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The Difficulties of Addiction and Family

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People who struggle with addiction often believe that the addiction only affects them. However, that’s not the case. In fact, addiction affects everyone around them as well. There’s a strong link between addiction and family of which most people are unaware. At Victory Bay, we believe in providing a family therapy program South Jersey residents can count on.

Addiction Affects Everyone

One mistake that people with addiction make is assuming that the disease only hurts them. In fact, it’s one reason why they never seek help. Since they believe that only their lives are at stake, they think that they can do whatever they please. After all, they aren’t hurting anyone else.

In truth, people with addiction hurt the ones they love the most. In most cases, they lie and steal in order to get their next fix. Unfortunately, they typically end up betraying their friends and family members in these ways.

In the end, this causes a breakdown in communication. Family members start to distrust them. When they say that they will change, the family members no longer believe them.

As a result, people with addiction have a lack of support when they actually do decide to recover. Without support, though, they have little to no chance of overcoming addiction. Their chances for recovery are better when they can count on support from loved ones. In order to achieve that, they must rebuild the communication and trust.

Addiction and Family

There’s another link between addiction and family that most people don’t consider. However, this link involves the families creating environments that encourage drug use. There are two major ways that this occurs. Unfortunately, they can’t control one of them.

Firstly, some families encourage drug use within their homes through their actions. Household environments where parents openly abuse drugs in front of their children instill negative these behaviors. Those who grow up in such environments are more likely to abuse drugs as teens and adults.

The second link between addiction and family is genetics. Sadly, some people are simply more likely to abuse drugs than others. Experts believe that family members pass down this trait through the generations.

Just because people have the genes, though, doesn’t mean that they’re born with addiction. It simply means that they’re more likely to develop the disease. They still have to make the decision to use drugs at some point. If they stay away from drugs, they can avoid substance use disorder.

We Can Help You and Your Family Overcome Drug Addiction

At Victory Bay, we believe in providing a family therapy program South Jersey residents can count on. We want to not only help you overcome addiction but also aid your family in getting back on track. This goal requires reopening lines of communication between family members. A few of the programs that we offer include:

Don’t let your family fall victim to addiction. Learn more about the growing link between addiction and family. Contact us right away at 855.259.1624 for additional information and to get treatment.

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