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Bowling Teams: 9 Tips For Running the Perfect Team

Bowling on a team makes for fun and togetherness with a group of friends.

Managing the team does require time and effort if you want a successful season.

You should approach running a bowling team similar to the way you would approach any other sport.

So, how do you put together a winning team? Keep reading to figure out what you need to know about leading a bowling team.

9 Solid Strikes for Running a Bowling Team

Though you may play on a team just for fun, it makes the game more enjoyable for everybody when everything feels organized and the team bowls well. Keep reading to learn how to be a kingpin team manager.

1. Recruit the Right People

When you decide to start up a bowling team, you need people to join. A bowling team consists of 4-5 players.

Reach out to people you enjoy spending time with and who tend to play well with others. You do not want a group full of drama or uncomfortable silence.

You also do not want flaky people who do not show up, or you will risk forfeits. Ask only reliable people to join your team.

With this said, reliable people, can get sick, plan vacations, and run into emergency situations. So, though 4 players will allow more playtime for each player, a team of 5 makes running short less likely. Your league may allow substitutes, which might make a team of 4 more appealing, so refer back to the league rules.

2. Know the Ropes

Learn about the facility your team ill bowl in. Learn the rules and requirements.

Type them up for your team. The bowling alley makes those rules for good reason.

They accommodate a lot of different personalities during league play and a lot of time and money go into building a bowling alley. You want everybody to respect the venue so it remains a positive experience every week.

3. Stay Organized

Staying organized will keep things running smoothly. It makes the game more fun when you are not stressing about all the other details.

Communication is key in organizing a team. You want everybody in the loop at all times.

Create a Facebook page for your team. This creates a space where people can post bowling tips, post about days they may need a sub, create special events, and more.

Or, you can use a good team chat app. You use these from your mobile phone and they work for your bowling teammates who do not use Facebook often or at all.

You will need to stay on top of a number of other details as well. They include keeping match, team, and individual stats each week, watching for time/day changes and making sure everybody pays.

4. Delegate Tasks

Give each player an important task. This ties in with keeping organized while making everybody feel important.

When choosing people for the job, you can do it in a couple of ways. Either pick teammates with specific skill-sets at the very beginning to do their job all-season or make a rotating schedule for each week, so everybody contributes to everything.

Keeping stats brings a big job for the team. Some leagues simply do not do it for you.

But, even if they do, you probably want to keep your own. This allows you to catch and dispute any discrepancies in the standings.

Collecting money can also make for tedious work. Usually, you take money from each player every week before the start of the game.

Some weeks somebody will forget to bring cash. This means the person in charge needs to keep records and remind them mid-week to bring double the money for play.

You may find a number of tasks to hand out. Whatever task-list you choose for your team, the successful delegation will ensure everything runs smoothly.

To do this, define and outline tasks clearly. Create a chart that shows who does what and when to avoid dropping the ball on something important.

5. Build Team Spirit

Half of the fun comes from team spirit itself! You can cultivate this in many ways.

Winning teams sport an awesome name. Everybody on the team should help come up with something awesome.

Consider matching! A team bowling shirt will make you look like fierce competition!

Encourage your team to cheer each other on. Build as much excitement to drive in wins and make the season exciting.

6. Practice

Try to schedule weekly practices. The few throws before the game warm you up but do not significantly improve your skills.

Try to match schedules for a bowling practice mid-week from game days. Do not overdo it though, or else people will feel sore and possibly even injure themselves.

An hour of practice will keep your team in tip-top shape. It will give you a competitive edge if you play on a just-for-fun league!

7. Stay Positive

Nobody wants to play with a tyrant. So, make sure you act like a leader and keep things positive.

When your teammates do not bowl well, offer support. They will beat themselves up enough, so you jumping on the pile may only make them bowl worse.

When you win, encourage your team to thank the other team and act classy. When you lose, still shake hands, act classy, and learn from any mistakes.

8. Act Accountable for Your Team

You are the team manager. This means that fault falls onto you.

If one teammate acts unruly or makes a nasty comment to the other team, you apologize to the appropriate people. If everybody on your team forgets to clean up, you take on that task after the game.

This may mean arriving early and staying late. When stuff falls on you, simply talk to your team about how that affected you and how to move forward.

9. Strategist with Technique

Pay attention to each team member’s unique style of bowling. Talk together about how that helps your team.

If a player looks lost on how to approach a split, help to talk them through it with helpful bowling techniques. Notice where players need coaching and strategist with them for improvement.

Happy Bowling!

Running a bowling team requires dedication, but it is a rewarding experience that you will appreciate when its all over.

We hope that you enjoy your bowling experience!

Check out bowling news on our website to stay up to date on new facilities and bowling technologies!

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