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Agency M Produced Millions in Lead Value for Clients in 2021

Agency M produced $164,000,000 in lead value for their clients in 2021. They’ve adopted a holistic approach to digital marketing. They’ve dedicated years to perfecting their strategies, but they also make changes as needed. As your digital marketing agency, you can rely on them to develop custom strategies that work for your business. 


Hillsboro, OR, October 21, 2022— In 2021, Agency M, a creative marketing agency in Hillsboro, produced $164,000,000 in lead value for their clients. Agency M invests in its strategies based on data that they’ve gathered over time.

Agency M follows a holistic approach to digital marketing. They focus on supporting the most important part of your company (the people—your employees and your customers) with solutions to their problems to improve how your business works as a whole.

“Over the years, we’ve noticed a trend – the more we pay attention to our client’s goals, business climate, and business niche, the bigger the differences we make in their business,” says an Agency M spokesperson. “Businesses are whole entities and marketing cannot be a disassociated addition. Strategies have to originate from data and have the desired outcome for the whole success of the business.”

This holistic approach didn’t happen overnight. They dedicated years to perfecting their craft, and they aren’t done yet. They continue to make changes as needed because they understand that what worked yesterday might not always work tomorrow.

“Our team developed their specialized skillsets after spending years on sales floors, building businesses, and managing large teams painfully watching businesses lose sales, burn money, and miss massive opportunities,” says an Agency M spokesperson.

As a result, Agency M dedicates an account manager to each client. This allows them to create customized plans for every SEO campaign.

“A successful SEO campaign can be the difference between a thriving business and one that struggles to get by,” says a spokesperson for Agency M. “But it’s not easy—SEO is an ever-changing landscape and it takes time and effort to see results.”

If you hire Agency M to help you improve your small business marketing strategy, you can count on an account manager to guide you through growing your business. Agency M can help you to optimize your website for SEO and create powerful content to draw in more web traffic.’

It’s important to remember that it takes some time to see the results that you are paying for. Google can take up to 90 days to discover new improvements to your website.

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About Agency M: 

We are a creative marketing agency that helps local businesses grow. We bring together innovative designers, pixel-perfect developers, and data-driven strategists who all have formal masters-level education in design with years in big-ticket sales. We combine sales, marketing, and business analytics with proven growth strategies to help businesses develop both in local markets and their industry niches. We work with individual sales professionals to mid-size, $12M+ revenue companies.

Contact Information:

Name: Mark Bridges
Organization: Agency M
Address: 9620 NE Tanasbourne Dr. Suite 300 #1061 Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: (503) 427-8751
Email: [email protected]

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