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Am I An Earth Angel Part One

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Getting Some Background

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In this newest series we will go over if you or your client is an Earth Angel, what it means to be an Earth Angel, and how to deal with the difficulties that arise during your journey.


If you’re an Earth Angel, you’re a powerful being with a long history of helping and healing throughout all of your lifetimes. You’ve received a divine assignment to come here now and share your energy and to spread love. It’s likely that you’ve had some suspicions about your true origins – and most likely you’ve struggled a bit to adjust to life.


Let’s dig a little deeper and ask yourself the following questions:


Do you find yourself gazing up at the stars wondering where home is?

Do you feel like you’re from another planet or place? Or that you’re a lone wolf?

Do others come to you looking for wisdom and guidance, or even vent their frustrations towards you?

Did you have a challenging childhood?

Do you cry easily when you see something that really touches your heart

Are you unable to tolerate violence on any level and can’t watch tv programs that contain horror and violence.

Are you interested in energy healing, metaphysical topics, or philosophy?

Do you love all of humanity even though you can see our collective flaws?

Are you able to pick up on subtle energies and vibrations?

Are you naturally intuitive, empathic, or sensitive?

Do you find your overall outlook to be non-judgmental and you’re able to see the good in others?

Do you strive to support, heal and empower others?

Do you worry about the state of life on this planet and know you’re meant to do something about it?

Do you have a deep and natural connection with animals and nature?

Are you drawn to grow spiritually and uncover your innate soul wisdom?

Have you suffered trauma, crisis, or several difficult life situations?

Do you feel deeply protective of nature, animals and children?

Are you aware of past lives where you’ve suffered or even been killed for your gifts and healing abilities?

Do you ever wake up in the middle of night alarmed but without knowing why?

Do you have intense or spiritual dreams?

Do you find yourself fast to forgive people and give them second chances?

Do you encourage growth and accountability in others?

Do you seek a bigger purpose in life? Do you wonder why you are really here at a soul level?

Have you met your spirit guides, guardian angels, or the ascended masters supporting you in your life?

Do you look younger than your chronological age?

Do you suffer from pain or disease that doctors can’t explain?

Do you know you’ve experienced reality as a spiritual being before?

Do you feel a longing to “go home” that you can’t really explain?

Do you have an innate understanding of the magic of life, the universe and simply being alive?

Have you been told you’re “too compassionate” towards others?

If you can answer yes to most of these questions, you should know that it’s not because something is wrong with you.  It’s because you’re an Earth Angel, here on an incredible mission and journey to spread the light, anchor ascension energy and make a difference in the world.

You are a beautiful compassionate being who has chosen to incarnate at this time to bring healing and light to the Earth and humanity. The answer to this is known only to your heart, you will have a feeling that by following this series and getting answers that this is your truth. It is your journey of discovery to find the truth to who you really are.

We went over the 37 Signs You Are An Earth Angel, we asked hard questions on how you are at different life situations, and now we will see how you can shine brighter and illuminate your energetic wings. This series will give you an understanding of how relationships impact you on a personal and friendship level and how to help yourself with them and much more. Above all, you will have a greater understanding of  why you are here and what your life’s mission may be, you will be asked to think and reflect on your life’s journey up to now and to look for messages from the angelic realm which are guiding you to make the right decisions.


Let’s Start With Why Earth Angels Are Here Now

The angelic realm has been here since the beginning of time as guardians of the planet. They have watched mankind’s development, their mistakes, their challenges and successes from incarnation to incarnation and have worked with us on many levels. Throughout that time their role has been many and varied, some of the upper choirs of angels deal with directing messages directly from Source to the choirs of angels who work directly with us on a daily basis, some of these we call our guardian angels.

In the time of Atlantis some 26,000 years ago earth was a very different place, we were mainly light beings with a physical presence but all our cells were filled with ether ( light) and we vibrated at a higher frequency than we do now. We were connected to each other and to all living things through our heart energy and through the global grid Matrix which is the Light Grid that exists around the Earth. This Light Grid is connected today as it was then through to the Stellar grids of light from the Star systems connecting throughout the Universe. Living at that time we saw the huge potential of using all energy for good and healing and keeping everything in Universal  balance, we achieved this through understanding and utilizing  Crystal technology, a skill which was lost over time and the knowledge and access to the Atlantean crystal technology was intentionally kept hidden until mankind was able to use it for good through his heart for the greater good of all rather than for the greed and ego of the few.

Understanding the power of the crystal technology at that time proved too much of a temptation to the few who knew how they could manipulate it for their own personal gain; this caused an imbalance in the crystal grid of the Earth and some of the energy lines of the Earth were broken, today some of these energy lines are being reawakened as Earth shifts into a new dimension. The Distortion that happened in the Earth’s grid at that time had a massive impact in the greater universe. Because we are connected energetically to each other, what we do here on this Earth not only impacts us but impacts other worlds. The spiritual hierarchy decided that the beings on Earth who were now operating from their egos rather than their hearts could not be allowed to carry on with what they were doing as it was having such a destructive impact on the universe as a whole and Atlantis was sunk.

A few of the priests and priestesses of Atlantis who had stayed in their hearts throughout this time and who were still connected to the spiritual hierarchy were given warning of the impending flood and fled to safety taking the sacred knowledge with them. They went to many areas of the globe where it was safe and built pyramids which we still see today which harness the electromagnetic grid of the Earth and essentially are huge transmitters connecting us with other realms.

The spiritual hierarchy set a plan in place for mankind, a plan that would take 26,000 years to come to fruition. From the time of Atlantis until the 21st of December 2012 man energetically descended from a being of light to a being of dense physical matter. But the plan was not that man should stay so disconnected from the light source, the plan was that the Earth should return once more to its state as a healing station in the universe. In order to do this the Earth received two massive Stellar activations around 1999, these Stellar activations caused the crystal grid of the Earth to wake up. As the Stellar light infused the crystal grid of the Earth with codes and frequencies the shape of the crystal grid actually changed. This had to happen so that the incoming Souls who had chosen to support the spiritual hierarchy and the universe in the mission could sustain themselves here on Earth.

Beings came together from many dimensions in the universe their sole purpose was to come to Earth at this time to support The Reawakening of humanity and to bring the light and their frequencies and codes from the many dimensions that they existed in to support the Universal mission. Some beings came from the Angelic realms, some came from the galactic realms and some beings who had achieved a level of spiritual Mastery in physical incarnations on earth also chose to come back at this time. These beings, in order to be here at this time, had to lower their frequency so that they could incarnate as a physical being.  As a being of light you do not need a physical body, so in order to be here they had to go through the very difficult task of solidifying   their light bodies into matter.. This is a really difficult task for a light being, most of you on a spiritual path understand how difficult it is for us on our journey as lightworkers.

For most of us we are reversing the journey we made when we choose to incarnate here at this time, our bodies remember the light and whether we are conscious of it or not we find ourselves drawn to spiritual modalities which triggers cellular memory of those light realms that we once existed in. You are the light bringers, the Earth Angels who made the biggest sacrifice of all, to walk the hardest path, you agreed to forget your memories of the realms you came from because if you remembered those places with any clarity you would not want to stay to complete your chosen role on Earth at this time. Yet, somewhere in your heart there is a yearning for Home that you have never understood, a feeling that you don’t belong here and a feeling that somehow you are different and the ordinary 9-5 life does not interest you or feed your soul. This series will help you understand yourself with more clarity, you are not alone and your life path is no ordinary one. Tania Magdalene and Delores Cannon


Well known Earth Angels throughout History

Apart from our Moms and our Grandmothers who are definitely by most of our books Earth Angels, there are several well known people throughout history who would have earned their wings as Earth Angels. These people have the same qualities in common, they lived with enormous compassion for humanity and touched the hearts of many people, that is the greatest quality of an Earth Angel, that ability to touch someone’s heart.


Mother Mary

Mother Mary, called the Queen of Angels, gave birth to her son Yeshua (referred to in the west as Jesus). She was no ordinary person, she came from a line of people called the Essenes. The Essenes were known for their deep spiritual work that they did to support a path to enlightenment while in physical incarnation. She studied from a very young age in the libraries of Alexandria, Egypt and followed the Isis lineage of worship of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Her training meant she reached a level of purity at an early age and her soul mission was to give birth to Yeshua, the last man at that time to reach the level of Christ consciousness until the New Golden Age.

However, such was her consciousness that she understood that as part of her soul’s mission that her son Yeshua would die at a young age as part of a bigger universal plan for humanity. I cannot begin to imagine the daily pain that you must feel as a mother knowing that your beautiful child has only a limited time on the planet, I suppose I can in some way as I have personally lost 2 children through miscarriage and I am sure some of you reading this can relate to that too. The pain and grief that she must have experienced must have been terrible for her, but throughout her life she continued her mission of service to others bringing kindness and compassion to all. Her nurturing loving energy is still felt today and she is honored by several religions for her role in history. There is something very beautiful and pure about her energy and she is a beautiful person to connect with when you feel the need for a mother’s love, because she will be there.

Princess Diana

Beautiful Princess Diana, found herself in a world far removed from her life as an assistant in a nursery school working with the children that she loved and continued to support children all over the world in her capacity as wife to the future King of England. She was a breath of fresh air into the Royal family, she was beautiful on the inside and out and won the hearts and minds of people around the world. She was a little shy and not at all pretentious, she smiled at everyone and had time for everyone. She gave her time and energy to sick children and shocked the world by shaking hands with an AIDS patient, AIDS victims at that time were stigmatized as being infectious and had been seen as the lowest lifeforms who got what they deserved in life by the press and by some world leaders. Diana with her open hearted, compassionate nature showed the world that loving kindness matters and brought peace and awareness of diseases like AIDS to the masses. She fought a long campaign to support victims of landmines and disabled children. Her untimely death caused an outpouring of grief around the world, the like of which had never been seen before. She was truly an Earth Angel who touched the hearts of many by reminding us that kindness matters.

There is also Mother Teresa, Sir Nicholas Winton, Oskar Schindler, and the list can go on! They are all ordinary people doing amazing selfless things.

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