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Can you Absorb CBD Through the Skin?

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Since the initial explosion of the CBD industry, people have adapted this ingredient into all sorts of products. There are hundreds of different ways to get your calming, pain-relieving dose of cannabidiol by consumption, from pills to yogurt to cocktails. However, what about topical ointments that use hemp oil or cannabidiol extract? CBD topicals are increasingly popular, and people use them to treat all sorts of skin issues and pain. However, you might be wondering if these CBD topicals work or if you can absorb CBD through the skin in the first place.

Can You Absorb CBD Through the Skin?

The ability of CBD to absorb through your skin is well-documented and supported by many clinical studies demonstrating the effects of CBD. In this collection of NCBI studies, you can see the recorded effects of various different delivery systems such as oral, sublingual (under the tongue), dermal, and transdermal application.

Dermal and transdermal are two particularly interesting routes for applying CBD since they’re both topical but work significantly differently. You’re not going to find any transdermal CBD creams at a wellness center, because they require a unique formulation.

For instance, one group of scientists had to create their own special transdermal blend of isopropyl alcohol, hemp extract, and other ingredients. The result was that it penetrated deep within the skin and reached the bloodstream, increasing global CBD concentrations. What this means is that much like orally consumed CBD, it affected the whole body rather than the local area.

Normal CBD creams don’t reach all the way to the bloodstream, but they still have a potent effect. Cannabidiol in lotions, creams, and oil can increase local cannabidiol levels and thus work to reduce pain, inflammation, and acne according to some small studies.

Betoken CBD for Skin

At Betoken CBD, we incorporate the power of dermal CBD and the capabilities of botanicals into many of our products. One of our leading offerings is the Not This Month cream, which makes use of CBD to help relieve period cramps. However, that’s not the only thing working to soothe your pain here. A collection of botanicals such as cramp bark, rose, ginger, and wild-grown seaweed come together to help you say “Not this month” when you start to feel period pains.

Our collection of CBD skin creams also extends to a handful of other offerings. For instance, if you’re suffering from general pain and inflammation then you may want to try Pain, Pain, Go Away. When it comes to the modern studies that back up CBD’s medicinal potential, the possibility of using it to treat pain and inflammation always comes up. Besides that, though, our topical CBD for pain also incorporates powerful herbal cures such as arnica and willow bark. Don’t suffer from joint pain; age gracefully and live an active life, try CBD for yourself.

Try Betoken CBD

Millions of people around the world have found that CBD is the cure for what ails them. For some people, that’s poor appetite and anxiety, while for others it’s pain and stress. Either way, try one of the products from the Betoken CBD lineup to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

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