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The 3 Best Ways to Promote Your Handyman Service

The handyman service industry is worth about $5 billion in 2017. It may be surprising, but the need for these services is continually growing. Since 2012, the industry has grown about 8%.

While it is a great time to start a handyman business, there are competitors to try and best. In order to get the word out about the business, its time to learn marketing tools.

Promotion can be difficult to manage at first without much funding. Read on to find out the three best ways to develop a handyman brand.

Promoting Your Handyman Service

1. Online Presence

In modern times, an online presence can mean everything to a growing business. Social media is a large part of online presence. Posting deals, contact information, and customer testimonials online help to market the brand.

Even employee blogging can help to better connect a business to customers. Since the handyman industry revolves around people, it is key to establish a positive and friendly brand.

A quick search will reveal that there are multiple handyman service businesses in the area. To get ahead of the curve, start collecting email addresses to send out a newsletter.

Newsletters keep updates and offers with useful information or coupons in one place. However, sending too many updates can be detrimental and may alienate customers. A gentle reminder or deal can keep customers coming back to the handyman service.

2. Sponsorships

Sponsoring an event (or local sports team) can be a great way to market a handyman service brand. The sponsorships will also provide a positive community aspect and helps with brand recognition.

Providing deals or coupons to attendees of the event helps to build the service as well. The sponsorship would also increase the chances of spreading word-of-mouth marketing.

Take advantage of the possible target markets at these events as well. There may be home improvement stores sponsoring as well. These stores could provide new clients, or become clients themselves. Events may also help establish supplier connections from sellers such as Source 4 Industries.

3. Marketing Materials

A home-based business is difficult to market without visual representation. Other than an online presence, printing materials are great to provide that visual aid.

These printed materials can range from flyers, to mail inserts, to even t-shirts. Hand out brochures or business cards in order to support the handyman service. Providing information in person is sometimes better to do in person, as the handyman industry is based on human contact.

Do not be afraid to post flyers or leave a stack of brochures at local businesses! Ask for permission beforehand, however.

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