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Alicia Keys Freezes for Fitness

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World renowned musician, Alicia Keys has been a prodigy of sorts across many genres of music over the decades. Her incredible voice and majestic performances have wowed audiences across the globe. As well as being an amazing artist on stage, she has taken up the cause of philanthropy for the women and men devastated by the HIV/AIDs virus. With all of her global travels, performances and work, she has found that cryotherapy has helped her feel and look good regardless of how intense and demanding her schedule becomes. Alicia loves cryo so much she’s made it to the top 10 celebrities that do cryotherapy.

Turning to cryotherapy has become a popular choice for many celebrities. Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Mandy Moore are just some of the others who have found cryotherapy to be an important part of their health and wellness.

The demands on the body of a performer are tremendous, and workouts to stay in top shape are critical when a performance schedule is so physically demanding. Keys reportedly has visited cryotherapy spas in order to stay in top shape.

Cryotherapy- what does it help?

  • Skin- the collagen in our skin decreases with age. Having a cryotherapy treatment can oxygenate the blood surging back to the extremities and skin, bringing with it nutrients, enzymes and oxygen to aid in the collagen for our skin.

  • Muscles & Joints- tough gym workouts or long nights dancing and performing can all take our body to depletion. With a 3 minute sub zero cryotherapy session the blood rushes to the core, and upon removal from the chamber, it is loaded with all the things the muscles need to recover and replenish in a fast amount of time. Oxygen and nutrients help to restore the muscles. The cold of the cryotherapy session helps to reduce inflammation, soreness and pain, making the body feel great, and look great too!

  • The brain- the body releases endorphins in a rush when it returns from the temporary super cold state, and these go to the brain to help nourish it and to help the mind ‘feel good.’ It is a benefit that many say they feel after every session. The brain feels rested at the end of the day for some people, allowing for an overall restful night with more sleep.

Talent, intelligence, kindness and beauty are reflected in the amazing Alicia Keys. Having a healthy body and mind with a focus on a lifestyle of wellness is something that anyone can attain. Utilizing cryotherapy can help with that healthy lifestyle for years to come.

One of the major reasons for skin aging is the loss of natural collagen production. As you age, your body produces less and less over the years. Decreased oxygenation of the skin layers is another reason for this. Local Cryotherapy facial treatments have been popular among patients of all ages. This treatment that was once seen solely as an athlete recovery method has since been called one of the “hottest new beauty trends.” People like Alicia Keys, Bobbi Brown, Lindsay Lohan, and so many more use some form of cryotherapy to achieve stunning results—and they swear by it.

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