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Best Candy Thermometer(Reviews 2020) -Benefits of the thermometer when cooking?

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To make delicious cakes, you not only need a precise recipe, you also need more equipment and support tools. One of the tools that you should prepare for your baking job is the thermometer. But to use the thermometer most accurately, you first need to learn how to distinguish it along with the characteristics of each type. If that is what you need to learn, do not skip the article below!

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What is candy thermometer?

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Candy thermometer (sugar thermometer, or jam thermometer) is a cooking thermometer used to measure the temperature of food during cooking.

This is one of the extremely basic baking tools that you need to have when baking or making candy. Candy thermometer is used to measure the temperature of soft liquids such as milk, water, butter or flour. Many baking recipes require the accuracy of temperature of butter, milk, or tempering at any temperature to get a batch of flavored cakes. And candy thermometers are the most necessary solution for you in these situations.

The use of candy thermometer

To get a delicious cake, the temperature of each cake is extremely important, especially for some fried and fried cakes,… we need to accurately measure the temperature of the oil to be able to give out crispy, spongy cakes, without overheat. With candy thermometer you can make cakes and candies for your kids easily.

In baking, the oven thermometer is a popular baking tool and this is also a very important tool in creating baked goods. But many ovens after a period of time, the oven temperature is no longer accurate leading to some results such as uncooked or overheat… To measure the temperature of the oven, some of the pastries or cooking, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the food or the cake. The solution is candy thermometer – this basic baking tool is used to measure the temperature in a cake, or the temperature of grilled chicken, roast, or simply measure the temperature of liquids such as sugar, milk, cooking oil…

It has great effect in cooking sugar, making it easy to cook candy, everyone can do it and the ability to succeed in making candy is 100% to help you feel confident making any kind of cakes and candies.

Why do we need to use a thermometer when cooking?

During the baking process, you needs to use a thermometer to:

– Control the temperature of liquids (sugar, milk …) when it needs to be boiled or before pouring it in with the flour mixture, making sure that the dough will get the texture as desired, not too mushy or dry.

– Measure the temperature of the dough during incubation – make proper adjustments so that the flour has the best thermal conditions.

– Control the temperature during baking – maintain at the right level to get the perfect batch.

2 kinds of dedicated candy thermometers

Currently, candy thermometers have two main types that are often chosen by bakers: electronic candy thermometers with electronic display clocks and thermometers run by a temperature sensor with traditional gauge needles. Electronic candy thermometers are often favored when choosing for baking due to their convenience and accurate display on electronic screens. Most candy thermometers on the market today usually have the largest measurement temperature up to 280 ° C so you can safely use it.

Electronic candy thermometers tend to read temperatures faster and more accurately, and some models have an alarm when the thermometer reaches a certain temperature. Many models have markers for different stages of sugar cooking.

Candy thermometers are quite similar to meat thermometers, but meat thermometers can read higher temperatures (usually 400 ° F / 200 ° C and above).

Top 4 Best Candy Thermometer 2020

#1 Habor Digital Candy Thermometer

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Habor is a brand for all food thermometers. This Habor digital thermometer works extremely fast, just 4-6 seconds at all cooking temperatures, typically a perfect cooking thermometer like meat, liquid, barbecue, BBQ party. With a 4.7-inch probe, it can be said to be the fastest reading thermometer.

  • Product features:

Correct Index: The thermometer supports cooking by watching the temperature of the food – it takes only 4-6 seconds to read the temperature to give you accurate results.

  • Long thermal probe: Although the thermal probe is long but it does not consume too much energy, the 4.7 inches long heat detector can detect the temperature of meat, turkey, chicken, bread, hot water, hot milk, and even bath water.
  • Simple to use: Just plug the probe into the food or liquid to get the temperature. This thermometer is designed with a protective cover for easy carrying or storage. The auto function will turn off within 10 minutes to extend battery life.
  • Easy to clean: Habor digital cooking thermometer is made of stainless steel with high durability, easy to clean. And above all, the transducer is covered with a high-quality, sturdy plastic lid that is not easy to be destroyed.
  • Wide temperature range: The product allows quick reading of temperature with range from -50 ℃ to 300 ℃. Perfect thermometer for indoor use in the kitchen to make candy or can be used outdoors when you have a BBQ party, temperature measurement for fish or vegetables. You can also switch from ℃ to ºF for favorite reading.

Note: The temperature range is from -50 ℃ to 300 ℃, to extend the life of a food thermometer, remove the thermometer when you finish reading the temperature and never place the thermometer long in the high temperature.

  • Weakness:

Although the user rated it highly, this thermometer still has many weaknesses. If you drop this thermometer, be ready to buy a new one instead. Many customers said that after they accidentally dropped the thermometer, it was no longer active, the screen could not display the temperature as before.

#2 ThermoPro TP03A Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer Kitchen Cooking Food Candy Thermometer for Oil Deep Fry BBQ Grill Smoker Thermometer

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ThermoPro is a prestigious brand and owns a series of best seller kitchen products on the market. It can be said that ThermoPro products always bring satisfaction, convenience and quality to customers.

ThermoPro thermometer is an ideal tool for taking temperatures of cooked, re-heated and chilled foods such as milk, fish, soups, stews and cakes. It has a folding probe containing automatic on / off base to save battery power.

Accurate, reliable and robust thermometer bags are provided with a detachable wristband and AAA battery- always ready to work immediately. It combines a clear, easy to read screen, with an accurate read-out of temperature within the range of -58 ° F to 572 ° F.

Simply insert a long probe into your food / liquid so that you can know if the temperature needs to be enough to cook or eat it. The 3.9 inches stainless probe is long enough to keep you from getting hot when measuring. With a very thin needle tip, it can get temperature accurately and quickly.

Despite of the cheap price and positive reviews, ThermoPro TP03A Digital Thermometer still remains some disadvantages. The life expectancy of this food thermometer line is something worth noting. Many customers reflect that after a period of use, the thermometer no longer works well, it is often deviated by 10 ° F from the actual temperature.

#3 Winco Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer with Hanging Ring, 2-Inch by 11-3/4-Inch

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This type of thermometer is dedicated to helping you make cakes, candies as well as measuring the exact temperature for processing other dishes.

The Winco candy thermometer is lightweight but very sturdy, the thermometer does not use batteries or chargers but uses mercury to measure extremely accurate temperatures. Besides, the thermometer bar has good resistance to corrosion and rust when at high temperature.

Winco is a US branded product and has been thoroughly tested for safety as well as health so customers can feel secure to use it, unlike the poor quality products floating in the market.

However, this product of Winco is rated that it can not read over 215° F no matter how long you boil the syrup or something similar. Besides, the clip is also not fastened, dropping the thermometer to the bottom of the pot, cannot give an accurate temperature.

#4 Polder THM-515 Candy/Jelly/Deep Fry Thermometer Stainless Steel

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Continue with a brand from the US – Polder. This is a product that is evaluated quite positively by the brand because of its low cost and convenient use. With 41 years of history, Polder is confident to bring the best products to customers based on their experiences.

With the basic design but full of features of a candy thermometer, this is a suitable product for housewives looking to buy a candy thermometer at a reasonable price for themselves.

Polder THM-515 candy thermometer has a rugged design, made from stainless steel and even can be used with dishwashers. Moreover, this thermometer is also capable of measuring in a wide range of temperature, from – 90°F to 400°F (30°C to 200°C).

However, in order to become the best mercury thermometer on the market, Polder needs to fix the thermometer problem immediately when the temperature changes suddenly.

Many customers are very disappointed when the oil or milk temperature changes suddenly from high to low, but the thermometer does not display the temperature accurately. Some even get stuck at that number while the actual temperature has changed.

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