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9 Weird Workouts that Are Strangely Effective


In the United States, only about 23% of adults get their recommended dose of exercise in.

Starting a new workout routine can be challenging, but if it’s something you enjoy doing, it will be a little easier.

Ready to get fit, but crave a bit of the unusual? Here are nine weird workouts that won’t bore you!

1. Inverted Workouts

If doing workouts right side up was too mainstream for you, you could always try doing some upside down.

The key to doing inverted workouts is mostly just doing regular core workouts. The only difference is that with these, you will be upside down. And experts swear that there are so many benefits to doing it this way.

To become a pro at this workout, you should start doing some basic core exercise the regular way. This will make sure that your core is strong enough to even be able to do them upside down.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with doing those exercises, then you can attach your feet to a bar and hang upside down like a bat. Doing these workouts in an inverted position is great for your joints and spine because there isn’t as much pressure put on them.

It will also intensify your workouts since you are having to work out more of your body weight while also going against gravity.

If you have issues with high blood pressure or other injuries, you should check with a doctor before you start this workout.

2. Goat Yoga

Goat yoga is one of the newest, weird workouts.

Goat yoga started on a small farm in Oregon, but now you can find classes in most places across the country.

These yoga classes are great for beginners as they learn poses and techniques while also being surrounded by goats. Occasionally, the goats will even help you with your yoga and climb up onto your back.

This provides a unique challenge to yoga that you won’t find most other places—the challenge of doing these poses while also balancing a baby goat on your back. Or trying to figure out how to do downward facing dog while also having a goat chew on your yoga pants.

3. Karaoke Spin Class

If you are bored with regular spin classes, there may be a solution for you. Karaoke spin classes are a great way to relieve stress while also getting a good workout in.

Singing while doing an intense workout like cycling will teach you how to control your breathing and be able to manage it better. Once you master this, workouts may be a little bit easier.

Singing while working out is also a great way to gauge how intense your workout is going. If you can sing easily, you may need to up the intensity. If you are struggling to get one note out, you may want to lower the intensity a little bit.

4. Barbell Hip Thrust

If you’ve seen people in the gym doing barbell hip thrusts, you may wonder what the heck they’re doing.

However, this is a great workout to strengthen your glutes. Once you do that, squats and deadlifts will be so much easier. If you have back or knee problems, this workout may also be one of the best workouts to help you.

To do a barbell hip thrust, you should rest your shoulders on a workout bench and have the barbell lay across your hips. Then you will raise and lower your hips with the barbell still on them.

If you need help doing this, you can always find a fitness trainer through this service.

5. Running Backward

Running may be one of the most common workouts. But what about doing it backward?

Running backward is easier on your knees and actually uses less energy than running forward does. However, you probably don’t use the muscles that do this very often, so you will have to strengthen them up a little bit.

Make sure that wherever you decide to do this is safe because you obviously won’t be able to see where you are going.

6. Naked Yoga

In addition to goat yoga, there is also naked yoga.

People who have done this workout say that it helps them with their body image, self-confidence, and also being more aware of their body. They also claim that it is freeing and empowering to do.

When you look for classes, you may be able to find some that are co-ed or same-sex. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with.

If you aren’t ready to be naked in a room full of strangers, you can always practice it in your own home. Just don’t forget to close the blinds!

7. Skater Squat

This is another great workout for the gym. When done correctly, it kind of looks like a ballet move, but it’s actually a really great exercise.

This one will strengthen your quads and give you better, lower stability.

To do this one, start in a standing position and put one foot behind you, making sure it’s bent. Next, you’re going to squat down and try to touch your bent knee to the ground that is behind you. If you can’t touch the ground, just go as low as you can.

Make sure you lean with your torso and then reach your arms forward as you go down.

8. Pogo

Remember pogo sticks that were around at the beginning of the 20th century? Well, now you can actually get a great workout from them.

Jumping up and down on the stick is actually great cardio, and you can burn up to 600 calories an hour by doing it, which is almost the same as running.

Another great benefit to this workout is that it is low-impact because you are just bouncing on a stick attached to a spring.

9. Zuu

Zuu was a workout created by Australians. This is a fitness routine inspired by wild animals.

This workout includes a mix of strength training, cardio, and stretching. You will do things like crawl on the floor as if you were a bear. Or maybe even swing your arms around as a gorilla would.

These workouts aren’t as popular in the United States yet, but you can find some online if you’re up for the challenge.

Try These Weird Workouts Today

These weird workouts will keep your life interesting and get you in shape.

Whether you try these or something more traditional, the important part is that you start moving.

So get off the couch and start workout today!

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