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Arkansas Real Estate Market

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There are a number of things that make Arkansas real estate unique. For one, the state has an extremely low-cost profile, including a median home price of just under $150,000. In fact, owning a home is so attainable in Arkansas that it is almost always cheaper to own than to rent- this is true in many, but not all, states across the country. This is true even in popular cities like Fayetteville, Little Rock, and Springdale.
Real estate in Arkansas can vary depending on where you are, but even the largest cities in the state are more likely to have old-South style homes than high rises and new construction. This is even more true in the rural areas of the state, which are often near the Ozark Mountains. Arkansas real estate in these areas are mostly cabin-like homes and cozy cottages that will make wonderful primary residences and vacation homes alike.
One thing you won’t find in most Arkansas homes for sale is a basement. Areas like Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas are known to have a high concentration of clay in the soil, which can expand and contract as it collects and releases moisture. This would leave any underground rooms prone to mildew, mold, and foundational cracks. Instead, houses in Arkansas real estate will have attics and above-ground storage areas to satisfy your need for extra space.

Schools in Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Education is responsible for overseeing K-12 public education, as well as the state’s higher education institutions and career and technical education. Separate divisions of the department are responsible for each kind of education. When it comes to public primary and secondary education, the state has a total of 288 districts that serve roughly 486,000 students.
If you’re looking for real estate in Arkansas near the state’s best schools, there are a number of districts that stand out as exceptional. Greenbrier Public Schools is often considered the best district in the state, serving about 3,000 students in the small city of Greenbrier and eight surrounding communities. The high school is one of the state’s best, with a graduation rate exceeding 97%.
Other exceptional districts include Benton School District, where every school is accredited by the state, and Greenwood School District, known for its students’ high scores on standardized tests like the ACT.

Colleges in Arkansas

Arkansas real estate has access to over 40 institutions of higher education, which draw in many out-of-state residents each year. The University of Arkansas System accounts for over 50,000 students alone across all programs, including the flagship campus in Fayetteville. The school’s team, the Razorbacks, inspires fierce loyalty throughout the state, and it’s hard to find someone who isn’t rooting for them during college football season. The sport is a way of life in Arkansas, and even those who had no previous relationship with it will find themselves wearing red to root for the school!

Frequently Asked Questions About Arkansas Real Estate

What is the nearest commercial airport in Arkansas?

The state’s two biggest airports are The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock and the Northwest Arkansas National Airport. The state’s only international airport is the Arkansas International Airport, which is located in Blytheville.

What are the must-see attractions and landmarks in Arkansas?

Visitors to Arkansas most often come for its beautiful nature, including Hot Springs National Park. You can also enjoy hundreds of underground waterfalls, caverns, lakes, and the Ozark Mountains for your fill of adventure. It’s even possible to kayak on the world’s longest bayou, Bayou Bartholomew. For the less outdoor-inclined, Arkansas real estate is close to many beautiful museums and landmarks, including the Museum of Native American History, Little Rock Central High School, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, and even America’s most haunted hotel in Eureka Springs.

Which cities in Arkansas have the biggest population?

Little Rock is by far the largest city in Arkansas, with just under 200,000 people who live there. Forth Smith and Fayetteville are the next largest, with about 87,000 residents each.

Is Arkansas weather good all year?

Arkansas is known for fairly moderate temperatures throughout the year. The state gets about 217 sunny days per year and 95 days of precipitation, which comes out to 51 inches of rain and 4 of snow. Different areas of the state can expect different extremes, but the July summer high rarely exceeds 90 degrees in any part of the state, and the January lows are 28 degrees.

What colleges are in Arkansas?

Arkansas is home to 40 colleges and universities, including public and private schools. The largest is the University of Arkansas, whose main campus is in Fayetteville but has locations throughout the state to sustain its 100 undergraduate and 100 master’s programs. The system is also home to the Razorbacks, the largest college football team in the state. Another large school is Arkansas State University, which has a main campus in Jonesboro but is known for its expansive online learning programs.

Living in Arkansas

Weather in Arkansas

In many ways, Arkansas can be described as the best of many worlds. This starts with the weather. Different areas of the state have different extremes, but Arkansas has four distinct seasons and the ability to enjoy each. The further north you travel, the colder it gets- Northern Arkansas is likely to see occasional snowfall in the winter, while this is rare in the rest of the state. The state has overall moderate temperatures, with highs at not quite 90 in the summer and lows in the 30s during winter.

Things to do in Arkansas

Perhaps more than in other states, the weather in Arkansas is critical because residents spend so much time outdoors. Whether it’s spending time in the lake, hiking through a forest, exploring caves underground, or enjoying the spectacular mountain views, Arkansas is full of natural beauty. The water is especially important to Arkansas residents, with fishing a favorite pastime in the state. Arkansas real estate has access to a huge number of natural hot springs to visit and a total of 600,000 acres of lakes to boat, tube, and canoe throughout the year. The Natural State is unique in that it boasts a huge variety of geographies and terrains. Along with the lakes, the state also has a variety of mountains and bluffs, caverns, and hiking trails.
More urban areas of the state also offer a charm of their own. While it’s contentious to call Arkansas a southern state, it is full of classic Southern hospitality, and almost every visitor remarks on the kindness of locals. Don’t be surprised if you’re called “ma’am” or “sir” often, and expect to be invited to a lot of neighborhood barbeques when you move!

Food in Arkansas

Speaking of barbeques, Arkansas also has the Southern spirit when it comes to food. Barbeque is a delicacy, from the most famous restaurants to small roadside stands. You may also be surprised to find tamales throughout the state that are some of the best in the country! To go with your meal, you’ll also find a thriving craft beer scene in Arkansas.

Higher Education in Arkansas

Before you assume Arkansas is all sleepy towns and nature trails, remember that it has a uniquely high density of colleges, which means college cities and towns. Areas like Little Rock, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Fort Smith, and Springdale are all home to many students, which means they have surprisingly vibrant nightlife. These areas are packed full of bars and dance clubs, live bands, and theatrical performances to keep you busy.

Arkansas Job Market

When it comes to employers, Arkansas is well known as the home to superstore Walmart, which employs 54,000 people in the state alone. Other companies with a large presence include Tyson Foods, Dillard’s, and J.B. Hunt Transport Services, though they have a fraction of the employees of Walmart. These options likely contribute to the fact that Arkansas has an unemployment rate well below the national average and projected job growth in the coming years.
If you aren’t working for one of these corporations, Arkansas is known for industries like timber and forest production, transportation equipment, and firearms and ammunition production. The state is also the national leader in the production of agricultural products like rice and turkeys.
From students to young professionals, many are choosing to move to Arkansas real estate. Along with ample jobs, Arkansas’ economy is bolstered by the low housing prices in the state. This is paired with some of the country’s lowest property taxes and low cost of living in other areas like food and gas.

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