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Motivational Ringtone Ideas to Keep Your Resolutions Up

We are still very early into 2020, and there’s a good chance your resolutions are still on your mind. Whether you want to lose some weight or want to save some money after spending too much during  Christmas, having a list of goals for the new year isn’t bad. The problem is keeping yourself motivated and holding yourself accountable.

There are many ways to hold yourself accountable, from creating a plan for your goals, then keeping tabs on it. You can also set motivators on your phone. If you’re someone who always gets calls or texts, turning those ringtones and notifications into motivators is a smart move. If you use your phone as an alarm, having a motivational ringtone is a great way to start your day. Here are some ideas.

  1. Create Your Own

You can begin with you or your friend making your own motivational lines and quips to keep you going. Using an audio program like Audacity, it’s much easier to get the right audio levels and sound quality so your motivational ringtone can be crystal clear, just like your vision for 2020.

2. Music That Gets You Pumped 

If you’re wanting to work out more, music can get that adrenaline pumping when you’re feeling a little down. Music is a source of motivation, and in some circles of therapy, it plays a big part.

Of course, music is quite subjective. Some people get pumped with a pop song. Others like some heavy metal when they’re pumping iron. You may be a person who loves a cheesy 1980s montage song when you’re feeling inspired. Just pick your song and go from there.

3. The Mindfulness Bell 

One technique that many are using to succeed is mindfulness. Mindfulness involves complete focus on the present. When worries about the future or regrets from the past are keeping you down, mindfulness, be it meditative breathing or exercising, is a great way to return to reality.

One theme of mindfulness is the mindfulness bell, or gong. This bell is designed to remind you to go into a mindful state every so often. Downloading a mindfulness ringtone and having it go off every so often is a smart move to stay motivated.

4. White Noise 

This isn’t a ringtone per se, but it can be valuable in improving your life. Using a YouTube file converter, it’s easy to download hours of white noise. Be it a fan sound, a thunderstorm, ambient nature sounds, or various other pieces of white noise, this can keep you focused on your tasks. Or, if you want to get some rest, white noise can make it easier. We say to download some, or download a white noise app, and see how it helps.

5.Calming Music 

Similar to white noise, calming music, be it classical, ambient, or something else, can keep you focused and is good for sleep. Not only that, it’s great for a ringtone, too. If you’re expecting a stressful call, hearing that music may help to keep you calm whenever you’re worried about what lies on the other end of the line. When you need an alarm, calming music may be a gentle way to wake you up. Just make sure you’re not someone who will sleep through it!

6. Motivational Quotes 

For some, motivational quotes are a little bit cheesy, but they work. From a public figure giving some tidbits of wisdom to people telling you that you can do it, motivational quotes can keep you going when you feel glum. It’s quite easy to find motivational soundbites online and use them to keep yourself going when you’re unsure of yourself.

7. An Audiobook 

Finally, while not a ringtone or bit of music, using Audible or another program to download a motivational or educational audiobook is a smart move as well. You can not only learn a skill, but you can read books to keep you motivated whenever you’re feeling your lowest.

These are a few ways you can keep yourself motivated for 2020. If you want to be motivated, ringtones won’t be magical, but they are one way out of many to help you stick to your goals and make this the year for you.

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