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10 Tips For Writing About Make Up and Skincare

Surprise! The worldwide make up and skincare industry is worth more than $180 billion dollars. As a writer, you can make money by leveraging your knowledge in this area.

No credentials in the beauty marketplace? No problem. All you need is a desire to jump in and tell audiences what they want to hear.

From foundation to lip balm, the subject matter is out there. You simply need to figure out how to create irresistible articles, blogs, and vlogs.

Start with these 10 helpful hacks!

1. Cover Topics People Care about

First of all, be sure you always write about make up and skincare solutions that are trending.

For instance, an estimated 85 percent of teens and 20-somethings experience acne. This means plenty of people, including parents, want information on dealing with blemishes.

You can piggyback on public interest by writing about systems like ClearRx, or by talking about acne myths. Your goal? High engagement and sticky posts that will spread like wildfire.

2. Review New Items

When a new make up or skincare product hits the scene, why not write a review?

Although you may have to buy the product if you’re a new writer, this may not be the case. If you already have an up-and-coming beauty blog, product manufacturers may send you free samples.

Similarly, if you pitch a review idea to a print or online publication, they might reimburse you for the product.

Why do reviews do so well? They help individuals make well-considered, guided decisions.

3. Be Transparent about the Pros and Cons

It might be tempting to write all the positives about a product, but don’t do it. Instead, have an objective opinion about everything you discuss.

For instance, even if you adore a mascara brand, be honest in your writing. Talk about the downsides, such as a short shelf life or higher-than-average price tag.

If you’re always pro-everything, your writing will seem weak or suspicious. Use an even-handed tone that boosts your credibility.

4. Build a Community

Writing for yourself? Working for someone else? Either way, a great tip is to build a supportive online community.

Over time, your name will become associated with the make up and skincare market. Not only will that open doors for new opportunities to write, but you may have manufacturers coming to you.

Ideally, your audience will grow organically. Remember that it might increase slowly, but that’s natural development.

5. Add Images Whenever Possible

Obviously, beauty is all about aesthetics. Show as much as you tell.

Writing about a nail polish that dries lightning fast? Add pictures to your writing to substantiate your viewpoints.

Images bring products to life. Additionally, they help readers understand why you have certain opinions.

Not sure your camera is up to par? Just use your smartphone. Pics don’t have to be professional to get you noticed.

6. Do Follow-ups to Popular Posts

You should have a good handle on which articles and posts are gaining popularity. Keep a running database, and plan to follow up.

How does this work? Let’s say you wrote about a soothing moisturizer for tired feet. Within three months, the post became the top-viewed at your site.

Because it was such a popular piece of writing, why not do a follow-up? See if the price has changed on the product, or if other scents have been added. Re-test the formula to see if it’s the same.

Your objective will be to guide people back and forth between your old and newest posts to drive interest and buzz.

7. Let Comments Guide Your Content Creation

Every make-up and skincare writer goes through periods of writer’s block. Feel like you can’t even begin to come up with another content idea? Check your inbox and past article comments.

As you read through others’ notes, make some of your own. You’ll be amazed at how many potential topics are buried in the comments section of your articles.

At the same time, check out comments on beauty sites. Every question asked is a potential article for you to write!

8. Study Other Make up and Skincare Sites

Speaking of looking around at other sites, be sure to do regular investigations of your competition. In fact, you should have some sites bookmarked.

Pay attention to what’s being said on the most influential sites and by the most prolific writers. Are you keeping up with what they’re talking about? Is there something you could learn from their style?

Spend a few hours each week doing this, and keep a running document of things you learn. In a few months, you’ll have a wealth of education.

9. Include Prices and Sales When Applicable

Your readers what to know everything they possibly can about the beauty world. But most of them aren’t independently wealthy. In other words, they want to know the cost of products you discuss.

Be sure to always include prices whenever you can. You may even want to hunt around for bargains on your favorite products. And when there’s a sale on something you recommend, always tell your audience.

At the same time, you may find yourself in a position to earn extra money by being an affiliate for certain skincare or makeup lines. This could give you a passive income source. However, you may be locked into discussing certain products, so read the fine print before signing on.

10. Feature Makeovers and Videos

Finally, don’t be afraid to show off your skills with makeovers and other “to do” videos.

Anyone who has skipped around Instagram and YouTube knows how many beauty writers turn their video cameras on. Not feeling like a star? You don’t have to be a Hollywood diva to have success.

Your job is simply to put a face behind your words. Consider yourself an educator, not an actor. When you’re on camera, speak plainly like you’re talking to friends.

Over time, it will get easier to be on-screen. Who knows? You might fall in love with it and find another venue aside from writing!

Beauty Writing Starts with Writing

Excited at the potential that’s out there? Open a document and start writing!

The only way to get better at your chosen craft is to do it. The longer you write professionally, the better you’re going to get.

Received a custom product that you want to advertise on your blog? Try these tricks to make it work for you!

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