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Caring for Aging Parents: 5 Recommendations for Senior Care

In 2019, the average cost for home healthcare was $19 per hour, with some states experiencing rates of up to $29 per hour. Caregivers incur the majority of these costs out of their pocket. There are so many unseen costs like transportation and time lost, that go into caring for aging parents.

No matter how much you love your parent and are willing to take care of them, the process can drain you emotionally and physically. Don’t feel guilty about utilizing resources around you to help with senior care.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of resources that will be of great help to aging parents.

1. Financial Help

Expenses are a critical aspect when juggling between accommodation transportation, and medical costs. Identifying programs that your elderly parents are eligible for will go a long way in getting financial aid.

You can try searching local websites that offer financial help to specific groups of elderly parents. Most charitable organizations like nonprofits and local churches have a slot for senior care. These programs will relieve you of a big financial load.

2. Government Benefits

Even the government recognizes that you need help with aging parents. Making elderly living easier for all parties involved in the main aim of these government programs. Medicaid and waiver programs significantly reduce the cost of taking care of your aging parents.

3. Caregivers at Home

The majority of elderly parents have stayed in their homes for a long and that is where they feel most comfortable. Thus, it might be difficult putting them in a facility for the elderly. This is why home health care is an ideal solution for many caregivers.

Qualified nurses provide medical assistance to your aging parents at the comfort of their homes. In this way, you can work on a schedule that works best for your parent. More so, your loved one will enjoy care from specific nurses, making them comfortable and more willing to receive treatment.

4. Joining a Support Group

Watching a parent who raised you, struggle to handle even the mundane tasks can leave you feeling devastated. Finding a support group in your area will go a long way in offloading the emotional burden.

Sharing experiences with others will make you realize that you could have it worse. Further, it could provide solutions that you would have never thought of alone.

5. Familial Help

When caring for aging parents, it is best to involve the whole family. The family understands better the needs of your loved one.

You can opt to divide senior care duties among members who live nearby. Additionally, raising funds as a unit will ensure that the financial burden is not on one person.

Caring for Aging Parents

Caring for aging parents brings up a lot of issues that you might not be ready to handle. You will need all the help you can get. Utilizing the above resources will not only cater to your financial needs but to your emotional ones as well.

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