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Breaking down the Entrepreneurial Brick Wall

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If you are considering saying goodbye to your full time job, excellent career prospects, decent wage, and office colleagues, then the chances are that you’ll need something new to help you earn a living. Yes, you could hot foot it to the job adverts, but what about considering an alternative career path? Set up your own business and look into following a passion with an aim to earning a living from what you love. While this might seem a little cliched, doing what you love can help you to achieve the perfect work life balance.

For many, the idea of turning their entrepreneurial dream into a reality never happens because they are stuck behind a brick wall. They know that they want to branch out on their own but they have no idea what sector to launch their startup in. If you are struggling to work out what you can do as a self employed individual, read on to find out how you can break down the entrepreneurial brick wall.

Make a list of your strengths, your loves, your hates and your dreams. Try and create a thought shower. By writing down your ideas, you should be able to work out the different sorts of business options that you could pursue. For some, taking their network of contacts from their previous career and morphing it into a startup venture is enough. However, for others, following an entirely new and more creative career path is vital.


Many people like to think of themselves as a bit of a whizz in the kitchen. However, only a select few have what it takes to create gastronomic masterpieces that are worthy of selling to the masses. If you adore baking cakes, and you are vegan, why not think about morphing these two attributes into a niche vegan bakery. Veganism is taking off across the world, not solely from an ethical stance, but also because of health issues and dietary intolerances.

You could choose to set up a static high street shop, or perhaps you’d rather be more flexible. Consider testing the waters with some catering or street food festival events. Signing up to attend a local fete and selling your culinary creations can be a great way to get feedback on your muffins, traybakes and cupcakes. Then, you could consider becoming more official, setting up a company name, honing your brand, setting up a website and obtaining relevant regulation from your local authority and food hygiene board. If you adore baking, why not make a living making cakes?


If you love nothing more than hitting the gym or working on your nutrition plans, consider helping others to do the same thing. You may have to attend college to obtain some qualifications, but you might want to spend your days working with others to help them achieve peak fitness or lose weight. Personal trainers can work flexible hours and charge a handsome hourly rate if they achieve results with their clients. You might want to extend your personal training venture into a weight loss workshop with diet advice and plans for those who need support. Lots of people are keen to lose weight but lack the knowledge or motivation to do so. While your desk job might pay well, you could relinquish this in return for helping others through your experience, knowledge and attitude to good health.

Get online and sign up to Instagram. This is the social media holy grail for influencers. If you start designing meal plans, put a free one up on Instagram. Encourage people to follow your diet and fitness exercises. As people begin to see results, they will tell their pals. Your following will increase and you can start to branch out into charging for your nutritional and fitness advice. The market is saturated, but if you’re good at what you do, you’ll be able to compete with the already established fitness entrepreneurs.

You might want to branch out and look into supplement manufacturers to help hone a nutritional additive that you might want to bring to market. If you know a superfood that works for you, why not try and make it into a brand? Plenty of people have ideas for these sorts of supplements and yet they never take them to testing facilities or conduct trials. The process may take time, but it can be a lucrative way of making money in the long run if your supplement becomes FDA approved and can be scientifically proven to work.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. However, launching your startup is half the battle. Use these ideas to inspire your foray into the world of startup ventures.

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