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Advance moves into 2020 with high expectations.

Advance moves international removals is best known for providing its clients with worldwide removals services at the touch of a button. The online based removals experts provide instant online quotations for household and commercial removals to anywhere in the world. A quick visit to their website gives an abundance of information on requirements needed for entry and settlement into frequently ‘move to’ countries as the advance moves team has done its best to try and make itself both a quotation and service provider, as well as being an information site, a ‘one stop removals shop’ if you like!

Advance moves was formed in 2002 and initially specialised in relocations between the UK and Spain. At the time many Brits were leaving the UK for the sunny and low cost lifestyle that was on offer in southern Spain. It was a time when you could sell your UK house for a vast sum of money and purchase a new villa in Spain for about a third of the cost of that UK house. With a load of money in the bank left over from the UK house sale, it made perfect sense for Brits to up sticks and move to Spain and live off the money they have just made on their UK house sale as well as any retirement pension that they might have. Advance Moves soon established itself as the market leader in UK to Spain relocations and expanded to a fleet of 10 trucks and 30 staff working from modern containerised warehouses in the UK and in Spain.

As a market leader and a forward thinker the advance moves team expanded their removals network of partners and agents to then be able to offer their clients removal services to other destinations within Europe and then as the international removals element of their work grew and demand increased for more destinations, advance moves added a worldwide removals service.

It all made perfect sense as clients preferred to use the services of advance moves to be able to relocate, not just between the UK and Spain, but for any worldwide removal service that a client could be confronted with.

Advance moves then took matters a stage further by building an instant online quick quote system for removals throughout the world. The online system was ground breaking as it offered users for the first time the ability to enter some very basic information and then obtain an instant removals quote. The system covers national and international removals of any size and form. All the user has to do is determine and enter the origin, destination and select the approximate size of the move and then a price range is instantly emailed to the user giving them a budget price range to work from for their removal. This quick quote is then backed up by up to 5 of advance moves agents and partners who provide a full quotation for the removal details submitted so that the user now has a selection of prices and removal services to choose from, saving the user both time and money in selecting the right mover for their relocation.

The online quick quote system was developed so that users could quickly and easily obtain a budget price and up to 5 quotes without having to contact 5 individual movers and submit 5 lots of personal information and maybe arrange home visits just to obtain a quotation for a removal. The whole quick quote system avoids all of that and saves the user both time and money as they can select the most competitive quote from the five providers.

The agents and partners used for these quotations are all operating to a high standard within the removals industry to be able to become an agent for advance moves. Most of these removal companies belong to national and international federations and associations such as the BAR (British association of removers) and the International movers federation (FIDI) which all ensure they are operating to high levels of client satisfaction and have adequate resources to undertake your international removal.

With the instant online quick quote system designed and built and with it becoming an instant success with its clients, advance moves then went a step further and started adding information pages for the most popular international removals destinations onto the advance moves site. These pages gave users the chance to read up on ‘how to’ guides on moving and living in the new country with links to consulates and embassy’s that could supply further information on obtaining residency or work visas in your destination country. This proved hugely popular with clients as once again the search for information was simplified with a simple visit to the advance moves website.

Advance moves also built a Spanish language site so that Spanish clients that were moving between Spain and the UK, could read in their own language information on the moving services and use the online quick quote system. The site is heavily linked to the site so both English and Spanish languages are available to the user. This is just another example of advance moves mission to make everything removals based as easy as possible for their clients.

So what’s next for the team at advance moves? Well they continue to expand their range of services and information available for international removals throughout the world to make them the ultimate ‘one stop removals shop’. They are also providing quotes for commercial removals and car and motorcycle transport both nationally and internationally. Once again through their selected agents. Storage and warehousing can also be arranged at all worldwide destinations.

Advance moves is also the team sponsor for the Supermotoland Husqvarna race team. Advance moves have sponsored the supermotoland race team for a number of years now as it provides the perfect platform to advertise throughout Europe and the world through the televised S1GP supermoto world championships and the Spanish supermoto championships. For 2020 the supermotoland team has become the official Husqvarna motorcycles supported team and with a manufacturer backing the team it looks like further race wins and championship titles are on the cards for 2020.

The supermotoland team is based in Bullas, Murcia in southern Spain and runs a supermoto race school for small groups with its own private practice track. As a team sponsor advance moves invites key clients and agents to corporate events at the supermotoland race school where lessons are given in a fun and safe environment on how to ride supermoto bikes. The events are hugely popular as a couple of days training on a supermoto bike teaches you loads of bike skills, both road race and motocross skill sets at the same time. After a corporate motorcycle training day at the supermotoland race school clients leave with new found bike skills that are suited to pretty mush whatever motorcycle they may ride themselves both on the road or on the race track. Clients leave the race school physically exhausted from all the riding but with a smile on their face from the buzz of riding a race bike and learning so much. What could be better corporate entertainment for small groups?

The combination of brand exposure in an exciting motorsport that is broadcast worldwide combined with some fantastic corporate entertainment events made the decision to continue as team sponsor for the supermotoland Husqvarna race team an easy one for advance moves.

So 2020 looks like being another exciting year for advance moves as they continue to expand and improve their services, and yet more and more clients use advance moves to obtain a removals quotation for a move to anywhere in the world.

If you would like to obtain a quotation for your removal then just visit the advance moves site at or if you prefer the Spanish language option. Then have a read of the information that we have on a variety of countries and select the yellow box options for a removal from the country of your choice to your destination country. Select your volume by using a variety of options such as vehicle size, house size, number of boxes (if its a small move) or just enter the volume in cubic metres or cubic feet if you have already calculated it. Then enter your basic contact details and hit the submit button. This all takes about 30 seconds and once submitted a ‘quick quote’ is calculated and emailed to you. The quick quote gives you a volume and price range based on the details you submitted and will give you a pretty good idea of the cost of your removal. At the same time your submitted details are passed to up to 5 of our carefully selected agents and partners who offer the most effective and efficient removal services to your destination country and area. These agents will then send their more accurate quotations directly to you so you have a choice of up to 5 quotations from different reputable removals companies to choose from. The choice is then yours as to how to proceed and who to select for your removal. there is no obligation or pressure to choose a mover. we have simply provided you with information and quotations to help save you both time and money when selecting a removal company and service.

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