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A Simple Guide on What to Do When You Need Money

Feeling broke is one of the worst experiences you can go through. You’re not alone, however. The average person in the country has a debt of $6,200, and paying it off isn’t easy.

If you’re deep in debt, need to bounce back, and want some breathing space, you’re probably wondering what to do when you need money? Thankfully, you can make money anywhere and at any time with the right research and planning.

Not sure where to start? Here are some things you should try!

1. Find a Freelance Job

If you have an iPad or laptop, look up some freelance work from Upwork,, or sign up on Fiverr. There’s a variety of work available online; from tutoring to being a virtual assistant. You can control the workload and schedule, so it’s a great option for what to do when you need money.

Freelance jobs can be a full-time job or part-time. Some jobs can be difficult to get if you have no experience or diplomas. However, once you have a job, you’ll get a steady paycheck and you can work from the comfort of your home.

2. Sell Stuff You No Longer Need

If you have things like clothes or phones that you no longer use, you can sell them online or hold a garage sale. Consider selling your furniture and appliances as there are many second-hand enthusiasts for these things. If you really need money, sell your car or a part of your lot as these are temporary assets that are better off liquidated.  

3. Do Some Odd Jobs 

Go around the neighborhood and ask if they need any help doing something they hate doing. People who are busy or don’t have the knowledge to do certain things are quick to jump at the chance. You can offer your services for odd jobs like walking their dog, cleaning their yard, or painting.

An advantage of taking odd jobs is that it never takes too long and it’s a great way to expand your network. However, keep in mind that there is no set paycheck so it’s hard to start budgeting. Letter drop around your area or advertise online to let people know you are available.

4. Pawn or Sell Your Valuables

Pawning means giving a valuable item as collateral to borrow some money. The pawnbroker will give back your valuables once you pay back the money. This option can net you some cash, but keep in mind that these valuables get sold off if you can’t pay back.

Alternatively, just sell your valuables at pawn shops. You leave with the cash in hand and you have no other obligations. Some of the best items to sell or pawn are tablets, power tools, gems, firearms, and antiques.

5. Get a Loan

This option should be your last if other options haven’t worked out well. It’s great to get loans if you need emergency money fast. Make sure, however, that you have a plan to pay back on time.

Taking out a loan depends on whether it’s a personal loan, a payday loan, or a home equity loan. 

Loans are the best option if you just need money quickly and can afford to scrimp by. Get a payday loan at and pay off the loans you take as soon as you can.

What to Do When You Need Money

Think long and hard on how you got into this situation like spending too much or your income is low. It’s important to address the problem, start planning, and make a budget to solve and prevent the problem!

Thanks for reading! Learned from our article on what to do when you need money? If yes, take some time to browse through a few more of our helpful articles! 

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