought by the development of technology.

Today, almost every company, small and big wants to make a presence in social media.

In addition, there are many new and exciting positions where people can work from home.

This means with a computer and internet in your house, you can start earning money.

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