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A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Programmers

Do you think one type of programmer handles any kind of work out there? Believe it or not, that isn’t the case. When we have created more than 9,000 programming languages in history, it makes sense that some of them will only apply to certain types of work.

If you want to learn more about the types of programmers globally, this post will help. Below are the common types of programmers that currently work today.

Desktop Programmer

The first and most familiar type of programmer you’re probably used to is the desktop programmer. Desktop programmers are the people who create the software you use daily on your computer.

These programmers use code to design operating systems, document systems, music players, and much more. Outside of system-level programmers, they’re also one of the oldest types of programmers out there.

Database Programmer

It’s hard to create software these days without data. However, creating systems to store and retrieve data isn’t an easy task, and that’s where a database programmer helps.

A database programmer uses a database to design data storage solutions. From there, they create queries that pull information from the database for applications to use.

Systems Programmer

Not all programming happens on an operating system level. You still need programming code to run the small machines, chips, and other electronic devices that regular programming languages can’t always handle.

That’s where systems programmers help. They know the low-level programming languages needed to program computer hardware. You can find talent from anyone from a hobbyist to someone with a PLC programming degree.

Web Programmer

Much of the world has moved to the internet. Because of that, there isn’t as much of a demand for desktop programmers for consumer applications. Many people now use web apps in their everyday lives instead of desktop programs.

That’s led to the rise of web programmers. A website developer uses programming code to create online applications for users. There are different requirements for programming on the web, so web programmers will usually have other skills than desktop programmers.

Analyst Programmer

It isn’t enough to store data in a database for many businesses. You need to be able to extract that information and find practical ways to put it to use.

An analyst programmer fills this role. An analyst programmer can work as a data scientist, business analyst, and many other functions. They’re the people responsible for providing insights to the decision-makers in business so they can make informed choices.

Now You Know the Main Types of Programmers

When learning what is a programmer, it’s essential to understand that not all developers will handle the same tasks. There are many types of programmers out there, so you need to understand the difference between them. The short programmer guide above will get you started with your goal of learning more about programming languages and the people who use them.

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