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Planning the Perfect Game Night – Tips for Setting up the Ultimate Night In

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According to a recent report, an average night out at a restaurant, bar, or nightclub is going to cost one person about $75. It can also end up costing you a whole lot more than that depending on what exactly you decide to do and where you choose to go.

Why spend all that money on a night out when you could have more fun spending a night at home with friends while you hold a game night? You can have an absolute blast playing board games or, better yet, murder mystery games that’ll make socializing at home such a great time.

Does a game night sound right up your alley? Here are a few tips that’ll help you plan the perfect game night.

Invite the Right Group of People

Before you can begin planning out your game night and what it’ll entail, you’ll have to get a group of friends together to take part in it. You should try to pick friends who you know will enjoy playing games.

You should also try to get people from different age groups and backgrounds together in the same room for your game night. It’ll make the games that you play that much more exciting.

Set the Stage for Game Night

Once you’ve invited people to your game night, you should start to set the stage for it. You should clear out a space in your living room, dining room, or basement and provide plenty of seating for people in it.

You should also plan to serve finger foods during your game night so that people can chow down while they’re playing. You might also want to set the mood for something like murder mystery games by hanging up decorations that’ll help take your game night to the next level.

Secure the Best Games and Puzzles

What good is a game night going to be without the best games and puzzles? You and your friends are obviously welcome to play whichever games you want, but you might want to think outside the box for your next game and play something people may not have played before.

The Deadbolt Mystery Society can set you up with murder mystery games involving escape room puzzles that’ll take your game night to the next level. You can get a one-time box from DMS or sign up for a DMS subscription so that you always have new games to play on your game nights.

Best of all, DMS games can be played with small groups or even solo. It’ll give you an opportunity to have a game night by yourself on nights when you feel like it.

Start Putting Together Plans for a Game Night

Going out on the town has become more expensive than ever before. It can also be difficult to spend quality time with your closest friends when you’re all jam-packed inside a tight restaurant, bar, or nightclub that’s on the louder side.

Scheduling a game night will give you a chance to spend quality time with your friends while playing games with them. The Deadbolt Mystery Society would love to help you make a game night with your friends a complete success by supplying you with our latest murder mystery games.

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