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Vacation Rentals for Large Families

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If you’re tasked with selecting the perfect location for a large family vacation rental or reunion site, you may feel yourself despairing a little bit at the thought of choosing a rental that meets a wide variety of needs. And anyone who has attempted that search knows that there are a limited number of facilities that can truly accommodate large groups.

The good news is that these places are out there. In fact, there are perfect vacation rentals for large families available right here in North Georgia – and situated with beautiful views and all the amenities one could want for a group getaway.

So, when you are looking for these kinds of sites, what exactly is it you want from them?

In no particular order, you basically want a place that offers:

  • Fun for all ages – If a house or property has something for the adults but not the kids (or vice-versa), you can guarantee a poor experience. If someone isn’t happy, likely none of you will be happy.
  • Plenty of space – As much as you want to spend time with family, it’s also nice to have the opportunity to get away from each other from time to time. Therefore, you want a place that offers enough elbow room that you’re not all piled on top of each other – or worse sharing beds. There’s nothing that seals a bad vacation like a lack of sleep. And if you’re not comfortable at nighttime, you might as well pack up and go home.
  • Ideal cooking/eating setup – Juggling eating arrangements can be just as much of a hassle as sleeping arrangements. When you have a large group of folks together – family or complete strangers – you’re assured there will be different tastes. That’s why it’s ideal to select a property with a large kitchen – one that afford you a wide range of cooking options. It’s also a good idea to be near somewhere with multiple food delivery choices, so that you’re not limited to pizza.
  • On-site entertainment options – This somewhat goes hand-in-hand with fun for all ages, but there are some rental homes that stand out by offering unique and incredible entertainment choices – such as home theaters or water sports and fishing – as well as nearby access to hiking.
  • Beautiful views – This may seem like a lesser need, but when you’re looking for a great vacation, there is nothing that sets the mood like the scenes you see every day. And if your rental property offers breathtaking vistas, sunsets, or the peace of nature, it will take the time spent there from good to unforgettable.

And that just for starters. Once you narrow down a list of options that includes those things, you’ll probably want to select a site that offers:

  • Easy access – Depending on the size and scope of your family, you may have multiple travelers coming from multiple directions. Therefore, it is ideal to have somewhere that all can easily attain. It’s all well and good to find a huge mountain chalet with breathtaking views – but if members of your family cannot access it because they don’t have four-wheel drive, it hardly sets the stage for a happy start, does it?
  • Some seclusion – While plenty of people draw positive energy from crowded city scenes and the choices those settings offer, a family vacation should offer the chance for your entire group to get away and focus on each other. Good luck doing that amongst the hustle and bustle (read distractions) of a city or busy neighborhood. That’s why it’s best to choose a rental home or property that allows you to get away from things and just be – together.
  • Reasonable cost – All things are relative but isn’t every single one of us looking for a vacation that won’t break the bank? And while large rentals aren’t cheap, there are ones that offer more value for money. Therefore, you should search for somewhere that offers reasonable rates for the amenities offered. The money that you save on this trip can be put toward your next big get together.

So, what kind of a property fits all those criteria? Well, you could do loads of searching through a wide range of apps and reviews. Or you could just save time and take a look at The Ark on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Ga.

The Ark offers everything mentioned above, as well as convenience – featuring an easy drive to or from Atlanta that is accessible by Interstate I-985 or Georgia Highway 400.

Perched on the shores of scenic Lake Lanier, the Ark boasts 14 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms – allowing it sleep and easily accommodate 45 guests over its 12,000 square feet property. That’s enough space for even the largest families – so big it could easily host a family reunion of just about any size.

Looking for relaxation or amenities? The Ark comes complete with a hot tub, pool, full size lighted volleyball court, home theater, huge fire pit, billiards, table tennis, and a large, covered porch that has plenty of comfortable seating. And because it’s on the lake, there’s also a double dock to for boats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddle boards – as well as plenty of parking for your vehicles.

The Ark also features an expansive kitchen with a professional chef that can be hired to supply all your dining needs. It’s also close to a wide range of wonderful restaurants and take-out options so that even the pickiest family member can find something they like.

We know how hard it can be to please everyone in the family, and that’s why we have put extra thought into everything we created or added to The Ark – so that your family can get away, relax, and – most importantly – connect with each other.

Learn more about our amenities or contact us at 770-741-2674. The Ark is here to provide you with the absolute pinnacle in family vacation options – no matter your situation or time of year.

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