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Cash for Junk Cars Reviews: 8 Scams to Watch For

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Selling your junk car for cash can come with some amazing benefits. You’re able to get cash for your car quickly and a decent amount of it too. However, junking your car for cash is sometimes met with scams.

Don’t be scammed when trying to junk your car. Look for cash for junk cars reviews before making a final decision and know what scams to watch out for. By having an idea of the most common types of junk car scams that are out there, you significantly decrease your chances of falling victim to them.

Do you know how to spot a junk car for cash scam? If not, you’re in the right place. Below is our guide on 8 scams to be on the lookout for and how to avoid them!

1. Saying Your Car Has No Value

The moment you suspect you’re being taken advantage of, stop dealing with that company as soon as possible. The biggest sign that someone is trying to take advantage of you is when they offer to tow your junk car away from you for free, but then claim that your car has no value when it reaches their junkyard.

Some other scammers will insist that your junk car is worth nothing but will do you a favor by towing it away for you for free. Your junk car is never worth nothing so don’t let anyone convince you of this. Even if it is a junk car, there are still some valuable parts within the car that can be taken out before the rest of the metal is scrapped.

Just like any other company that you deal with in life, no one is out there to just hand out free favors when they’re not getting anything back in return. So, keep this in mind: if they’re willing to tow your car off your property for you, it’s because they see value in it.

2. Sending a Check In the Mail

You also don’t want to fall for someone telling you that they’ll tow your car for you now and send you a check in the mail later. In many cases like this, you’ll never receive that promised check. Because of this, you never want to allow someone to tow away your car for you without giving you the payment first.

And although you don’t want to completely ward off checks, they’re a big red flag. Most businesses will be able to give you cash in hand, and electronic payments is another option. Another way scammers pull one over on innocent people with the use of checks is giving you a check for an amount more than your car’s offer.

When this happens, scammers usually tell the owner’s that they have a check for an amount of money that’s more than what they’re offering for the car. They then ask the car owner to take the check but send them the difference in the amount to the business.

3. Offering Fake Incentives

Junk car dealers that are out to scam people look for any way to bring clients in. One way they do this is by offering false incentives. These false incentives may include, gift certificates, coupons, free items, and more.

And although there’s nothing wrong with offering these incentives, don’t let them distract you from the bigger picture: their offer. Are they giving you a low-ball offer, but trying to make it sound better than what it is by throwing these incentives in your face?

No matter how good these offers sound, they won’t make up for the amount of money you’ll be losing by going with a low-ball offer.

4. Not Transfering the Title

Before you can legally sell your car to a junkyard, you’ll need to sign over the title of the car to them. You also want to make sure that you cancel the car’s registration as well. You want to have all of this paperwork completed before the junkyard tows away your car.

Don’t rely on a junkyard to “handle the paperwork” after towing your car back to their lot. This is normally a red flag for a scam. If you allow your car to be taken without signing the title over first, you’re leaving the doors open for fees, car issues, and other scams.

For example, a business who tows your car away for you without having the title signed over might then send you bills in the mail for fees that have piled up for having your car sit in their junkyard. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Handle all of the paperwork yourself beforehand and remember to remove your license plate as well.

5. Demanding You Pay for the Tow

The price of the towing should be included in the quote that was already given to you. To be completely sure of this, it’s best to ask if the price is included when given your quote. A way that scammers will use towing to scam people is by including it in the offer they give you and then charging separately for it as well.

If the business tells you that it isn’t included in the offer for the car, then refuse to pay for it. A reputable cash for junk cars business should have this fee included in the offer and won’t charge you again.

6. Changing the Quote

A change in the price quote is a very common scam when selling your junk car for cash to a junkyard. For this scam, the scammer will give you a firm price for your junk car over the phone. This happens when you give a full and true description of your car and provide the junkyard with accurate photos.

If you’re honest about the car’s full description over the phone, then there shouldn’t be a change in the quoted price when the business arrives to tow the car away. You might also be scammed by having your car towed away first and then them telling you that the offer has changed. Because of this, you never want to have the car towed before receiving payment for it and never accept payment if it’s lower than the originally quoted offer.

7. Trying to Confuse You

It’s no secret that scam artists are quick on their feet. They know how to lie on command and are good at confusing you. If you realize that the junkyard who you’re planning on selling your car to is confusing you on purpose, then consider that a big red flag.

They should be able to answer any questions that you have with ease and should always be straightforward with you. Some scammers may seem to be unclear when explaining things and this is a way to trick you into a “no-good deal.” Never feel pressured to make a decision that you’re not comfortable with.

If you feel as though you are being pressured and that they’re being too pushy, then it’s time to take a step back. You aren’t obligated to sell your junk car to anyone so don’t allow them to make you feel this way.

8. Operating Without a License

Any reputable business operates with a license. If the junkyard that you’re planning to sell your junk car to doesn’t have a license, then you don’t want to go through with the deal. Sure, a business can have a license and still be quite sketchy, but if a business doesn’t have a license at all it’s a major red flag.

Do not continue doing any more business with them. If it’s a real and reputable business, it’ll have a license. The best way to learn if the junkyard has one or not is to ask.

Someone asking to see a business’ license is perfectly normal and the junkyard shouldn’t have any problem doing so. They’ll happily show you their license or give you the license information for you to research. This will put your mind at ease by knowing you’re working with an actual company.

Cash for Junk Cars Reviews and Where to Go

So, how do you avoid being scammed when selling your junk car?

The best way to avoid these scams and work with a reputable company is to do some research and call around for cash for junk cars reviews. This will help you weed out the scammers from the legitimate businesses. Keep these red flag warning signs in mind when planning on junking your car and you’ll be in good shape!

Look at the business’ reviews online before making a final decision as reviews from past customers are a great way to get a feel for what you can expect from a company. And when you’re ready to sell that junk car of yours, give yourself peace of mind in knowing that you’re selling to a reputable cash for junk car business.

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