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Color Choices for Small Rooms – Tips from Natural Born Painters

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You may think that white or beige are the only color choices for painting small rooms but there are so many other options that won’t make a room feel smaller. The right color choice, along with the right paint sheen, can add character and dimension to the space without making it feel gloomy or dark.


Bedrooms are a space you want to feel inviting, relaxing and cozy, so you will want to consider this when choosing your paint color. Bedroom colors are often more muted colors like pastels but there are a lot of other great choices for small bedrooms. Light or neutral colors that are ideal for small bedrooms include blush pinks, creamy beiges, cool tones like sky blue and lilac. Some homeowners that are going for a bold bedroom design find colors like peacock blue work great for a bedroom.

Living Spaces

Living spaces like a living room or family room are a great place to try out bolder colors. Bold living room walls set a fun energy filled vibe to your living room. If you want your living space to be a palace full of energy, conversation and excitement adding a bright color can set the mode. Emerald green, bright airy blues and even deep reds can add energy and style to even a small living room space. Bright bold colors are best for smaller rooms because they will keep the room feeling light and airy and not dark and gloomy. If you want to set a relaxed vibe for your living room a lighter color may be ideal. Sage green, soft shades of white, gray and other soft neutrals are great selections. A deeper gray like gunmetal can be a great way to give the space a moody feeling without making it feel narrowed and small.


Hallways are a great space to experiment with more paint options. When selecting a color for a hallway you will want to consider the windows and natural light and the flooring and trim. Adding a light pastel can add light to the space and make it feel more open than a beige will. Dark colors are great for entryways with lots of windows and can hide dirt. In a hallway for a lot of natural light you may even consider a bold dark color like navy blue for a dramatic and sophisticated look.


Galley kitchens or other small kitchens can be brought to life with a fun color. Accent walls or feature walls are a great option for kitchens and let you add a bold color without committing to it for your whole space. Bright yellow, mint green, aqua or even forest green are great colors for livening up your kitchen. If you are not ready for such a bold color you can use a more muted version of one of those colors and carry it throughout the entire kitchen.


Bathrooms are another great place to experiment with color. If you have neutral tiles and fixtures a bright color can add style without needing to remodel the space. Some colors we love for show stopper bathrooms include jewel tones and deep pinks. If you are going for a spa feel, natural blues like aqua, seafoam and other light ocean blues are great choices.

Professional Painters Can Help You Decide

No matter what color you choose your space will look fresh with a new coat of paint. Don’t let a small space make you feel like you need a bland neutral color. Working with an experienced painting company makes these selections even easier. They see a lot of rooms and a lot of color. They can help you make the right decision for your small space!

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