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Behind the Cardboard Sign: 5 Effects of Homelessness You Can’t See

The modern world is full of wealth, astounding resources, and technological advances like never before. And yet, homelessness still exists. In fact, in most cities around the world, you can see people struggling everywhere you look.

This is a heartbreaking sight. Even with the prosperity that many people enjoy, many more struggle daily to find adequate food and shelter.

And while being homeless might seem avoidable, the problem goes deep. The effects of homelessness are not limited to being hungry or staying warm. This article takes a look at the impact of issues such as homelessness and mental illness.

Keep reading to learn some facts that will open your eyes to the inner devastation experienced by many of those who live on the street.

1. Respiratory Illness

One of the biggest issues the homeless face is constant exposure to the elements. Life on the street can be brutal, especially during extreme conditions. This exposure often leads to a variety of health problems and illnesses, including respiratory illness.

Respiratory issues can include bronchitis, pulmonary disease, emphysema, and other diseases that make it extremely difficult to breathe. And without proper medical care, this type of illness can lead to more significant medical problems and even death.

2. Mental Health Issues

Mental health is another issue that many homeless suffer from. Often times, various forms of mental issues are the reason individuals find themselves homeless or cannot leave homelessness, to begin with.

This is because they have mental disorders that make living independently nearly impossible. This has a huge impact on one’s ability to have a job and afford living expenses that would keep them off the street.

Mental illness makes it difficult to cope, and most people with these serious conditions cannot afford proper help, thus the problem continues untreated.

3. Dental Issues

Homelessness has a serious impact on one’s oral health. Many people who find themselves on the street have not seen a dentist on a regular basis, and may fail to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

People who are homeless cannot access dental services easily, and as a result, can face serious dental issues. If these problems go untreated, it can lead to severe infections and chronic pain.

4. Poor Nutrition

Hunger and poor nutrition also impact the homeless more than most other people. This is typically caused by a general lack of food. Living on the streets prevents them from exposure to a healthy diet. Thus, they end up not getting the vitamins and good nutrition their bodies need to fight off potential illness or the energy to prevent fatigue and weakness.

5. Unintentional Injuries 

Unintentional injuries such as cuts, burns, and bruises are common among the homeless due to a lack of adequate shelter. When left untreated, these injuries can become infected, placing them in need of emergency care that isn’t available to the homeless.

An Eye-Opening Look at the Effects of Homelessness

It’s hard to ignore the fact that millions of people around the world lack the basic necessities of life. The effects of homelessness can easily rob a person of the will to live. Hopefully, the facts contained in this article can shine some light on the problem and inspire compassion and action to help those in need.

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