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Crime Prevention: Real Time Video Monitoring Benefits for Your Business

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In the United States, workplace crime costs businesses $50 billion annually. Majority of crimes, even those committed by your employees, are entirely preventable with the right tools. One effective tool for crime prevention is real-time property monitoring. This is referred to as off-site guarding solution.

Real-time  property monitoring provides you with all the benefits of a physical guard for your business without the risks and liability. 

Do you want to learn more about real-time property monitoring, how it works, and how it can benefit your business? Keep reading these crime prevention tips to see how video monitoring can help your business crime prevention strategies!

Reduce Crime

Using real-time property monitoring services to improve security for business will help you reduce crime and add value to your property. Whether you are frequently dealing with theft or vandalism or if you simply want to prevent these crimes from happening, using alarm monitoring for business can help!

One way that this reduces crime is that you have increased property coverage. Rather than having a physical guard that makes rounds, you will constantly have eyes on every part of your property. Multiplying guard eyes on the property no blind spots will remain.

If someone is trespassing on your property, your off-site guarding company can contact the police. Reporting this suspicious behavior will result in a faster emergency response. In efforts to find ways to reduce crime in your workplace, you should hire a remote guard!

Save Money

Another great benefit of using a remote guard and monitoring service for crime prevention is that it can save you money! If you hire third party on-site security guards, you will likely have to hire several full-time employees and pay for benefits and other costs. 

However, businesses can save at least 50%of your money with remote video monitoring supported off-site guarding.

Plus, you can save money by preventing theft and vandalism. As was mentioned before, crime costs businesses billions of dollars each year. By reducing theft and vandalism on your property, you can save money from lost materials, repairs, legal costs, and more. 

There are many other ways that you can save money with a real-time video monitoring system. For example, you do not have to be tied down to long-term contracts with employees. You will also be more likely to avoid lawsuits, as you will have video evidence to support your business. 

Finally, many businesses are able to save money on their insurance rates with video security systems. This is from you doing your part to prevent vandalism and theft on your property, which means you will beless likely to file an insurance claim. 

Less Human Error

When you hire a single guard to monitor your property, it is almost guaranteed that they will make mistakes. It is natural for employees to need breaks, to get tired, or to simply miss the signs of an intruder. 

Security guards that work long overnight shifts are more likely to drift off or take longer breaks while working leaving several gaps in coverage. This provides a prime opportunity for a criminal to strike. 

However, working with a real-time video monitoring solution will lower the amount of human error. For example, Swissguard will switch shifts every 45 minutes. This means that you will always have a fresh pair of eyes watching over your property in case anything happens! Similar to a guardian angel or parent watching over someone they care deeply about.

Finally, there is always a chance that an onsite guard can be intimidated or threatened by a criminal. Using video cameras which are watched continuously and speakers provide the same level of protection. But, they are not able to be injured or threatened by a criminal. 

With this off site remote monitoring, you will deal with less human error and will be more likely to identify the signs of an intruder before they commit a worse crime. 

Covers Multiple Surveillance Areas 

Not only will you have trained guards watching over your business, but they will be able to provide increased property coverage. Onsite security guards are limited to what they can see as they walk around your building. There will always remain blind spots at the property!

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It can be difficult to identify a criminal on the other side of a large building. Plus, by the time they get over there, it may be too late to prevent the crime from happening. 

However, remote video surveillance can cover multiple areas at once. They can see the point of view of each one of your security cameras at one time.

Faster Police Response

Working with an off-site guarding company will provide you with the ability of having a faster police response time end the event that something happens on your property. While if you were to have onsite guard, they will need to observe and gather more information before calling the police. Utilizing live video surveillance, allows live intel to be given to the police in real-time. This information is what is actually going on now. 

With traditional alarm systems, an intruder may not trip the system, which means that your security system will not automatically notify the authorities. 

To make sure you get help as soon as possible, it is best to work with a live video surveillance company. 

24/7 Surveillance and Real-Time Monitoring

Finally, working with an off-site guarding company provides you with 24/7 surveillance of your property and real-time monitoring. This is beneficial, even if you are not worried about crime on your property. Why wait for something to happen.

This means that you will have remote access to your property, whenever you want. Remote access can make it easier to manage your projects, keep an eye on your employees, and improve your productivity in the workplace. 

Plus, this monitoring is recorded. If there is an incident at work or if you need evidence of criminal activity on your property, you can search through archived video footage from your property to find the tapes. 

If you are looking for a reliable real-time monitoring system, Swissguard can help! Our remote guards will monitor your property 24/7. With shifts rotating every 45 minutes, you will always have fresh eyes watching your property for signs of danger.  

Need Help With Crime Prevention? 

If you need help with crime prevention for business and real-time video monitoring, Swissguard can help! We provide affordable, remote guard services along with real-time monitoring to protect your business. 

Our guards continuously watch your surveillance cameras with no interruptions. Feel free to contact our security experts today to learn more about the benefits of real-time video monitoring and/or to get a free consultation for our services. 

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