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Hey ladies, I know the “midsection” always tends to be the number one “problem area” for most of us. Want to know the secret of fighting off belly fat? Abs are made in the kitchen.

Sorry, mammas – there really is no “short-cut” and anyone who tries to convince you that you will get abs in 7 days is just trying to scam you.

Unfortunately (sad face ?), if abs are truly what you are after you have to be strict on your diet. Although, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that MOST of us reading this are more interested in dropping a pants size before thinking of getting a six-pack.

Even if you are strict on a diet plan, you have to remember there is no TRUE way to only target belly fat. Your body is going to lose weight in areas it targets genetically.

With that said, that’s not what this challenge is about. This 7-day ab challenge is about developing core strength.

Why Work On Core Strength?

1. Prevent injury – Working on your core will help you avoid injuries. This is because your core helps with stability. For example, if you twist the wrong way with a weak core, you might encounter pain over a few days. Compared to a twist with a strong core, you may not experience as much pain for that length of time.


2. Improve your athletic ability – Playing sports or doing a fitness program both require you to be agile. These actives require balance, stability, and core strength. Plus keep in mind a lot of your power comes from within your core. That core strength can even relate to a fun activity such as bowling. Imagine being able to throw that ball down the lane with extra force to deliver a strike!


3. Reduce or eliminate back pain – Weak abdominal muscles are a direct result of lower back pain. A weak core can cause stiffness in your lower back. When you do ab exercises, it helps your back develop more flexibility in those muscles resulting in less back pain. Additionally, a stronger core is known to improve your posture. Better posture helps keep your spine aligned in a healthy way reducing your risk of back pain.


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Who Is This 7 Day Ab Challenge For?

This mini mermaid midsection challenge is crucial for you ladies who have been neglecting working on your core. Yes, I’m talking to YOU! 

When was the last time you really focused on doing a core workout?

Maybe you are doing some ab work once or twice a week? Well, that’s a good start, but it’s not enough to gain the benefits of a strong core.

With this challenge, your goal is to complete 500 crunches or sit-ups over seven consecutive days.

WAIT! Don’t let that number scare you off just yet. This challenge is suitable for ALL fitness levels and ladies of all sizes.

How To Have Success On This 7 Day Ab Challenge

Okay, I’m going to repeat what I just said above so it will sink in for you. The goal of this challenge is to complete 500 crunches/sit-ups over one week.

Yes – I get that it sounds SCARY, but it’s not. You just need to set up your MIND for success. Immediately you can already see how fear is trying to hold you back before you even get started.

  • Aim for 70 crunches or sit-ups per day
  • You can do them in sets
  • You can do a combination of sit-ups or crunches
  • Reverse crunches also count
  • You can do them between other exercises
  • You can do 35 in the morning and 35 in the evening

The real focus behind this challenge is goal accomplishment. This challenge is not difficult and only requires 5 minutes or less of your time each day. You just have to stay committed.

If you miss a day, you will have to play catch-up, so the idea is to stay on task. Keep up instead of catch-up. This is something that you can do.

Join us on this free mini mermaid midsection challenge or dive deep and challenge yourself to our 30-day core challenge.

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