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CBD Tincture: Your Guide to Proper CBD Dosage and Regular Usage

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Nearly half of the people who take CBD stopped taking traditional medicine.

CBD is growing in popularity and more research shows CBD has positive effects on our mental and physical health. However, you’ll only reap these CBD benefits if you know how to use it.

It’s common to wonder about the CBD dosage and finding the right dosage for you. Even though CBD is a safe product, you don’t want to take more CBD than you can handle and you want to take an effective dose.

Here’s the recommended CBD tincture dosage and more important information.

How to Choose the Best Dosage for Your CBD Tincture

Are you not sure how much CBD to take? There are different techniques you can use to discover the best CBD dosage.

Follow these steps to make the process easier!


No two CBD oil products from different manufacturers are made the same. This is why each CBD brand will offer its own dosing guidelines.

How do you find this information? First, check the product. The packaging should come with instructions.

If you can’t find this information, check online. The brand’s website may offer a good insight into their products, the type of hemp used in the extraction, and the different strength degrees of CBD. They may also recommend you take personal factors into consideration, such as your tolerance and the reason why you’re taking CBD.

The brand will use this information to create an effective dosing guideline.

For example, this source recommends starting off with 10-20 mg.


Whether this is the first time you’re taking CBD or you’re trying a new product, taking the smallest dosage is always the best course of action.

Ingesting CBD is also more potent than other consumption forms. More CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through digestion, so it’s integral you start as small as you can.

Starting off with a small dose decreases the risk of experiencing bad side effects of taking too strong of a dose. If you realize the dose is too weak, just take another few milligrams.

Keep in mind, ingesting CBD means you’ll experience the results after an hour. This is because CBD needs to make it through your digestive system to absorb in the bloodstream.


Did you take the minimum recommended dosage and you don’t believe it’s enough? It’s safe to increase your dosage but you should still be careful. The more CBD you ingest, the more you increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects.

Never increase your dosage by more than 5 mg at a time. Always take this slightly higher dose for a few days before deciding if you should increase the dosage any more.


Can your doctor provide comprehensive advice on CBD usage?

Doctors are at a difficult position with CBD — the product doesn’t have as much research behind its effectiveness as other prescription drugs, but the research available is positive.

Still, many doctors don’t have the best understanding of CBD dosages, brands, and other information.

Does this mean you shouldn’t ask your doctor for advice? Your doctor likely won’t write out a detailed prescription, but they can give good dosing advice.

Your doctor can also give you a good insight on using CBD, especially if you’re treating a specific medication. You’ll learn other important details from your physician, such as possible interactions with other medications and side effects.


Finally, take a look at your health and the reason you’re using CBD. Use this information to decide the perfect dose.

While this isn’t always true, those who weigh more will likely need a higher dosage than someone who weighs less. If you’re between 86 and 150 pounds, start out at 12 mg. Add between 1-6 mg for every 10 pounds after this.

The reason you’re taking CBD will also play a role in your dosage. If you have a mild condition, such as a little bit of anxiety, you need less CBD than someone who’s using CBD to treat severe pain.

Can You Use CBD Daily?

If you want to use CBD regularly, there’s some good news — you can use CBD daily.

Actually, it’s recommended you use CBD daily to ensure you’re getting the most benefits. But the number of times you take CBD depends on the results you want.

For example, if you’re taking CBD to help you sleep, you likely only need to take CBD at night.

The most you should take CBD is twice a day.

This ensures the CBD will be effective and you still run little risk of experiencing side effects. But you should still refer to the previous dosing instructions if the manufacturer or your doctor recommends more or if you have a high tolerance.

CBD Side Effects to Know

CBD is considered a safe product but there are some side effects you should know. The risk of experiencing side effects increases as you strengthen your CBD dosage.

The most common side effect is fatigue.

While many people use CBD to fight insomnia, the drowsy sensation is not always desired. Don’t drive or operate machinery after you take CBD. Avoid taking CBD before work or before you leave your house.

The next common side effect is nausea. Not everyone experiences nausea. In addition, it’s also common to experience diarrhea, an appetite change, and even heartburn.

While there’s little evidence behind CBD and its interactions with the liver, we do know CBD is metabolized through the same liver pathway that other medications are metabolized.

It’s best you only take the required dosage and you don’t use CBD with other medications, such as over-the-counter pain medications.

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CBD offers many benefits and anyone can benefit from taking a CBD tincture. This guide will help you understand the best CBD dosage, daily recommended use, and the side effects to know.

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