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Big Moves: 10 Kitchen Organization Hacks to Free Up Space

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The kitchen is the one spot in every house that gets a lot of activity, so it will inevitably get a bit disorderly. Not to mention, if your kitchen is small, finding the space to store all of your items is a daunting task.

No matter what your dilemma is, an orderly kitchen just feels right. After all, it’s the one area in the house that gets the most attention. Therefore, it deserves a makeover now and again. With that said, check out these kitchen organization hacks below:

Sachet Containers

Do you have a drawer or shelf that’s full of tea bags, seasoning packets, or even restaurant condiments? Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because you no longer have to look at that mess anymore. You can buy some cheap sachet containers to neatly store away all of your packet items.

Also, you can place the containers in the cabinet, the drawers, or even in your refrigerator if you want. Moving forward when it’s time to replace those items, there will be a designated area to put the items.

Canned Food Organizer

Don’t you get annoyed when you have a pantry full of cans and you have to shuffle through to find what you’re looking for? The best way to solve that issue is by using baskets or canned food racks.

It’s one of the most fantastic organizing hacks because it opens so much space with the cabinets, and it helps you find what you need faster. Plus, you can separate the canned goods by brands, by the type of sauce or veggie it is, or by color if you want. It’s all up to you!

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Stackable containers

If you’re looking for easy DIY storage ideas, using stackable storage containers is the way to go. Things can get disorderly when there are multiple bags and boxes in the pantry and cabinets.

However, by using stackable containers it allows you to create more space and create a grab and go system. Make sure you buy the organizers that are open-faced, so that way when you want to get a pack of oatmeal or fruit bars, they’re all right there and easy to grab.

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Declutter Under the Sink

Kitchen organization hacks aren’t just for food items, but for cleaning products as well. Things can get pretty cluttered underneath a sink when there are cleaning solution bottles scattered everywhere. However, you can place file folders underneath the sink to help keep things tidy.

Usually, you would put magazines or documents inside a file folder, but it’s nice to know that it has dual usage. Most of them are decent in size so you could probably put three bottles into one file folder, depending on their size. Just stack the folders under the sink and put everything in its place to make it all pretty and organized.

Once you do that, you’ll never have to worry about bottles falling over each other when you reach for something. You can also use file folders to store your canned goods too.

No Wine Rack? No Problem

Not all kitchens come equipped with a wine rack, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in having a wine stash like the other wine lovers. If you can spare a kitchen drawer, use it to store your bottles.

Lay them down and place the stems of the bottles interchangeably, so that everything fits nice and snug. That way, you don’t have to buy one bottle at a time, and you’ll have plenty when guests come over.

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Pots and Pans

If you’re trying to figure out how to organize a small kitchen, you probably don’t have a lot of storage for pots and pans.

However, by using a pegboard you can easily place cookware on it. Just attach the pegs to the board and hang your colanders, frying pans, or pots in an area that doesn’t take up space.

Fruits and Veggies

Sitting produce bowls on the counter takes up a lot of space, which gets in the way of meal prepping and other cooking essentials. However, one of the best ways to store your produce is to place it in a drawer.

However, don’t just throw it in there. Place separate containers inside so you can section the fruit and veggies together. For instance, put your potatoes in one bin and the onions in another, and whenever you need produce, just grab and go.

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Jars for Dried Goods

Having several bags of balled up rice makes the pantry and cabinets look horrendous. A better way of organizing your dry items is to pour them in clear plastic jars. That way, you can throw away the packaging and also physically see the items you’re looking for. Not to mention, it’ll bring lots of organization to your storage area.

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Storage Bins for the Refrigerator

If your family is all about quick meals, storage hacks for the refrigerator are a necessity. Something as simple dollar store bins can make a world of difference. If you have children, you can place their after-school meals in each container. Place stickers with their names on it, so they’ll know what bin belongs to whom.

Or, you can dedicate each container to a specific meal. For instance, if lunch for the week is sandwiches, place all the items needed for a sandwich inside. That way, it’s super easy to grab everything in one swipe; this hack works well for planning weekly dinners too.

Plus, if you’re teaching your kids independence, it’s a simple way for them to start preparing easy meals for themselves.

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Dish Racks

Dish racks are perfect for organizing your cookware. You can usually find them at any dollar store and they work wonders. Set them underneath your cabinets to bring order to the chaos. You can put baking sheets, lids, muffin tins, and other items in between the spaces of the rack; it works like a charm.

Also, it keeps the dishes from being scattered in the cabinet and helps you find what you need quicker!


Believe it or not, there are many advantages to having a tidy kitchen. Here are just a few:

Helps You Save Money

How many times have you bought something at the grocery store, got home, and realized you already had that product? When you have bags of rice, sugar, and other food items thrown about, it’s easy to lose track of things.

However, if you have everything in a specific place or container, you won’t have to worry about wasting money or food.

Easy Clean-Up

When you have a refrigerator full of items or countertops overflowing with clutter, it makes it hard to clean. Most likely, if you’re wiping down your counters, you probably won’t move everything out of the way, so some areas won’t get properly wiped down.

Not to mention, when things are disorderly, it hinders you from wanting to straighten the kitchen up. Think about it… if you feel like cleaning is going to be a hassle, you might procrastinate in doing it.

Saves Time

Shuffling around looking for a specific pan is a headache. Not to mention, if seasonings or cookware goes missing while you’re preparing for a meal, it slows you down tremendously. It’s also frustrating. But, having things set up to where you can grab and go makes life a lot easier.

You’ll Want to Cook

When your kitchen is neat and organized, it just makes you want to be in it. When your cooking area is clean and orderly, it makes you want to be in there. You’ll feel like you’re neglecting your kitchen if it’s tidy and you never cook in it. Why go down to the fast-food joint when you can enjoy making a meal in your lovely kitchen?

Kitchen Organization Hacks: A New and Improved Kitchen

Hopefully, these kitchen organization hacks help you to get things in order. It goes to show that even when you think you’re doing something efficiently, there’s always a better way to do it. Life gets really busy and most of the time, dealing with clutter just becomes part of the norm. However, even small changes can make a big difference.

With that said, if you’re looking for additional kitchen hacks, check out our inventory. We offer a variety of products to make cooking fun and easy. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support.

We look forward to helping you enhance your kitchen!

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