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5 Major Signs That You Should See a Chiropractor

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Adjustment healing began hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago. DD Palmer initiated Western chiropractic practice in the late 1800s when he improved a janitor’s hearing by aligning his vertebrae.

This licensed profession aids to help the body heal itself through manual therapy, stretching, counseling for nutritional and lifestyle changes, and muscle stimulation. Keep reading to learn 5 concerns that should signal you to seek chiropractic care services.

  1. Chronic Pain

Chronic pain puts a damper on everyday life. It makes activities difficult and/or unenjoyable and can cause you to miss work.

Sometimes chronic pain stems from misalignments that lead to inflammation and muscle tension. Simple adjustments made by a chiropractor may offer instant relief. Often people do need maintenance therapy to keep the issue under control.

  1. Headaches

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Chiropractic care fixes the cause of some types of headache at the root of the problem.

Cervicogenic headaches radiate up the back of the head from the neck. The pain may also affect the forehead, temples, and eyes. Because these headaches stem from a neck issue, adjustment of the cervical spine typically helps.

Tension headaches create a clamping pain around the forehead, eyes, and neck. Poor posture, which may come from misalignment, can cause them, making chiropractic a good remedy.

Putting the spine into proper placement reducing tension on important vessels reduces pressure in the head. This makes chiropractic care good for treating migraines as well.

  1. Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and tingling signal an improper flow. It can be a result of a pinched nerve, which prevents proper signaling to the sensors.

Or, paraesthesia caused by limited blood flow to the extremity could create pins and needles sensation or lack of feeling altogether.

Both of these conditions can lead to permanent tissue damage when let go. Fortunately, a chiropractor can usually alleviate these problems.

  1. Fatigue

While exhaustion occurs due to overactivity or lack of rest, fatigue persists even after proper sleep. Misalignment of the spine can lead to a number of underlying issues that cause fatigue.

Even slightly moved bones or vertebrae can press against vital organs, hindering their processes. This may create a serious hormonal imbalance that affects the entire operating system of your body.

Misplaced body parts can also lead to aches and pains. Chronic pain makes both falling asleep and staying asleep difficult. It also impacts the quality of sleep that you actually get.

Getting your body back to normal function and alleviating pain for better sleep will fix the fatigue. Plus, the chiropractor will help you make dietary decisions and lifestyle changes that will boost your energy.

  1. GI Issues

Did you know that not all tummy issues stem from the gut itself? Pressure from a misaligned spine against your GI tract can lead to inflammation, constipation, and other issues. If you suffer from chronic tummy trouble, see if a chiropractor can help.

Seek Relief With Chiropractic Care Services

Almost everybody can benefit from chiropractic care services. We all put stress on our bodies that can lead to misalignment doing everyday things like exercising, lifting things, and even sleeping wrong. Check with the chiropractor to see if they can help if you suffer from fractures, osteoporosis, or other serious ailments.

We want to keep you informed with all sorts of updates on wellness. Check back for more useful information on the health section four website!

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