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A New Decentralized Wallet is Taking Crowdfunding into the Future.

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The majority of the world may not know it yet, but the future of the internet is decentralized.

And at the forefront of the rapidly developing decentralized internet is an upcoming people’s network known as The Performance Giving Network. Although this revolutionary new internet network will come with countless opportunities and technologies, today, we’ll be focusing on the virtual wallet used by The Performance Giving Network.

This project is just a single piece in a much bigger effort that’s playing a role of putting an end to poverty and giving economic opportunity to all. I believe that this technology can change the world. But first, it all starts with us.

To connect yourself to The Performance Giving Network, you’ll first need to sign up for TippingCircle, a premier virtual wallet app made for the people, for both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

With the use of TippingCircle, people all over the world will have the opportunity to not only share, transfer, and collect funds, but to seize countless other economic opportunities also in the works.

What is The Performance Giving Network?

No longer will the internet be controlled by massive centralized corporations. That’s right. The Performance Giving Network is an upcoming decentralized internet that puts the power of the internet in the hands of every-day people.

But this groundbreaking network is part of something much bigger than you or me. Our #1 goal of all of these technological projects designed to help people is to help fight poverty while supporting the United Nations 17 SDGs.

There will be countless advantages to this new internet over the current centralized internet, but possibly the most important one is that it’ll be completely free. And with this free internet, new economic and entrepreneurial opportunities will be available for all people from all walks of life.

Learn more about The Performance Giving Network: How to Decentralize the Internet While Uniting Humanity and Ending Poverty

A Do-It-All Virtual Wallet That Stimulates New Economies

This revolutionary network will come with a variety of different projects such as new TVmessaging, and the do-it-all virtual wallet TippingCircle.

There’s no doubt about it that mobile payment apps are the future. It’s predicted by 2023, 1.6 billion people on Earth will be utilizing a mobile payment app. But the problem with most of the popular online paying apps is they’re all controlled by huge corporations and connected to a vulnerable centralized internet.

This is exactly why TippingCircle is so special. The TippingCircle is being used by The Performance Giving Network, a decentralized internet network, to allow people from around the globe to benefit.

The Unique Features of TippingCircle

However, TippingCircle’s groundbreaking features don’t stop there. Users can exchange fiat and cryptocurrencies, along with creating tipping buckets to be used for group payments and fundraising. It truly does do everything you’d ever need from an online payment application.

One of the unique features that come with the TippingCircle app is the Social Help Network. TippingCircle uses your own network of friends and family to help raise awareness and funding for any fortunate (or unfortunate) event that pops up in your life.

Unlike most fundraising networks, TippingCircle users are actively looking to donate to good causes.

Activating Free TV for the World with TippingCircle

It’s true. Cable and satellite television are no longer the future of TV.

As another initiative of The Performance Giving Network and our main goal to fight poverty head-on, we have developed a free TV app. Once you’re setup with the TippingCircle, you’ll gain access to download this TV app that allows you to watch your favorite TV programs completely free.

But unlike other TV streaming services and apps that are also free, our TV app for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, allows you to earn reward points for watching. You won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else.

How to Get Started with The Performance Giving Network

The time to join The Performance Giving Network is now. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the next big trend that will change the world, this is your chance.

Not only will you help bring jobs to the masses, but you’ll also be working to make education available to the people who need it most around the world while earning your own full-time income from a laptop.

Here’s how you can get started on this once in a lifetime opportunity:

Step #1: Go here and SIGN UP for TippingCircle. This will connect you to “The Performance Giving Network”.

Step #2: Then be sure to use the links from the TippingCircle admin area to connect your smartphone. Android or iOS.

Step #3: Under Apps>Integrated Apps make sure you download and install the Prime One TV and Prime One Chat Apps

Step #4: We will then TIP you and thank you for your free enrollment – as well as get you more details on how we are changing the world. We have solid methods in place to end poverty and to create a better quality of life around the world.

Step #5: Join the movement. And as little or as much as you desire. You will be able to follow the details and see where you want to participate.

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