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A Business Owner’s Guide on How to Choose the Best Staffing Agency

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American staffing companies hire about 16 million employees each year. These services give employers access to top talent while helping them save time and money. Employees, on the other hand, receive the assistance they need to find work and advance their careers.

Choosing the right staffing agency for your business isn’t easy. You want to find a company that understands your industry and knows what to look for in potential hires.

Depending on your preferences, you can work with general staffing firms or niche agencies. Try to find out how the organization recruits and retains its workforce. Consider its fees, too.

Not sure where to start? Here are some aspects to take into account when hiring a staffing agency!

Assess Your Hiring Needs

Do you want to hire contract workers, part-time employees, or permanent staff? Are you looking for entry-level candidates or seasoned professionals? Ask yourself these questions and then compare the different types of staffing agencies on the market.

Temp agencies, for instance, help employers find staff for seasonal work and temporary jobs. If, say, your assistant is on maternity leave, you may ask them to find a temporary replacement.

Companies looking for new CEOs, CFOs, and other executive staff can reach out to executive search agencies. Recruiters who work in this niche use their skills to fill senior roles where the salary and competition are very high.

Another option is to hire a contingency agency. These professionals receive a commission when their enlisted job candidates find work.

General vs. Niche Staffing Services

Some industries, such as healthcare and IT, are highly specialized. A general staffing firm may lack the technical know-how required to assess job candidates.

Niche staffing agencies often have in-depth knowledge of the industries they work in. One that specializes in IT, for instance, understands the role and responsibilities of a software developer or UX designer.

If you’re looking for new hires with a specific skill set, reach out to a niche agency. Just make sure you don’t end up dealing with too many providers. A regular staffing firm may be more suitable for companies trying to fill multiple roles.

Consider Their Fees

The fees charged by staffing agencies depend on several factors, such as their industry and expertise. The number of people you want to hire matters, too.

Contingency agencies, for example, charge about 15 to 25% of the candidate’s first annual salary. This number can go up to 50% for hard-to-fill positions and executive roles.

No two agencies charge the same rates. Request multiple quotes from different providers so you can make an informed decision.

Ask About Their Hiring and Onboarding Process

Another aspect to consider is their candidate sourcing strategy. Once you have a list of staffing agencies, contact them and ask how they source talent and what their screening process looks like.

Look for a staffing agency that treats everyone, including job candidates, as valued clients. The best firms take the time to vet candidates, help them with the onboarding process, and determine how they would fit into your organization.

Look for a Business Partner, Not Just a Staffing Agency

A good staffing agency can act as an extension of your HR department and become a valuable partner. The longer you work together, the better they will understand your needs.

Don’t wait until the last minute to find the right staffing firm. Determine your future hiring needs and plan accordingly. Contact our team to request a quote and see how we can help!

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