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8 Slam Dunk Reasons to Install a Residential Basketball Court

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For many young basketball players, their dream is to make it to the NBA or WNBA. Combined between the two leagues, less than 3% of players leave college and get drafted.

Now, you may not be playing basketball for competitive reasons. It may be a hobby that you like or a way of getting weekly exercise. Whatever the reason is, it can be challenging finding a court to shoot hoops.

But there’s another option. You can install a residential basketball court on your property. It’s not only for professional athletes and those with a lot of money.

Any avid basketball lover can play from the comfort of their home. If you need more convincing, check out these eight reasons why residential basketball courts will be an excellent addition to your location.

1. Encourages Family Activity

It can be difficult to create time to spend with your family. But adding a basketball court to your property brings fun to you.

You’ll be able to strengthen relationships with your family members and improve your children’s mental health. It may also discourage unhealthy habits or the consistent use of technological devices for entertainment.

2. Develop Essential Skills

As a basketball player, it’s essential to have necessary skills such as:

  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling

Anyone can develop proficiency in these skills through constant repetition, and having a local basketball court would be beneficial. However, another skill players improve without realizing is critical thinking.

All athletes use critical thinking skills to figure out how to get past their defender, make accurate passes, and read defenses. But these skills can also transfer over to everyday life.

Whether it’s business meetings or working on a project for school, you’ll be able to think faster and solve problems more efficiently.

3. Create a Sense of Community

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to shoot hoops but not having anywhere to do so. Unfortunately, there are no neighborhood basketball courts, so you’ll need to go a few miles before you can play.

By installing a residential court, you can eliminate unnecessary travel when you want to play. You can invite close friends over for some one-on-one or two-on-two matches and play to your heart’s content.

However, what if you have multiple people asking to play on your court? You and a few others should go to your local council and propose the installation of basketball courts in your area.

Create petitions to show them the interest of the surrounding community. The support of those around you may spark discussions between local officials to approve the project.

4. Increases Home Resale Value

Not everyone who installs a residential basketball court is looking to improve their hoop game. Instead, they may use it to enhance their home’s resale value.

Depending on the type of court you get, it will cost roughly $35,000 for installation. Yes, it may be pricey upfront, but the investment could pay off in the end.

Homeowners are always looking for properties with additional features. You may catch the eyes of families who love sports or those serious about improving their skills.

5. Improve Your Child’s Relationships

Having your own basketball court isn’t only great for adults. But it’s an excellent way for children to enhance their relationships, too.

By having a court on your property, you can monitor how your child interacts with others and the development of their social skills. Invite a few of their friends over for a game of basketball.

They’ll be away from their device screens for a while and will enjoy themselves with physical activity. It also eliminates the need for travel to public spaces, which could be unsafe.

6. A Personal Gym for You

How many times have you put off going to the gym? You always have great intentions and want to meet your exercise goals.

But life causes issues, and you also have to get in your car and drive. Who wants to do that?

With a home basketball court, you’ll never have to travel to the gym again. Playing basketball works specific muscles such as:

  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Glutes
  • Core
  • Upper body

By playing consistently, you can continue to meet your fitness goals and develop the body you want. Also, if you want to increase your basketball performance, you could do weight training to strengthen your muscles.

7. Low Maintenance

A common question for those interested in installing residential courts is maintenance. How much upkeep is necessary to keep your court looking brand new?

The answer is not much. You’ll need to perform general maintenance such as cleaning weather-related messes. Depending on the type of court you get, you may have to tighten some screws and bolts if parts of the court become loose.

But if you want to eliminate using tools altogether, you can install SnapSports home basketball courts. These courts are easily customizable and don’t suffer the same damage as other outdoor basketball courts.

Install a Residential Basketball Court Today

As you can see, having a residential basketball court on your property is an excellent investment. You can improve family relationships, develop skills, increase your home’s resale value, and keep your kids safe from the dangers of public parks.

If you take basketball seriously, having a court at home can help you improve your game since you’ll always have access. All that’s left is to show your improvements to your competition.

To gain more insight about installing basketball courts, visit our blog today for interesting, related content.

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