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5 Advantages of a Garapa Wood Deck

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Building a new deck as part of your house can be a huge step. You want to make sure you do it correctly and that you use the best supplies available.

Part of this comes down to choosing the type of material you want your deck to be made of.

There are so many different types of woods, as well as inorganic materials, that you can choose from that it may seem difficult to narrow down your options. Are you struggling to find the best material for your new deck?

If you are having a hard time, it is worth checking out garapa wood. Garapa wood is a wonderful option for a deck, but is it the best choice for you?

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of choosing garapa wood and why it may be the perfect match for your upcoming project.

What is Garapa Wood?

Garapa wood is a type of wood that comes from South America. It is mainly harvested in the Brazilian rainforest.

It is yielded using low-impact, sustainable forestry techniques. This makes it an eco-friendly option.

There are a lot of different names for this type of wood, including Brazilian Ash.

Garapa wood is closely related to ipe wood, but it tends to be lighter in color and has less variation in grain. It still looks like a tropical hardwood, however, which makes it a great option for a deck.

5 Advantages of a Garapa Wood Deck

Any type of wood you choose for your deck will have some benefits, but do you know why you may want to go with garapa wood?

If you haven’t heard of this type of wood before or are unsure of how it differs from other options, here are 5 advantages that you may want to be aware of before you make your choice.

1. Stability and Durability

A huge reason to choose garapa wood is because of how durable it is. Just like other tropical hardwoods, garapa is dense and this means that it is hard to break.

You won’t even need to use a sealer to make it more durable, although you may wish to if you want to preserve the color.

Garapa wood is stable in that it is resistant to rot and pest damage. The grain in this wood is extremely tight, which means that contaminants have a hard time getting through. Because of this, garapa wood can last for at least a couple of decades if it is cared for properly.

2. Low Cost

Whenever you are looking at hardwoods for your deck, you will realize that the price can go quite high. Garapa wood is a great option if you are price-conscious, but still want to have something that looks extremely high-end.

While garapa wood is more expensive than mahogany or cedar woods, it has benefits that those types of woods do not.

For 5/4 x 6 pre-grooved garapa wood at lengths between 6′ and 16′, it costs $3.30 per linear foot.

If you compare that to ipe wood at the same size, it is $2.46 per linear foot less expensive to buy garapa wood.

3. Density

Often, the decks that people build will have to be refinished periodically for maintenance. This is especially true for any deck that is not built from a type of hardwood.

This can easily be a hassle because it means that the deck has to be sanded, stained, and resealed each time. Garapa wood requires much less maintenance and, with minimal effort, will last for years and years.

Because of the density of garapa wood, it doesn’t suffer from wear and tear or absorb dirt and moisture like other wood types.

After it is finished, you won’t have to worry about it anymore for years to come.

4. Versatility and Appearance

You may want a deck that looks like it cost a lot more than it actually did and with garapa wood, you can have exactly that.

Like most tropical woods, the appearance of garapa wood is much more elegant and refined than that of other traditional woods used on decks.

It will give the impression that you care a lot about your home and that you work hard to keep your deck in shape.

Many people like to customize the look of their deck with furniture, decorations, or even an outdoor kitchen. Because of the versatility of this wood, you can dress it up or down as much as you’d like creating the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

5. Color

A great attraction to garapa wood is its beautiful color. Garapa wood has a honey blonde color that is lighter than a lot of other popular deck woods, including ipe wood.

As time goes on, it will start to become more silver if it is not sealed to prevent this from happening. Some people prefer the silver, however, so it is not necessary to seal with a different color if you don’t want to!

This color wood makes the addition of the deck to a home easier on the eyes. Because of the light color, it can blend and mesh with a lot of different styles of homes.

This means that it is a good fit for almost anyone that is concerned with the aesthetic appearance that can be bulky with the wrong type of deck wood.

Is This the Deck Material for You?

Choosing a garapa wood deck has plenty of benefits, as you can see, but it comes down to what you plan to use the deck for.

Because of the life expectancy that you can get with garapa wood, it can be a great investment for years to come if you choose it.

In addition to that, with garapa wood, you’ll get a beautiful color, a fantastic fire rating, and a durable deck that you can enjoy!

If you’re interested in shopping our garapa wood options for building your deck, check out our website and compare pricing today.

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