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A Powerful Method For Pesky Stains: Pressure Washing

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You probably don’t have too much of a problem cleaning up most spills and stains in your home, but every once in a while there are those really tough stains or substances that get on your walls, floors and more that just seem impossible to get out with standard cleaning supplies. Here at The Steam Team, we’ve been serving customers all over the Austin area and beyond, finding the perfect solutions for their cleaning and restoration jobs. We’ve learned through experience that there’s one powerful cleaning method that works on almost any stain: pressure washing.

Cleaning Even The Toughest Messes

If you’re dealing with a spilled drink on your carpet, pet urine, or something similar, quickly cleaning it up is easy. And even in cases where those spills sink beneath the carpet into the subfloor, The Steam Team has a service that can quickly and easily clean it up for you. But with certain things like gum that’s been pushed deep into a surface, oil that’s been spilled, rust, graffiti or other tough substances to clean there’s only one method for the job. When you apply a pressure washer with high pressure washing, high temperature and effective chemical application, all those stains or contaminants go away instantly. There’s nothing quite like a pressure washer!

Steam Team Technicians

There’s a reason The Steam Team is Austin’s leading pressure washing company, and it’s not just because we have all the proper equipment to get the job done. It has a lot to do with our highly trained technicians, who show a genuine interest in keeping your home or business clean. From the moment they arrive with their pressure washing equipment, they’ll be courteous and listen to your needs. Is there an area you want considerable focus on when they apply the pressure washer? Is there an area that you think needs less pressure? Our technicians will be there to serve you and your unique cleaning needs. To learn more about our pressure washing services and the other services that our professional technicians provide, please visit The Steam Team website.

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