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7 Signs You Need a New Roof for Your House

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Your roof should last about 30 years. However, some instances might indicate you need a new roof sooner. Do you know how to spot roofing issues that indicate it’s time for a new roof?

Here are seven signs you need a new roof for your home. Knowing how to spot these signs now can ensure you act quickly. Otherwise, small issues could develop into major problems.

You might need to pay for even more extensive repairs down the road as a result.

Don’t wait! Keep an eye out for these roofing problems that indicate it’s time to call for help right away.

1. Water Stains and Mold

Walk through your home and look for any water stains overhead. Look for water stains on the top floor or attic, too. You might even notice water streaks from the ceiling to the floor.

If you notice water stains within your home, it could mean you need roofing replacement services.

It’s likely there’s a leak within your home. If you don’t fix the leak immediately, mold and mildew will grow. Mold can impact your family’s respiratory health.

Mold exposure can cause skin rashes, headaches, eye irritation, coughing, and other allergy-like symptoms.

If these signs you need a new roof sound familiar, call for help right away.

2. Rusting Gutters

If your gutters look rusty, it might indicate a leak. A professional team can find the source of the leak before it penetrates your home roofing system.

3. Damaged Items

If there’s a leak in your roof, moisture could start to build. Your carpets might feel damp. You might notice photos are looking discolored, too.

If these roofing problems seem familiar, don’t wait to call for help.

4. Sagging

If your roof’s ridgeline is starting to sag, call for roof replacement services. Otherwise, rot will get a foothold in the rafters or ridge. You might experience structural issues, too.

5. Bounce

If your roof’s shingles are buckling and curling, it means water has penetrated the roof. Your shingles shouldn’t have a trampoline-like bounce to them, either.

If these signs you need a new roof sound familiar, don’t try to handle the process yourself. Instead, hire a professional roof replacement company.

6. Shocks

A small amount of moisture in the air could impact your entire electrical system. If your home’s wiring is throwing shocks or causing electrical issues, check the roof. You might need to consider replacing a roof to avoid shocks.

Otherwise, a shock could cause a fire in the future.

7. Time

Remember, a roof should last about 25 – 30 years, depending on weather conditions in your area and roofing materials. Slate, copper, and tile roofs can last longer.

If decades have gone by since your last roof inspection, consider calling a professional team. They can spot roofing problems before they develop further.

Call the Pros: 7 Signs You Need a New Roof ASAP

Do these signs you need a new roof sound familiar? Don’t wait to call for help. Remember, taking action now could help you avoid problems down the road.

You don’t have to handle it alone. Hire the roofing company Lake Ozark residents trust.

Schedule your free roof inspection today to get started.

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