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A Coffee Shop Crawl Of Dupont Circle

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D.C is full of coffee shops and tucked away teahouses. Whether you’re looking for a new place to grab a cup of Joe on your way to work or you need a quiet place to spend a rainy afternoon, there’s a coffee shop for you.

Tag along for a coffee shop crawl around Dupont Circle.

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1. Emissary

If you want that cozy brick wall, fireplace feeling then Emissary is the place to be. Emissary has a wonderful atmosphere, making it a great place to curl up with a book.

What’s even better is that Emissary caters to people of all different types. They have vegan and vegetarian options as well as gluten-free treats for those who need a little TLC in their diet.

If you’re not into drinking coffee and would rather have a place that sells alcoholic drinks, Emissary has got you covered. They offer a range of wines and bubbly during happy hour, as well as their classic espresso drinks.

If you’ve got a special event or a class you want to put on, Emissary has space for that. They frequently rent out rooms for private parties and other gigs that need somewhere to set up.

Head on down to Emissary for a sweet latte or a glass of wine at their happy hour.


2. Soho Tea & Coffee

Soho Tea & Coffee has a gorgeous patio where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon. If you prefer to be indoors, the inside of the cafe is just as light and sunny as the outside, making it a bright space to enjoy and relax in.

The coffee at Soho is crafted for quality. Their coffee production process uses beautifully roasted coffee to make the perfect cup for their customers.

They have all the usual treats – mochas, americanos, flat whites, and cappuccinos – as well as a few of their own creations. Try a Soho Macchiato or a Sami’s Choo Choo!

There are food options as well if you’re feeling a little bit hungry. At this little coffee spot, you can enjoy everything from tasty pastries to full garden salads.

3. Three Fifty Bakery and Coffee Bar

In all honesty, while Three Fifty has great coffee, the real reason to visit them is to get a taste of one of their fresh-baked pastries!

All their pastries are baked each day in-house from scratch. You can enjoy a shot of espresso as you munch on one of their melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies. Or, have a hot blueberry scone and share a pot of earl grey with a friend!

Whatever your preference, definitely take a trip down to Three Fifty to taste some of their homemade treats.

4. Kramerbooks & Afterwords

This is a great spot for the book lover out there. Kramerbooks is a bookstore turned cafe. You can order an afternoon glass of Prosecco to enjoy as you pore over Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

If you’re more in the mood for a meal, Kramerbooks has both light appetizers and full entrees. When you’re ready for dessert, take a bite out of a piece of one of their pies or cakes.

Kramerbooks lists out all their bestsellers each week so that you know which book to choose to peruse during your afternoon break.

5. Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee is all about uniquely grown brews special blends. They have coffee bean flavors that are sweet, smoky, and everything in between.

One of the coolest things about Compass Coffee is that it doesn’t just sell you great coffee — it sells you the equipment you need to make your own delicious brews at home.

You can choose between an aero press, a Chemex, or a french press or even check out their different grinders.

Compass Coffee doesn’t just have a Dupont Circle location; they have a few other stores around DC where you can hang out to grab a hot drink.

Residents living at The Rodney, 1600, and The Pheonix are all nearby Compass Coffee for any free afternoon they might have.

6. The Wydown

Yes, you read that right. The name of the coffee shop is The Wydown, not The Waydown. Whatever their name may be, The Waydown has some awesome brews to get your morning buzz going.

They have gorgeous cups of hot and iced coffee for you to keep to yourself, or if you need some delicious eats at a party or an event, The Wydown caters too. Better yet, they deliver! No need to leave your office to spoil the staff rotten when you order from here.

This coffee shop really cares about you, just like we do here at DARO Apartments. They want to go above and beyond and give you not only great coffee but also a cozy spot to hang out in for a few hours.

7. The Coffee Bar

What a classy coffee shop this one is! Located in a beautiful, historic building first created in 1880, this is truly a sweet spot to stop and smell, er, the coffee.

This little place keeps the vintage vibe alive, too. Everything from the chair coverings to their chalkboard is decked out in antiques. Check out the cute 80s cartoon art decorating their menu while you pick your drink!

This little spot has two coffee houses, and both are located close to each other! If you’re living at Sixteen Hundred you can take a quick, fifteen-minute walk down to their S Street NW location. Or, if you’re at The Rodney, it’s a twenty-minute walk to their 17th Street spot!

What’s unique about The Coffee Bar is that they work with not one but four different roasters. Each roaster produces slightly different beans, so it’s fun to try blends from different producers.

8. Firehook Bakery

Firehook Bakery is a neat little spot that offers a whole lot more than just coffee! Their menu includes savory snacks, sweet treats, and artisan breads.

You can also mail order goodies to send to friends or family members out of town. Firehook offers crackers, gift baskets, gift cards, and cookies to send as mailed surprises.

Another great thing about Firehook is their quaint little spaces. They have a beautiful outdoor garden which you can enjoy on sunny days. If the Spring showers have taken over the town, their lovely wooden interior provides a perfect spot to while away the afternoon.

Whether you need a minute or two to yourself or you’re looking for a new hang out spot with your buddies, there are so many great coffee options around DC. Leave your instant coffee at home and head out for espresso and milk with beautiful layers of foamed, steamed milk.

Here at DARO Apartments, we know all the hidden gems in the city, and can’t wait to share them with you!

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