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A Prom You’ll Always Remember: How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

High school is one of the most important and memorable times in life, so it’s no surprise that you want your prom night to be as perfect as possible.

As prom season approaches, the hunt to find the perfect prom dress begins. Navigating so many choices can be a challenge, but there are several things you can do to ensure you find the perfect dress for you and your big night.

Read on for some tips that will help you pick out the most magical prom dress for a night you’ll never forget.


Prom dresses come in every single color imaginable, so the number of available colors can be overwhelming. Think about your hair and skin color to help you find the right color for your dress.

If you have lighter toned skin, try something featured in a brilliant jewel tone that will highlight your eyes and hair. For those with darker skin colors, explore dresses in soft pastels, bold red, or a fun deep blue.

Look at several dresses in a variety of colors to see which shades will complement your look. People with blonde hair look fabulous in almost any color, while redheads might look better wearing dresses in muted shades.

Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic black dress since everyone looks great in this timeless color. Or, if you prefer something a bit bolder, try a dress featured in a fun patterned design that will make an unforgettable statement.


The color of your prom dress is definitely important, but the cut (also called a silhouette) is really what matters. You want to be comfortable all night long, but you also want to look gorgeous as you mingle and dance the night away.

Ball gowns are a beautiful choice of dress for practically every frame. These dressed are fitted at the top and feature a billowy, flowing skirt that gives off the look of pure royalty. Ball gown prom dresses can have spaghetti straps or puffy sleeves depending on your favorite design.

If you’re a curvy girl who wants to show off her shape, try a mermaid prom dress. This style dress is fitted throughout the arms and body, and then it gently flares at the bottom to resemble a mermaid tail.

A floor-length dress is a beautiful choice that will make you look like you’re walking the Hollywood red carpet. Shorter dresses are a bit more daring and might not work for taller girls unless you can get a slightly longer dress and hem it to your desired length.

Long-sleeve silhouettes will give your prom look a sophisticated touch. Strapless gowns look stunning, but just make sure you have ample support in the bust area so you feel comfortable and look beautiful all night long.

Try on several of the trendiest gowns so you can be in style with your prom dress 2020. Trends come and go so there may be some new styles that are out when you head out for your shopping trip.


You want to be as comfortable as possible on your prom night, so make sure you choose a dress that will allow you to feel cool and comfy all night. Dresses made of a material like a taffeta or silk blend can be itchy and may get hot as the night goes on.

Chiffon is one of the most romantic fabrics you can find, and most dresses are made of several layers of this lightweight, flowy material. A chiffon dress will look fairy-like, giving your dress a magical look while ensuring you stay comfortable and cool.

Cotton dresses are totally breathable so you won’t have to worry about getting overheated. The perfect prom dress can be spiced up with accessories like a beaded clutch, sparkling rhinestone jewelry, and some red lipstick.

If you really want to be on-trend, try a dress made of luxurious velvet. This luxe material is super soft, smooth, and simply gorgeous. One great thing about velvet is that it comes in every color and looks stunning as a prom dress.

Some prom dresses are made of stretchy fabrics like a lightweight knit, but most are form-fitting and made to hug your curves. Have your dress fitted by a professional seamstress if it’s too large or too small.

No matter which fabric and silhouette you choose, it can always be dressed up by picking a dress adorned with extra details. Try a sparkling sequined dress, one accented with romantic lace, or a dress adorned in shimmering rhinestones to create a bold and dramatic look. Shop several retailers or go online so you can find the perfect prom dress that will fit and help you show off your unique style and personality.


Finding the right color, silhouette, and fabric are the keys to choosing the perfect prom dress for this memorable occasion. Do your best to try on several dresses so you can be sure you find the one that’s perfect for your body type and skin color.

Accent your dress with an array of gorgeous accessories that will make your look even more unique. Remember that everyone is different, so have some fun as you go on the hunt for the most beautiful prom dress of all!

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