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An Invite-Only Community That Guards The Secret To Being The Top Seller On Amazon – Titan Network

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The probability of you and I becoming a millionaire is not insanity anymore. In today’s exciting times, many millennials are proving their worth by becoming a millionaire at a very young age. Some are even in their teens and early twenties. People are running away from the 9-5 culture very rapidly and the pandemic has made it worst. All the terrible news of loyal employees being laid off by their companies is getting people worked up and forcing them to step out of their comfort zone and start their own business.

Starting a business has become a really simple concept unlike before. You do not need tons of money to make it come true. You just need knowledge about the market and a dream strong enough to sustain. One such popular business model is selling on the online retail site Amazon. This is where Titan Network comes in. Every member who joins the Titan Network receives instant access to the entire Titan Network and they join the group of other members that are relevant to their stage of the journey. This gives everyone a sense of compatibility. The members have also access to the community, the huddles with 7-8 figure Titan Leaders and the internal masterclass.

Titan has a range of tools to make Amazon sellers’ lives easier, including a daily sales tracker, keyword research and a tool to directly source from China. Titan Network hosts 2 live masterclasses each month, which are presented by Titan Leaders and hand-selected industry experts. They also share on-demand streaming access to all of the Masterclass recordings available to every member. Titan Network also offers one on one coaching sessions, consulting and a full system of tools for Amazon entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.


Athena Severi and Dan Ashburn are the Co-Founders of Titan Network. Athena’s background is in helping eCommerce and Amazon sellers through events, sourcing trips and mastermind courses to help them to make their online business more profitable. Dan and his industry-leading team are now responsible for marketing and managing over $12 million in annual sales for Amazon brands around the world. Together, the pair founded Titan Network, which offers one-on-one coaching, support and more for Amazon sellers.

If you are interested in starting your own business without the unwanted stress of warehouse and large monetary input, follow Titan Network on all of their social handles for detailed updates and information about the business community. Please find all the social links below:

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An invite-only community that guards the secret to being the top seller on Amazon – Titan Network

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