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A Complete List of the Different Types of Necklace Chains

There are over 61,000 jewelry businesses in the United States.

Jewelry shops are well known for selling all types of jewelry, especially necklaces.

With all of the different shops and options, it can be overwhelming to know which chain to get.

Continue reading to discover some of the best types of necklace chains, even durable options. Along with tips for keeping your chains clean and damage-free.

1. Flat Mariner Chain

The flat mariner is one of the best types of necklace chains to get.

It can come in several sizes. Depending on your preference, you can often find this chain in sizes up to 5.5 MM. Each piece is in an oval shape that connects through the next piece.

The thinner sizes of this necklace are often preferred by women, while men prefer thicker styles.

Because the chain is interlocked, it is stronger than many options. One advantage is that if your chain breaks and needs repairs, it can easily be fixed by connecting them back together.

2. Bead Chain

The bead (or ball) chain is another popular option for regular use.

It is composed of round beads that all like together and can come in various sizes. Depending on the need for your chain, you can purchase options with closer ball widths or further apart.

Some of the most common things that bead chains are used for are dog tags and unique accessories or pendants. Unfortunately, if you are not careful and bend the chain it will break.

Bead chains are a perfect style for younger children. They are an affordable option and can handle day- to- day wear.

Always keep your jewelry in a safe place to prevent damage.

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3. Cable Chain

The cable chain is an excellent choice if you want to wear a pendant.

These are one of the most basic types of chains and they look a lot like iron chains. Cable chains are perfect for small and delicate jewelry because of its functional oval links.

Some shops offer flattened and textured chains, these are unlike the standard round style. Most people wear these chains with something on it, otherwise, the chain is not that impressive.

Cable chains are easy to repair but be careful that the links are all closed so that they don’t come apart unexpectedly.

4. Figaro Chain

Similar to the cable chain is the Figaro chain.

The Figaro chain is more formal than a cable chain and still maintains a simple style. The links are all interconnected but they have alternating patterns of flattened spots.

Typically, most Figaro chains have a pattern of a long link and then 2-3 shorter links. Both men and females wear this type of chain and the chain is durable.

Unfortunately, if you do break this chain, you won’t be able to quickly connect it back together. The cable chain necklace can be linked at broken spots but the Figaro chain’s pattern will become disrupted if a link goes missing.

5. Rope Chain

Looking for a delicate and fancy chain to match your beauty?

The rope chain is one of the most luxurious styles and resembles a rope. The chain is made up of metal segments connected. The way that the metal forms make this chain look like it is even twisting like a rope!

These necklace chains are perfect for any formal occasion and are durable enough to not be concerned about breaking it.

Larger pendants can be put on these chains with ease otherwise you can wear the chain by itself.

6. Singapore Chain

Singapore is known for many things. Besides having a clean environment and beautiful gardens, it has also influenced the jewelry industry.

The Singapore chain is a durable style that won’t easily break. The chain consists of segments that are interlocked, offering more detail than most other styles.

The chain has a twisted look and is beautiful with both gold and silver. Pendants are a perfect match for these necklaces or you can go without to keep it simple. This style of chain is preferred for daily use.

This unique necklace chain offers a textured look without a difficult design. It can help complete any dynamic outfit that needs a focal point.

7. Snake Chain

Looking for a unique chain that is sleek and flexible?

The snake chain is unlike other chains and connected by tightly connected bands that form a smooth texture. The feel and look of the chain resemble that of a snake, which is where it got its name from.

Because the bands are connected so close to each other you cannot see the linked areas. This chain is unlike any other chain mentioned and offers a unique look.

Many people don’t realize but you can put pendants on this chain. It is important to be careful, however, this chain is more fragile than some. With the close bands, you don’t have to worry about hair getting tangled in the necklace.

These necklace chains can be frequently worn but require cleaning.

If you do not properly take care of and clean snake chains they will begin separating. Many people notice their hair getting pulled when this starts to happen.

Thicker Types of Necklace Chains

Delicate chains are often beautiful and can complement a nice outfit, but what about when you want a durable chain?

A puffed mariner chain necklace is an excellent option that is both stylish and durable.

Puffed mariner chains are much thicker durable when compared to the flat mariner chain. Look for wholesale sterling silver chains that are inspired by the nautical world like this style.

Similar to the flat mariner chain, the puffed option is also composed of interlocked ovals. If you are purchasing a necklace for a male, the puffed chain is one of the most popular choices.

The box chain is another favorite among men due to its durability. The box chain is exactly what it sounds like, a chain with interwoven square links that provide a smooth feel and look. Women also like this style chain, especially in thinner options.

If your box chain breaks, which they don’t easily do, it is easy to fix. The chain can even be reattached without the broken link.

Wear It but Not Down

You should be able to wear your favorite chains and necklaces without wearing them down quickly.

Long-term wear typically leads to fading and damage. Fortunately, you can help avoid this by taking certain measures to preserve your jewelry.

It is important to always store your jewelry in a dry and clean area, free of dust. This will prevent dirt from building up and accumulating on the chain. You should also remove jewelry before going to bed each night, this can help prevent getting kinks in delicate chains.

Scented perfumes, colognes, and lotions also damage your necklace chains over time. The chemicals can react to the metal and leave a film over your shiny jewelry.

Try to not wear the same jewelry every day. Most necklace chains are not meant to be worn every day. If it’s been a while since you took yours off, it may be time to get it cleaned and polished back up.

Not only is your jewelry exposed to chemicals from perfumes every day, but it is also exposed to air pollution and tarnish.

You should also avoid getting chains knotted up and caught together. If you notice that there is a kink in the chain, take it to a professional for a quick fix.

Make a Statement with Your Chain

There are many types of necklace chains to choose from.

Depending on your lifestyle, preferred metal, and size, you can find the perfect chain for yourself.

The mariner chain is an interesting option for necklaces and comes in a large variety of styles. You can get thicker, puffed chains that are durable and chunky. You can also get flat mariner chains that are delicate and perfect for holding pendants on.

The snake chain is slightly more fragile than other styles but offers a unique look. Don’t be afraid to try out the rope or Singapore chains. These chains are beautifully made and quite strong for their delicacy.

Jewelry can become expensive, so you must take measures to preserve your chains.

Don’t leave jewelry in humid areas. They require dry air and to be protected from dirt. Washing your chains can help preserve the shine and prevent damage. If you see a broken piece on your chain you should take it off and get it fixed.

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