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5 Simple Employee Communication Ideas That Will Re-Energize Your Team

269 billion emails are sent worldwide every day. But busy employees are opening less than 25% of these.

There are better ways to boost employees communications in the workplace. And it’s not by sending more emails.

Read on for 5 creative ways to communicate with employees.

1. Go Digital 

The office bulletin board is not what we’d label internal communication best practices. Especially when the board is crowded, full of boring text and stagnant.

But there are ways that you can improve your bulletin board with creative ways to communicate with employees.

One of them is by going digital. Digital signage can serve all sorts of functions such as highlighting company announcements, sales metrics, and job openings. 

You can also use this space to display goals and various accomplishments in your workplace. Why not add in a motivational quote or two?

You can add in the weather, your social media feeds, and team photos. 

All of this is how you can work to build a happy, positive work culture. 

2.  Implement Chat Software

One of the best ways to boost employee communications is by setting up an internal chat.

Chat software like Slack, HipChat, and Yammer work to foster internal communications.

Your entire team will quickly become dependant on it to ask their peers questions, get status updates, and yes, send each other emojis.

In fact, consider creating a Slack channel for random stuff. Let employees post funny videos, silly news stories, and comments on the day.

This may build your employee’s sense of team unity more than team building exercises.

Just make sure that your internal communications system is cohesive with your other systems. The last thing employees want is a clunky program. Consider Pipedrive Mailchimp sync to help your cloud apps work together. 

3. Have a Way to Measure Internal Communications  

You may not be surprised to learn that over 60% of internal communicators don’t measure internal communications. That’s ironic, isn’t it?

But if you want to gauge how your internal communication strategies are working, you need to measure them.  

4. Set up a Wiki 

A wiki page is an excellent resource for documenting procedures, projects, tasks and so on. There are countless ways you can use Wikis in your organization.

This is one of the easiest internal communication best practices. Once you set it up, you can rely on your team to contribute.

5. Gamification

Who doesn’t love a good game? You can use games as creative ways to communicate with employees.

Game-based learning helps employees retain new information, understand objectives and be rewarded for their efforts.

You can use games for individual projects, during mandatory training or workshops and even during the onboarding process.

if you implement a new system, you can set up a treasure hunt so that employees collect gems as they explore the new system.

Plus, games bring a fun element into the workplace. And happy employees are good for company culture.

Bottom Line on Employees Communications

There you go. 5 creative ways you can boost employees communications in the workplace.

Remember to ask employees for feedback. They’ll have many ideas on what they need and how they want to get those internal communications.

Next, learn about performance reviews that actually improve performance.

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