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Best Beds for Small Rooms

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Best Beds for Small Rooms

Explore some of the best space-saving beds for rooms that are not roomy.

Your bed is one of the places you spend the biggest chunk of your time, and no doubt it is almost everyone’s favorite place in the world, but how many waking hours do you spend in your bedroom? I’m not talking about laying awake at night, but rather how many hours do you use your bed during the daytime for non-sleeping activities? Maybe a handful of awake hours per week or month? For someone living in a small space, that’s a furniture dead zone that doesn’t make a lot of sense. If every square inch counts in your small space lifestyle, how can you maximize the space being taken up by your bed or guest bed? Ditch the dust bunnies collecting under it, and try out one of these space-saving solutions.

Dakota Murphy Bed - Mid-Century Modern Style

Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed is a win-win solution for space saving. Fold it up when you’re not using it and instantly get back your room, guest room, basement, family area, etc. Win-win because it’s a gorgeous piece of real-wood furniture that adds style and dimension to your space, as well. You may also want to consider a horizontally mounted wall bed, depending on your preference. A horizontal Murphy bed can be the perfect answer for a low ceiling area like a loft or attic, and will quickly make use of an underutilized space. For any other needs, try upgrading your Murphy bed to one the following specialty Murphy beds:

Bunk Bed Murphy Bed

When you’re trying to fit in as many sleepers as possible in your home, bunk beds are a great way to go for a kids’ room or singles. But even better are bunk bed Murphy beds. Leave space for relaxing, dining, playing, or anything else you need during the day and then fold out multiple beds for the evening and your space crisis is solved.

Bookcase Murphy Bed

Upgrade a great space-saving solution to an even more appealing one. A bookcase Murphy bed allows you to have the look of a beautiful and grand shelf unit while concealing a Murphy bed inside. With this option, you can store and display books, decor, and meaningful items to create the look you want while preserving all the function of a bed room. For a bed you’d like to leave down quite often, you may like bi-fold bookcase doors which allow for many items to still be on display while the bed is open.

Scape Murphy Desk Bed Lifestyle

Desk Murphy Bed

The king of space saving solutions: the Murphy desk bed. It’s a two for one solution that makes your small space work extra hard. Many small space dwellers don’t have the luxury of having a home office or guest room, let alone both, and a desk bed creates a combo that exists in one space. The Wilding Wallbeds desk bed works in such a way that your desk gently floats below the bed when it’s opened, remaining level and undisturbed the whole time, and then easily comes back into place when the bed is closed. It can also come equipped with built-in outlets, USB ports and overhead lighting for optimum function. Voila: a workspace and sleep space all contained within just a few square feet.

Side cabinets

To add even more functionality to your space, consider adding a side cabinet or two. Cabinets that flank your bed and are designed with your specific needs in mind will blend right into your wall bed for a seamless, builtin look. Side cabinets can add a whole lot of extra storage for a small space, and are perfect especially in a room lacking a closet. Will you choose large open shelving cabinets, large wardrobe doors, drawers, or file cabinets? Customize the arrangement however you like and instantly upgrade the form and function of your space.

If you’re short on space, know that you’re not short on options for maximizing your home’s look and function. Murphy beds are the perfect solution for making the most of your space, especially when they are customizable to your exact needs and style. Various colors, styles, and materials and extra functions and features are available to create exactly what you’re looking for. Contact Wilding Wallbeds today to find the Murphy bed that works for you and get your space back in a beautiful way.

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