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How to Make Jewelry: 8 Tips to Get You Started

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Learning how to make jewelry is a great new hobby to complement your keen taste in fashion. Here are eight key tips to help you get started.

How would you like to start a new hobby that you can wear and show off?

Jewelry making is the perfect fit for you. About 24% of households in the United States made their own jewelry in 2017. The DIY trend is going to grow as people are trying to find more creative ways to give gifts in more meaningful ways.

It can be intimidating to learn something completely new. How can you get started making your own jewelry?

Read on learn how to make jewelry and find out how you can turn it into a business down the road.

1. Start with the Type of Jewelry

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself if there’s a particular type of jewelry that you want to make. Maybe you want to start making earrings because you know that you want to wear one-of-a-kind creations.

When you first learn how to make jewelry, it’s best to learn and master one type of jewelry and then move on to something else.

For example, you can learn how to make earrings and then move on to bracelets.

2. Learn as Much as You Can

When you’re starting a new hobby, you’re going to want to learn as much as you can. There are plenty of resources to help you get started.

What do you need to learn about jewelry making? You want to learn about the terminology, skills, and techniques, and check out product reviews.

Where should you begin? You can start by watching free resources that are on YouTube. You want to have a critical mind when you watch these videos. Not all video bloggers are experts and there are plenty of them that will promote products for affiliate commissions.

You may find that the more you learn from others, there are some resources and channels that you can rely on for good information. You may find that others aren’t as accurate or as knowledgeable.

Other resources may be found at your local library or there may be classes in your area. You can also check out Bluprint, which offers online classes for a small fee.

3. Apply What You Learn

As you start making jewelry, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with information. The best way to combat that is to apply what you learn in a methodical way.

You can take one aspect of jewelry making, such as color, and apply that on your next few projects. Then, pick another subject to apply.

4. Invest in Good Tools

You’ll need tools to make jewelry. What you need will depend on the type of jewelry you want to make first.

Take your time when investing in tools. It helps to be patient and build your collection slowly as you learn.

You also want to be mindful of your budget and get quality tools. When you’re starting out, you might just see yourself as a hobbyist at first.

With that mindset, it’s easy to opt to get cheap tools that won’t last. Get tools that you can grow into and you can use for years to come.

5. Get Supplies and Raw Materials

You’ll need to have a steady supply of materials to work with so you can create your jewelry. As you learn about the jewelry that you want to make, you’ll discover what you need and why.

For example, if you want to make necklaces, you’ll want to get wholesale silver pendants because of the style that you want to create.

6. Create Your Own Workspace

It doesn’t matter what kind of hobby you have, you need to have a place to do it. A jewelry workspace that is just for your craft will help you stay organized.

With that dedicated space, you can create a system for your crafts and supplies. The more organized you can be about it, the more fun it is.

7. Turn to Masters for Inspiration

Who are the jewelry makers that you admire most? What is it about Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and Cartier?

Look online at their creations and try to see what makes those products so special. Look at the different styles that they use and ask yourself what you can apply in your work.

8. Make a Running List of Projects

Organization is the key to truly enjoy making jewelry. There are a ton of small pieces and projects to keep track of.

Part of your organization plan should include a running list of projects that you want to work on. You can put it all down on a spreadsheet and keep track of upcoming holidays and birthdays and the gift you want to make.

Turn Jewelry Making into a Business

Once you make jewelry and understand the craft, you might get a lot of positive feedback. That feedback might be enough to convince you to start your own business.

How can you get started with your own business? You’ll want to start off with a business plan. This is a detailed document

This is important to do because it will get you out of the mindset of a hobbyist and into the mindset of a business person. You’ll look at things differently and more strategically.

For example, one of the decisions you’ll make is where you sell your products. Will you have a retail location or sell exclusively online? Maybe you have a hybrid business where you sell at fairs and craft shows and online.

Marketing your business is something that you have to consider, too. You’ll have to learn ways to let people know about your work and price it accordingly.

How to Make Jewelry That People Love

Learning how to make jewelry does take patience. If you approach it with a beginner’s mind and absorb as much information as you can, the more fun it will be.

You don’t want to have any expectations early on, other than to learn and have fun. As you learn and grow, you can consider turning your hobby into a business.

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