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Bath Time Safety for Your Infant

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As a new mother, bathing your infant can be a scary task to embark on. You want to make sure that you are always gentle with your baby and it can be hard to do that when cleaning them during bath time. Therefore, to ensure bath time safety for your infant, we mention some valuable tips that will surely help you out as a parent. 

Never Leave Your Baby in the Tub Alone

You should never leave the room with your baby still in the tub. This is one of the most important tips to remember when cleaning your child. Even if it is for a few seconds, leaving your baby unattended in the tub can be very dangerous. You need to make sure you are always watching them to prevent the infant from sliding into a position that is unsafe. An unsafe position can result in the child’s face coming in contact with the water. Anytime a child’s face is too close to the water, they can inhale the water and become vulnerable to an emergency situation. In fact, many drownings of children happen within the very first year of their lives and happen in the tub at home. It is important to remember that infants can drown in water of only one inch depth. In such a case that you must leave the room, use a towel to retrieve your baby and take the child along with you. 

Be Sure that the Plug in the Sink Does Not Poke Your Infant

It is common for parents to bathe their infants in the sink during the early months. A sink makes it easier for you to clean your child and helps prevent too much water from making contact with your baby. While the sink has some benefits, you must be careful that the child does not get poked with the drain plug. This can cause injury and pain to your baby. To avoid this, place a cloth over the plug to make the area softer for your child. By doing so, your child is less likely to be poked in the leg, back or foot by the plug.

Make the Sink Less Slippery for Your Infant

If you decide that you want to bathe your infant in the sink, you should make sure that the sink is not too slippery for your child. A slippery sink could lead to an injury. To ensure the safety of your child during bath time, use a liner that is slip-resistant in the bottom of the sink. If you do not have a liner, you can opt to use a towel in the bottom of your sink. Having a liner or towel down will reduce the slickness of the sink and make bath time much safer for your child.

Find an Infant Tub that Helps Prevent Babies from Sliding into the Water

Eventually, many parents select to bathe their growing infants in an infant tub. When looking for a good tub to wash your child in, be sure to find one with features to help prevent your baby from slipping into the water. Some good features to look for are a sloped surface and a textured lining. It is also worthy of your consideration to look into tubs that come with a sling. Above all, making sure your tub is safe for your child is the first priority. 

Check the Temperature of the Bath Water 

Babies have incredibly sensitive skin. Something that might be warm to an adult may be very hot for a baby. Due to this, the skin of an infant is susceptible to burning quite easily. It is imperative to make sure that the water is not extremely hot when you are giving your infant a bath. The water should be comfortable, so that your hand can remain under the water while it is running. If you are ever in doubt if the temperature of the water is okay for a child, then you can opt to check the temperature of the water with a thermometer. The temperature of the water should never extend beyond 48.89 degrees Celsius.

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