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Purple Tie Guys Acquires Doc Local, an Seo Service for the Medical Industry

Doc Local offers the best SEO services for medical professionals who want to increase their search engine rankings and tackle the local market. Purple Tie Guys have acquired Doc Local and will be launching the new service on December 1, 2022.


United States, October 20, 2022 – Purple Tie Guys has acquired SEO agency Doc Local and will launch the new service on December 1, 2022. Doc Local is one of the foremost SEO agencies that provides Marketing for doctors and is set to offer more great options with the new launch.

While doctors and other medical professionals work hard to offer the best service to their patients, they often have difficulty getting the word out there. It’s even tougher when they aren’t the only clinic or practice in town. This is where Local SEO for Doctors is needed.

With local SEO, a medical practice will have a better chance of standing out among search engine results. They’ll especially stand out among their local competition. Such local SEO strategies include search engine listings such as Google My Business and Bing listings. It also includes content creation, keyword research, and website optimization.

Another service is Pay Per Click for doctors which helps build traffic to the doctor’s website. For every click the website link receives, the doctor pays a fee. It carries low-risk as the doctor doesn’t have to pay if they don’t receive clicks. However, with Purple Tie Guys behind Doc Local, one can ensure that more clicks will ensue.

Doc Local representative Robert Martin stated: “Doc Local has done a fine job at helping doctors and their practices dominate search results. Now, with Purple Tie Guys behind Doc Local, they are certain we’ll 10x these results for all our clients, old and new. Local SEO is a challenge but with Doc Local behind you, you can focus on your practice while they focus on your traffic.”

The new website is being renovated, as is the new service. On December 1, 2022, the new Doc Local will launch and they’ll be helping current clients as well as onboarding new ones.

Now under Purple Tie Guys, Doc Local will continue to help medical professionals stand out among their competitors. Whatever your SEO needs are, they’ll help you promote your medical services online so you can become the foremost service in your local market.

They’ve been dedicated to helping doctors dominate the search engines and the local markets and are determined to continue doing this. 2022 will end with a bang for Doc Local and Purple Tie Guys, and they have huge plans for the brand in the coming year as well.

About Doc Local: Doc Local is an SEO agency that offers services to private clinics and physicians who are trying to reach their local market. They use the most popular SEO strategies to help medical professionals reach the top of search engine results pages and stand out from other local competitors.

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Contact Name: Robert Martin
Business Name: Doc Local
Address: 1000 Beltline Rd. SW
Phone: 205-851-1190

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