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The Top 5 Prom Night Essentials (Alabama ‘11)

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With the right outfit, transportation, and preparation, your prom night will be perfect. Find out the top five prom night essentials here.


Depending on your planning, prom can either be the best or worst memory from your school days.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make it one of the best nights with a little bit of guidance.

Keep reading to find out 5 prom night essentials so you can have a killer time with your friends.

1. Give Yourself Enough Time to Plan

If you know you want to go to prom, you’ll have plenty of time in advance to figure out the details.

Write down all of the things you’ll need to decide on in the order you need to do them. Here’s an example of things to keep in mind:

  • Your budget
  • A prom date or a group of friends to go with
  • Plans with friends
  • An outfit
  • Accessories and shoes (flowers included)
  • Scheduling hair, makeup, and nail appointments
  • Reservations at a restaurant
  • Purchasing tickets
  • Having plenty of time to get ready

Don’t forget some of the seemingly small but important decisions that can amp up your night.

For example, by booking a prom limousine rental ahead of time, you and your friends can cruise in style.

2. Finding the Perfect Outfit

The more thought you put into your look, the happier you’ll be with your decisions.

Double-check your school’s dress code before buying anything so you don’t have to make any unnecessary returns.

Then, look online to figure out the look you’re going for. Maybe you want a low-key look, or maybe you want to go full-out and choose something that you normally wouldn’t wear.

Either way, make sure that whatever you get fits you right — you don’t want to be uncomfortable.

This includes wearing the proper undergarments and bringing a coverup if it’s going to be chilly.

If you’re buying new shoes, break them in ahead of time to avoid painful feet while dancing. You can always bring a backup pair of shoes, too.

As for your accessories, hair, and makeup, have fun with it. If you or your friend are styling your look, be sure to try it out ahead of time in case you want something different.

3. Make a Schedule

Whether you’re going alone, with a date, or with a group of friends, try to make a schedule ahead of time.

This includes:

  • Getting ready and going to appointments
  • Pictures
  • Dinner
  • Prom
  • The afterparty

This will allow you to make the reservations and rentals you want. Plus, it will keep everybody on the same page throughout the night.

4. Take Care of Your Health

This one might not cross your mind at first, but the best way to enjoy prom is to go into it healthy.

In the weeks prior, be sure to eat well, drink enough water, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

Boost your immune system so that you don’t have to miss anything or feel icky.

5. Having Fun While Being Safe Is One of the Most Important Prom Night Essentials

Prom night is ultimately about having a good time with your friends.

That being said, you should have unlimited fun while limiting any risks.

Roughly one-third of alcohol-related teenage driving fatalities happen during prom season. Don’t let bad decisions affect you and your friends’ lives.

You can always call a rideshare service or designate a DD (dedicated driver) who will be sober.

Also, make sure to bring protection for sex — even if you’re not planning on having any. It’s worth it to have condoms, just in case.

Get Creative

These are the general prom night essentials but these details can be customized.

Make your outfit, your plans, and the whole shindig your own.

Keep reading our blog for more ways to live your best life as a student.

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