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7 Pro Tips on How to Pose During Your Wedding Photoshoot

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Your makeup, hair, and smile can be flawless, but do you know how to pose confidently for the camera? Here are exciting tips for great photography poses.

Did you know that nearly 250,000 weddings take place each year in the UK?

If you’re recently engaged, congratulations! You and your partner have a lot to plan in the coming months–not the least of which is your wedding photos.

Choosing the right photographer is crucial to creating beautiful wedding pictures. The average couple will spend around £30,000 on their wedding, and a good amount will go to their photographer.

How can you ensure your wedding photoshoot captures every blissful moment of your big day? Here are 7 tips for flawless wedding photos.

1. Determine Your Best Side

The world’s top supermodels don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces. Neither do you.

Chances are that one side of your face photographs better than the other. If you don’t already know which side it is, now’s the time to experiment.

Grab a girlfriend and have her snap dozens of photos of you from different angles. Angle your face to the left and to the right. Tilt your head down slightly (beware of double chin), then tilt it up.

Study the results to determine your most flattering side. Do your eyes appear larger from a certain angle? Does your nose look smaller or straighter from one side?

Be sure to let your photographer know what you discover so he can focus on capturing your “best” side.

2. Smile Naturally (Or Not at All)

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear a mega-watt grin through every second of it.

A wedding photoshoot can take hours, so conserve your smile for the camera. In between poses, close your eyes and let your lips relax and fall back into place. This will give your facial muscles the chance to rest between photos.

When it’s time to smile, resist the urge to smile as big as possible. Doing so puffs your cheeks out and causes your eyes to squint, which is not always very flattering.

Instead, smile like you would in real life. Relax your face and think of something that makes you feel happy.

You could also take a pro tip from Tyra Banks and learn to smile with your eyes–even if your lips are relaxed.

3. Mind Your Arms

If you’re getting married in the summertime, chances are you (and your bridesmaids) be in sleeveless dresses.

It’s natural to hold your arms close to your sides to hide that underarm jiggle. The problem is that this pose actually squishes your arms and makes them look bigger!

The secret to sleek, beautiful, photo-worthy arms? Practice holding them just slightly out to the sides. Stand up straight, square your shoulders, and bend your arms at the elbow.

You’ll be amazed at the results!

4. Rotate Your Torso

Here’s another photography secret from the red carpet. To make yourself appear thinner, practice this Hollywood pose:

  • Rotate your hips 45 degrees away from the camera.

  • Shift your weight to your back foot.

  • Point your front foot towards the camera and bend your knee slightly.

  • Place one hand on your hip and smile.

Angling your body this way is sure to flatter your figure and create beautiful wedding pictures.

5. Keep in Touch

There’s nothing wrong with traditional wedding photos. But you don’t want every person in every photo to look overly stiff or formal.

A wedding is a happy, intimate occasion. Your photos should reflect that. Aside from the pictures of you and your spouse touching, close the space with your family and bridal party too.

When it comes to group shots, include a few where everyone is physically touching. Have the bridesmaids lean into the bride or have the groomsmen “harass” the groom.

Another fantastic shot? Have the groomsmen hold the bride sideways–or, if the girls can manage, have the bridesmaids hold the groom. Not only will everyone laugh, but you’ll treasure those photos for years to come.

6. Add in Props

Flowers and rings are classic wedding photography choices, but there are hundreds of other possibilities too.

Are you arriving in a fancy limousine, a vintage car, or a bicycle built for two? Include it in the background (or foreground) of your photos.

Are the groomsmen wearing silly socks or matching suspenders? Are the bridesmaids wearing stiletto heels or carrying colourful parasols?

The “getting ready” photos are a great time to focus in on little details. Include a shot of the groom putting on his cufflinks or adjusting his bowtie. The bride’s veil, jewellery, and shoes also make wonderful visual props.

Whatever details factor into your big day, be sure your photographer includes them in some of your photos.

7. Have Some Fun

You’ve spent months planning your wedding day–now it’s time to enjoy it!

Don’t spend your wedding photoshoot stressing about the perfect pictures. Your photographer knows what he’s doing, so don’t be afraid to cut loose and showcase your personality.

Get silly with the bridesmaids or have the groomsmen give a goofy pose. Have everyone look at each other or race towards the camera. Play a silly game or tell inside jokes to create authentic smiles and giggles.

If you feel too nervous to laugh, fake it. Those fake laughs will eventually turn into the real thing–and those will the be the best photos of all.

Your Wedding Photoshoot: Now You’re Ready!

The bouquets and the wedding cake will only last a short time. Your wedding photos, on the other hand, will last forever.

Don’t leave your wedding photoshoot to chance. Discuss the tips outlined above with your photographer to ensure you get the pictures you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you still deciding on the perfect photographer for your big day?

Click here for tips on how to find the best photographer in Oxford–or anywhere else in the world.

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