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7 Reasons to Rent a Condo for Your Next Beach Vacation

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Raise your hand if you like to feel like the king of the castle when you travel. Typically, we want all that money we saved to be well-spent and worth every ounce of sacrifice.

So, when you choose to rent a condo in lieu of a standard hotel stay, you’re immediately setting yourself up to earn every last bang for your buck.

If you’re investing in a long-term stay, not only can you rent a condo, but you should. The deals on extended stays tend to be far more lucrative than the deals standard hotels offer.

And, with that added comfort, you’re also looking at a lot more square footage to spread out, make yourself feel at home, and enjoy every amenity possible.

Here are seven noteworthy reasons to stay in a condo. Dust off your crown because you’re about to feel like a king (or queen).

1. Space to Spread Out

Did you know the average hotel room is 330 square feet? And, according to USA Today, any newly-constructed hotels are sure to come with even smaller rooms!

However, in your own condo, you can hang up your clothes, lay out your toiletries, set a few books out on the coffee table and even stock your own pantry!

2. A Full Kitchen

Which brings us to, perhaps, one of the most viable points. Condo rentals are all going to come with full kitchen!

Now, you may not want to cook during your vacation, but you’re sure to want to enjoy a fresh-brewed pot of coffee in the morning and possibly reheat that delectable chicken parmigiana from last night.

And, depending on how your vacation is shaping up, you may want to invite friends or family over one evening. This is something that can only be accomplished in a vacation rental with room to spread out and a full kitchen to prepare a meal.

3. You’ll Save Money

We know; this part will be hard to hear. How can more space amount to less money? But, start price shopping and you’ll see.

As far as long-term rentals are concerned, the longer you book a condo, the greater the discount you’ll receive. Large hotel chains don’t tend to be quite as generous with their long-term stays.

4. The Whole Family Will Be Safe

By “safe,” we mean free to run about and have fun without the risk of someone sticking their head out the door and hollering, “Shush!”

Hotels can be restrictive in terms of noise ordinances. But a condo allows more space to roam about, sing, dance, and be free. This takes the edge off anyone traveling with kids and/or pets.

Now, although a lot of vacation rentals will allow pets, they’ll often ask for a small deposit because they’ll have to do a deeper cleaning. But, still, it’s worth the price to bring your faithful sidekick with you.

5. More Privacy

Whether you’re aiming for solitude and peace, or a rambunctious family gathering, privacy is always a perk. This goes for everything from the parking spot, to the pool, to the balcony, and more.

When you feel as though you’re not “living on top of others,” it automatically brings a greater sense of peace and security. You’ll find that even the balconies tend to afford more privacy.

6. No Need to Share

Okay, perhaps we should say a “lesser” need to share. Who wants to share a pool with a ton of strangers if you don’t have to? Not us. Sometimes, we don’t even like sharing the elevator with others!

Imagine not having to share the pool, the bar, or the parking lot with a slew of people. In a condo complex, there will be far less competition for pool time and parking.

When you don’t have to share with so many people, you don’t have to peek out the window to see the pool overflowing with rowdy swimmers and you certainly won’t have to park a mile away with a ton of luggage because all the good spots are taken.

7. Free Laundry

Sure, this is a perk that varies from property to property, but don’t be surprised if you see a washer/dryer included in your condo.

That means you can pack less and enjoy more. With the ability to do laundry at the end of the week, you only have to pack enough clothes for a few days, even if you plan on staying for a couple weeks.

You can also wash those pool towels whenever you’d like and, if you’re lucky enough to stay near a beach, you can always wash those sandy, sunblock-coated clothes at the day’s end.

Rent a Condo Today!

And there you have it! Just consider yourself forewarned. When you choose to rent a condo in lieu of a hotel stay, you’ll never want to travel any other way.

The ability to spread out, cook, do your laundry, and enjoy some privacy with or without the whole family is a feeling that can’t be replaced.

If you’re looking to stay in the Johns Pass/Madeira Beach area, we have your home away from home. Here at John’s Pass Condos, we offer long-term vacation rental condos that you’ll immediately settle into with comfort and ease.

When you stay with us, the historic John’s Pass Village and Boardwalk is only a stone’s throw away. But, being close to Clearwater and St. Petersburg allows you plenty of ways to take in all that fun in the sun.

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