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Best Fluoride Water Filters

Did you know? A recent study revealed that ‘fluoride exposure during pregnancy’ could harm the development of your baby. The bad news is that the dangers of high consumption of fluoride don’t end there.

In the past decade or so, fluoride has shifted from being a healthy component to becoming a water pollutant. This change came after health experts realized that we don’t need our municipal supplies and tap waters to be laced with fluoride anymore. That’s because most of us are already using fluoride-based products like toothpaste, mouthwash and other healthcare products.

Therefore, the extra exposure to fluoride means that we’re treading towards dangerous territory. From damaged teeth, cancer, to other health conditions, too much fluoride is labeled as unsafe for consumption.

Environmental Work Groups (EWG) and Fluoride Action Network are two such organizations that are petitioning against fluoride contamination in our water supplies.  They suggest that until the federal government takes action against high-levels of fluoride in our water, we should take things in our hands. One way to go about this is to install a proper fluoride water filter for your home.

Now, you’re probably wondering how fluoride got into the water in the first place? Also, what are the risks of using fluoride-filled water daily? We answer all your burning questions in this article. Plus, to help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of top-rated fluoride water filters for your home.

#1 Counter Top

  • Berkey Counter Top Filter

  • 630 Reviews
  • Light-weight, portable, and easily moved around the counter topRemoves 99.9999% of viruses, protozoa, TMHs, drugs and other chemicalsSafe to use, durable and long lasting

    The system has been tested countless times to produce brilliant results

  • The filters are a bit tough to work withNeeds to be broken in properly to ensure filtering correctly

 Check Price Now#1 Pitcher

  • Aquasana The Clean Water Machine

  • 602 Reviews
  • 10 times stronger filtration than other leading filters in the marketFits easily in all fridgesOffers Bluetooth connection to monitor the device and order replacement filters

    Quick filtration process means you have ready to consume water in minutes

  • The pitcher and lids are not dishwasher safeThe capacity is limited to 16 glasses of water

 Check Price Now#1 Under Sink

  • Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Filter

  • 162 Reviews
  • The system can filter up to 600 gallons of water easily!The faucet is durable, hygienic and meets modern interior requirementAlso removes rust, sediment, silt and other forms of debris

    Constructed using an eco friendly and minimal-plastic wastage design

  • Maintenance is required to check for leaksThe under sink area must be kept clean at all times

 Check Price Now#1 Osmosis

  • Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Filter

  • 249 Reviews
  • Removes solids smaller than 1 micron to purify drinking waterIntroduces calcium, potassium and magnesium into purified water to remineralise itReduces over 74 contaminants, metals, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals

    Targets chlorine and ammonia via carbon filtration

  • Bulky system requires spaceTank needs to be maintained and kept clean

 Check Price Now#1 Whole House

  • Aquasana Whole House Filter System

  • 119 Reviews
  • Filters an astounding one million gallon of water and is expected to last a decadeThe UV filter protects against viruses and bacteria from festering and growingMultiple filtration systems provide your whole house with clean water for all needs

    Easy to install and easy to function

  • More expensive than smaller systems but lasts much longer May need professional assistance depending on current plumbing

 Check Price Now#1 for Fridge

  • Culligan Inline Fridge Filter

  • 455 Reviews
  • Long lasting and durable, this system can pump around 3,000 gallons of waterNo cumbersome maintenance requiredFilters out heavy chemicals, metals and chlorine compounds with its 4-filtration systems

    One of the cheapest water filtration systems for homes and offices

  • May run into minor leaking issuesEasy installation nuless your fridge is over 20 years old

 Check Price Now

What Is Fluoride In Drinking Water?

Five decades ago, scientists realized that people that drank fluoridated water were less likely to suffer from dental issues. So they enforced a nationwide campaign to fluorinate the water systems in an attempt to prevent dental cavities and tooth decay. The idea was soon adopted by the many states, and the fluoride levels were modified to meet an optimal level of 0.7 ppm. It’s why 67% of American homes currently have fluorinated water running through their taps. So it’s likely that your drinking water is treated with fluoride.

Water fluoridation might have begun as a noble intervention to minimize tooth problems. However, it’s now become a reason for concern for health and the environment. Thus, many cities are objecting to the fluoridation of their municipal water system.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Harmful additives:  Fluoride water contains chemicals like sodium fluoride, fluorosilicic acid, and sodium fluorosilicate. All of which have since then been labeled as water pollutants by environmental boards.
  • Overexposure: Modern dental products like toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash have fluoride in them. That means we longer need fluoride treated water to protect our teeth.
  • Undetectable Consequences: The general public is unaware of these things. So they are unlikely to control their fluoride consumption until things escalate.

As a consequence, we risk suffering from overconsumption of fluoride due to this passive intervention.

Is fluoride present in well water too?

You’re still at risk from fluoride health effects if your household has access to well water. That’s because soils and bedrocks are composed of many minerals. One of which includes calcium fluoride, that seeps into the water system by dissolving in the well water. This happens whenever the well water comes into contact with the bedrocks present around it. Thus, it’s essential that you take preventive measures to stop drinking fluoridated water.

How Do You Remove Fluoride From Water?

Founded in 1944, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is a US-based organization that was built to improve human health standards in. It does this by regulating the use of food, water, and consumer products to maintain and protect health standards.

For this reason, all commercially produced appliances need to acquire a NSF certification.  The certificate assures consumers that the device is authorized for commercial use. Also that it’s been properly assessed by the authorities and deemed to be safe for food and water consumption.

Every fluoridation products examined by NSF, meet the health effects standards of NSF/ANSI 60.  The administration board ensures that the fluoride water filters don’t contain harmful levels of fluoride, arsenic, or lead contamination. Therefore, whenever you’re purchasing a new water filter system or other kitchen appliances to regulate fluoridated water, make sure that it meets the NSF standards.

By EPA standards government ‘enforceable drinking standard for fluoride is 4.0 mg/L’. That means anything more than this is a warning sign for you. The issue is that we can’t monitor our fluoride consumption rates because it’s present in many things other than fluoride water. Due to this, we need to take other actions to counter the high consumption rate.

The first thing we can do is to request the municipal water committee to send yearly reports of how much fluoride they added to your water. It’s an accurate way to track and detect anomalies in the fluoride concentration. Another option is to install fluoride water filters at your home. The filtration process will enhance the water quality of your household and eradicate fluoride residues from the main supply. So you’ll get access to fluoride-free drinking water at all times. Plus, fluoride won’t enter your system when you wash dishes, clothes, or use tap water for cooking purposes.

The Water Quality Association recommends three ways to treat fluoridated water.

Distillation of Fluoride From Water

Distillers are the simplest protection againstfluoride contamination in water. The process involves separating substances from a mixture by using varying temperatures. The purification occurs when the liquids boil and condense under the shifting temperature.

Although effective, this process isn’t as thorough as modern-day filtration systems. So you should consider it as your last option.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System for Fluoride in Water

 RO systems are the most popularchoice to tackle the fluoridated water situation. The systems are designed to removes minute containments from your water supply with the help of specialized semi-permeable membranes.

It’s a feasible option for households because RO systems can be hooked to various parts of the household. This includes under the sink water filters and whole household water filters.

Activated Alumina Adsorption Filters for Fluoride in Water

Activated alumina effectively gets rids of traces of fluoride, arsenic, and other impurities present in drinking water. High-quality filters can change 10ppm fluoride levels to a minimum of 1 ppm. The system leaches the contaminants depending on how long they come in contact with the core alumina filter media.

The good thing is that installing one of these fixtures can regulate your fluoride consumption. Most of them improve water quality by eradicating other harmful chemicals, sediments, and other impurities in your main supply. Thus, these water filters give you free access to fresh, clean, and healthy drinking water.

It’s important to note that boiling fluoridated water or substituting tap water for drinking water isn’t a solution. It’s because boiling water doesn’t have any effect on the fluoride levels. Similarly, bottled water is often mineralized during the treatment process. That means it might contain traces of fluoride too.

Why Is It Necessary to Filter Out Fluoride?

As explained earlier, fluoridated water is no longer essential for the modern public.  Not only do we have access to fluoride-based dental care products to meet our daily requirements, but its extra fluoride is harming our environment too.

Continuous exposure to high levels of fluoride can have alarming results.

Let’s have a look at some fluoride health effects:

Dental Fluorosis from Fluoride Water

Prolong ingestion of fluoride leads to problems in the formation of a child’s enamel. The toxic levels of fluoride start harming the protective coating by disfiguring its superficial layer. This, in turn, harms the gums and makes the teeth vulnerable to other dental problems.

How to spot dental fluorosis?

Here are a few fairly common indicators of this dental disorder:

  • Discoloration of teeth that ranges from dark brown to yellow stains
  • Distorted pits that form in  the tooth enamel
  • Permanent damage on the surface of your teeth in the form of pits

Brittle Bones from Fluoride Water

A few years back science discovered that our bones were also affected by ‘excessive systemic exposure to fluorides’.  The bone disorder was dubbed as skeletal fluorosis because it bore the same markings as the dental issue caused by fluoride.

Like the previous disease, the skeletal bones were damaged when they frequently came in contact with fluoride compounds.

The symptoms include:

  • A decrease in the elasticity and flexibility of your joints
  • Bones started becoming brittle and prone to fracture upon slight contact
  • Hardened bones increase the risk of mobility issues in the consumers
  • Severe inflammation and pain in the affected areas

Apart from this, studies show that mice that were injected with diluted fluoride would be ‘susceptible of cancer’.  The bone cancer from fluoride is called osteosarcoma that typically causes problems in the skeletal development of growing boys.

Cognitive Impairment from Fluoride Water

The biggest shock during our fluoride investigation was that it inhibited the cognitive development of babies during pregnancy. As quoted before, research conducted on pregnant participants revealed that 1 extra mg of fluoride per day could cause an approximate 3.66-point IQ drop in the newborn boys. So by this rate, excessive consumption of fluoride during the woman’s gestation period can result in intellectually challenged babies.

Furthermore, it’s safe to presume that infants who ingest fluoridated water regularly are at risk of facing cognitive impairment. That’s because their bodies are still developing in the early months and are sure to get affected by direct contact with water.

Therefore, you must minimize your fluoride intake during pregnancy and prevent your baby from coming into contact with it.

What’s more?

Since fluoride consumption rates are unregulated, we don’t know how badly it damages our internal system. Some health experts note that the ingestion of extra fluoride compounds can aggravate the stomach. This leads to gastrointestinal issues like stomach aches, nausea, and vomiting.

Apart from this, gallons of fluoridated water get flushed down and merge with the ocean/seawater. This may indirectly cause problems for marine life as the fluoride levels increase in the environment over the years. On the whole, the slightest increase in fluoride consumption can lead to multiple health problems. Thus, you must take preventive measures to eliminate fluoride from your water. It’s the only way to regulate your consumption and keep your family safe and healthy.

Recommended Fluoride Water Filters

Now that you’re aware of the dangers fluoridated water poses to your health, it’s time to be proactive and invest in a water filter that will remove contaminants and compounds alike.

Water filters for fluoride don’t only remove fluoride. They remove its derivatives and other compounds that are similar to it and bind with it too. An added advantage of using water filters is that besides eradicating sources of fluoride, they also cleanse water from other impurities like bacteria, pathogens, viruses, metals and other harmful compounds.

In other words, water filters are lifesavers!

Best Counter Top Fluoride Water Filter

Crown Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

The filter utilizes the power of gravity to purify contaminated water. So when the dirty water enters the system it gushes down to the lower chamber due to extreme water pressure created by the system’s design. The bottom chamber collects the clean water as the impurities get trapped inside the middle chamber that’s attached with multiple filters.

The simplistic design is highly efficient and easy-to-use. The best part is that you don’t require any tools or electrical connections to install this device. This means you won’t have to worry about increasing your electricity bill by installing this device. Nor will you have to change the system when you move from one residence to another.

Another advantage is its sufficient storage capacity that handles 3.25 gallons of water per day. It’s an ideal fit for a large household. Plus, the economical cost and non-corrosive stainless steel construction are a bonus benefit.

The only setback is that the replacement parts come with a hefty price tag. Adding to this is the difficulty in cleaning the filters due to its unique filtration process. So make sure to include the maintenance cost prior to purchase.

The Pros:

  • Stores 3.25 gallons of water, which can accommodate big households with ease
  • Its compact size and easy set up makes it portable for use
  • Highly-efficient purification process removes all traces of fluoride, lead, toxic chemicals and harmful microorganisms.
  • Includes replaceable cartridges and parts that increase the unit’s longevity
  • Works without electricity which helps minimize energy wastage
  • Affordable option that costs less than $400
  • NSF approved

The Cons:

  • Replacement parts and repairs are too costly.
  • Maintaining a gravity-fed water filter can be challenging.

Best Pitcher Fluoride Water Filter

Aquasana The Clean Water Machine

Then look no further than the clean water machine.  Shaped like a jug, this pitcher filter is a must-have essential for nature trails, road trips, and other traveling expeditions. Not only does it remove fluoride from your water, but it manages to eradicate other harmful anomalies too. With a 99% success rate, you can expect to get fresh and clean water every single time.

How does it work? The pitcher comes with heavy duty carbon filters that remove water impurities. It’s designed to accommodate over 1 gallon of water in a single cycle. We feel that this is an ideal investment for bachelors and college kids who live in dorms.  That’s because it’s affordable, easy to use, and won’t require immediate repairs.

On the contrary, these features aren’t adequate for large families during their daily routine. That’s because refilling it repeatedly will be a great hassle. Plus, its short-lived lifetime guarantee (3 months) if also a big turn off for homeowners who’re looking for a permanent water filtration solution.

The Pros:

  • Portable solution to purify tap water on demand
  • Compact size makes it convenient to use
  • Uses ultra-dense carbon filters to remove fluoride and other impurities
  • Kills off germs, cysts, pesticides, and other microorganisms present in your main supply
  • It is power activated so you can simply control its usage
  • Economical investment that includes discounts, free delivery service and other perks
  • The water filter clears all laboratory tests and is NSF certified

The Cons:

  • Too small to cater to large families
  • 3-months long lifetime warranty isn’t feasible for budget-friendly homes

Best Under Counter Fluoride Water Filter

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter

Then you’ll appreciate the clever design and super speedy installation process of this 3-stage Under Counter Water Filter. The system is fitted with three filters that remove up to 77 different impurities from your well water and municipal water supply.

How does it work? The filter comes with a granulated active carbon fluoride filter that removes fluoride, VOC, pesticides, and other additives present in the water. Then the water passes through a catalytic carbon that deals with chlorine impurities. Lastly, the water is cleaned with an ion-exchange process that handles heavy metals like lead and mercury. Adding to this is the micromechanical filters that trap bacteria, cysts, and other germs.

Despite its high-tech specs, you’ll have no problem in setting the system up. The small size makes it easy to manage and the replacement process is simple too. Plus, the compact under sink fluoride water filter is made from eco-friendly parts. That means you get to clean your water and reduce plastic wastage at the same time.

The Pros:

  • Eliminates 15x more containments than most filters
  • Fast filtration system gives fresh water on demand
  • Smart filtration process that includes three ultra-efficient stages
  • Tackles fluoride pollutants, cysts, and other toxic substances from your tap water supply
  • DIY-friendly installation process
  • Comes with additional storage capacity (200 gallons)
  • Simple construction makes it filter replacement feel like a breeze
  • Made from eco-friendly parts with minimum plastic usage
  • NSF certified for all health standards

The Cons:

  • You might face leakage issues which could cause plumbing issues (e.g. seepage)
  • Some users complained about durability issues

Best Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water Filter

Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

As mentioned earlier, reverse osmosis water filters for fluoride are highly-effective. They are the easiest way to get crystal clear water that tastes great and has zero fluoride residues. So if you’re on the lookout for an RO system for fluoridated water then you should choose OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis + Claryum.

Why? This premium quality filtration unit merges the efficiency of reverse osmosis process with high tech features. These special features ensure that every impurity from fluoride to microorganisms like bacteria and viruses are removed.  The best part is that it removes 97% fluoride without demineralizing the water. In other words, your drinking water will contain the good minerals you need to keep you healthy and safe.

The only issue you’ll face is during the installation process as it requires an expert. Besides this, environmentally-conscious families won’t like the fact that the system isn’t water efficient.

The Pros:

  • Ideal under sink fluoride water filter for families big and small
  • Ultra-efficient RO system to purify your dirty tap water
  • It removes 95% of fluoride and adds back lost minerals to improve water quality
  • Regulates a steady water flow without any blockages
  • User-friendly replacement and maintenance process
  • NSF certified fluoride water filter

The Cons:

  • Requires professional installation
  • Water wastage is more than most water filter systems

Best Whole House Fluoride Water Filter System

Aquasana Whole House Filter System

Do you want something that purifies the main supply?

Aquasana caters to your need with its whole house filter for fluoride called Rhino. The study unit is designed to purify 100,000 gallons of water per year. It’s spacious, geared with the best technology, and corrosion-free.  That’s why its high price seems doable when we weigh in all the health benefits it offers to the whole household.

From a salt-free conditioning system, efficient fluoride filtration, to UV filtration, it covers all aspects of modern filtration requirements. The best part is that it takes care of your drinking water and cleaning water in one-go. That means you don’t have to purchase additional filters for the bathrooms and laundry room.

Your only complaint will be that the installation and maintenance will require professional assistance.  However, you’ll see that it will all be worth it in the end.

The Pros:

  • Supplies odorless and tasteless water throughout the house
  • Highly advanced filtration system protects you from fluoride and other water pollutants
  • Superior UV-filter shields you from water-borne diseases
  • Easily hooked up with the main water lines to accommodate the entire household
  • Smart salt-free technology prevents plumbing issues in the main water supply
  • Protects hair and skin along with your health due to its dual technology
  • Durable and hardwearing purchase suitable for long-term use
  • NSF certification meets all health standards

The Cons:

  • The system isn’t user-friendly
  • Time consuming installation process
  • Pricey purchase

Best Inline Refrigerator Fluoride Water Filter

Culligan IC-EZ-4 EZ-Change Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System

Refrigerator filtration systems are trendy and totally in-demand. They ensure that you get freshly cleaned chill water at all times. The inline icemaker and filtration process can be easily installed on your fridge. The compact size ensures that it’s compatible with most home refrigerators. Plus, the efficient filtration process manages to deal with everything from fluoride, lead particles to viruses.

The only drawback is that it has limited use when compared with the other products mentioned in this article.  That’s why you may feel that its pricier than most water filters.

The Pros:

  • EZ filter changes and quick connect fittings make it DIY-friendly
  • Combats 97% water contaminations
  • Eradicates bacteria, cysts, and water-borne viruses
  • Long lasting investment
  • NSF certified for ultimate protection

The Cons:

  • Limited usage
  • Costly purchase compared to other refrigerator fluoride water systems

Conclusion on Chlorine Water Filters

In conclusion, installing a fluoride water system is the best way to counter fluoridated water issues.  The systems ensure that you get fresh, tasty, and purified water at all times. Additionally, the various options mean that you get a unit that meets all your requirements.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your fluoride water filter to keep your family safe and healthy!

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